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  2. So, basically, do you have to get the 2K15 mod and then grab bits here and there to update properly to 2017? Or is it better to avoid the 2K15 mod altogether and just get whatever new bits are available and a roster that is known not to crash? Just wanna play around with the latest updates. Thanks!
  3. I have searched the internet everywhere for a discussion on this and could not find it. This mlb2k12 game has a serious problem that I found after frustratingly needing to update the controls every couple of minutes. The problem is that there is a static mapping of buttons for the entire game so pitching, fielding, hitting and baserunning share the same mapping. That means that if I need buttons 1 2 3 and 4 to be a certain way for pitching it is going to be that same way for fielding and then I end up throwing the baseball to the wrong base. Is there anyway to divide the controls based on the aspects of the game which are pitching, fielding, hitting and baserunning?
  4. Hey I made a .bat file where all you have to do is edit it to point to your exe directory and it will automatically change the time and launch the game and once you close the game it will automatically put the time back to the currrrent time. 2012 time for mlb and then back.bat
  5. Not exactly doing me any good though. I'm trying to get the casing off the battery packs to see if I can get the actual rechargeable batteries swapped out and this thing is harder to get into than my iphone was to replace my own battery in that. I loved Logitech controllers for my original Xbox when I had it, but I really like the 6 button config on my Saitek and don't think I wanna drop down to 4 again.
  6. pero jose altuve esta perfecto,esa actualización la hizo MLB
  7. Shame. But nice score on the free controller. I'm serious, get the Logitech. It's great. Solid like all Logitech hardware.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Ok hermanito, esperare con ansias esas actualizaciones, como resolviste lo de los ojos azules.
  10. Usually because vid game console and accessory reviewers are making it seem like their reviews are more important than they are. You use what's comfortable. I've seen a lot of PS4 wireless reviews praising its glory. But if the PS4 controller is anything size and feel wise like the PS3, then imo that's made for girl hands. I need something with bulk and heft. Relatedly, my Saitek P3000 came in but as fate would have it, none of the rechargeable battery packs you need work/are chargeable. The internal batteries do not seem easily found and I'm getting my money back. This is the 2nd wireless Saitek charger I got on ebay that didn't work out. At least this guy gave me a full refund and basically said "keep it".
  11. Well, I got the 710 today and it works like a charm. Every game that demands a direct-input controller for properly having buttons mapped works perfectly. It's not just that direct input games don't know what to do with the x-input commands from the left and right triggers, but the face buttons are totally remapped in default which can cause problems if a game doesn't give you options to change mapping. Microsoft basically wanted everyone using the 360 controller and nothing else on their OS. It's a fantastic little controller, I don't understand the gripes about it at all.
  12. 1) What is the Knee Cap Fix? kcstar put this out as a universal fix to the indented knee look on all players. It's a great fix. 2) The grass changer it´s this file: And I should extract directly at the MVP Folder or to a new folder in the MVP Folder. You can try that and/or Trues grass/field fix. I would back up your stadiums file first though. I believe these are older installs needing gfxpak.exe, which I think are within the zip files. The install is done at the main MVP folder level. 3) With te HDR Bloom which of the 4 options do you prefer? I believe I'm using "B", gtguy's.
  13. Men esta cara me ha dejado sin palabras. saludos
    Looks great, only thing is he wears a beard.
  14. Thanks Bostonnico for your support ...
  15. Currently I have finished with CF for this season. I'm planning the next update there for Christmas. Altuve, Arenado ....
  16. Version 1.0.0


    This is a classic uni mod for the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx. It can be used from 1998 to 2001. It includes a home and road jersey, black alternates for both home and road, along with number fonts. Please note that this mod will install two new uni slots. Install Instructions _____________________ To install, simly use TiT. As always, please remember to back up your files. Enjoy!
  17. Hi Gordo, seeing your MVP Folder I was just curios about some mods you have in it: 1) What is the Knee Cap Fix? 2) The grass changer it´s this file: And I should extract directly at the MVP Folder or to a new folder in the MVP Folder. 3) With te HDR Bloom which of the 4 options do you prefer? Thanks Gordo!
  18. Last week
  19. I need your help in uniforms for the mvp asia 17 you can friend


  20. can you make a face of jose altuve?
    Thank you very much, my friend, for all your wonderful work. We hope to have you back next season, maybe somebody cheers and together we can make a mod 2k18. many greetings to you my friend
  21. Friends, this is my last update for this season. It was great, thank you all for your support . Greetings to all people of good will in this forum ...
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Greetings for MVP MODS family. I'm glad I will be part of MOD 2017. Enjoy ... Friends, This is my last update for this season. It was great, thank you all for your support ... Greetings to all people of good will in this forum ...
  23. Thank You!
  24. was a mistake, my english is not very good, sorry but can you help me?
  25. Ok, thank you. And you really did a wonderful job here.
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