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  1. Yesterday
  2. No me funciono... Puedes iniciar una nueva franquicia con los Yankees con dificultad All-Star y sin lesciones? Luego haces lo que hiciste para que funcionara los partidos de la temporada regular... O sea que pasas todos los juegos de verano y antes de jugar el primer juego de la temporada regular lo guardas en un archivo nuevo... Luego juegas el primer partido y te fijas que el segundo partido se puede jugar por favor? Si funciona me pasas el archivo que guardaste antes de jugar el primer partido, asi podre jugarlo yo el primer partido y continuar al segundo... Y todas las ofertas las declinas... Por favor, te lo pido porque de todos los roster que hay, este es el mas completo.
  3. si
  4. You're asking some things here that are probably out of the scope of some. I'm sure there are The Show and 2K players here, but past games are unknown. The bottom line it comes down to is how is the game coded. Not sure how we could answer the percentage factor.
  5. Very cool... I will take you up on that for sure.
  6. Los simulo todos automaticamente hasta el el ultimo juego de verano, el ultimo juego de verano lo juego y continuo con el de primero de regular. Asi es como dices?
  7. Agreed
  8. There is a huge difference in asking one of our knowledgeable members here questions so you can understand how this game is run so you can be more familiar with it as compared to the ones who just pester the modders for the 2k17 mod or the ones who believe all they have to do is demand things and people will do their work for them.
  9. Credits to all you guys Y4L.... just trying to take some slack off you guy's shoulders for a change (especially Gordo, he's been the subject of constant harassment on my part)
  10. Good work!
  11. You're in luck, I had the same issue and Gordo bailed me out. Check this active thread. http://www.mvpmods.com/forums/topic/58112-installing-faces/
  12. Thank you...yeah I can pull up rosters on mvpedit but photos won't show. I read all the troubleshooting posts but I still can't seem to fix it.
  13. If this is for MVP2005 then yes and no. You can install most mods during a season such as uniforms, stadiums, audio, etc. using TiT but for rosters you need to use Ty Wiggins' MVP Editor for in-season editing (not to confound with Rglass' MVPEdit, use the latter for pre season roster editing). I personally cannot get MVP Editor to work properly on my computer, not sure why, but MVPEdit works great. Look in the downloads/tools section and forums/tutorials for FAQ. Good luck
  14. si pero asta el penúltimo juego y los juegos que quede juégalo y enpiesa con la temporada regular
  15. Can you add mods during a season and have them show up during the season or do I need to make changes before I start (rosters, stadiums, uniforms, etc)? Thanks in advance!
  16. Entonces si simulo uno por uno funcionara?
  17. yo también tenia ese problema pero después .Que cree otra temporada hice eso ya no tenia el problema
  18. si funciona tienes que simular los juegos de primavera al juego penúltimo o antepenúltimo y los juego que queden los juegas.Por que si lo simulas todos después cuando empieces con el primer juego de la ronda regular se saldrá
  19. Gordo, if you need me to make some portraits for your next roster updates, make a list and let me know, I got a lot of free time at the moment and d'be glad to help.
  20. Are there other baseball video games that simulate it, or just MVP05? From the other post I read here about it, it seemed like the ivy rule for MVP just happens when the ball lands in a specific area. Is it constant, or is there a chance? What's the chance, is it a flat percentage, or based on various factors like velocity at time of impact?
  21. Estas seguro que así funcionara? Si le doy simular uno por uno funcionaria? O tengo que jugarlos todos para poder jugar la temporada regular?
  22. TIT

    Many of the mods are stored as .Zip or .Rar files. You need to install them with TiT or extract the files with a utility like Wi Zip or WinRar.
  23. I have a original cd version of 2005 mvp baseball. I was able to install the total classics file 10 fine and the game works smooth , then i installed the TC - 70's and 80's and 80's and 90's files with no problem but when I try to play with either file the game crashes when it's at the loading screen. It gets to 50% loaded before the game crashes. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  24. Hmmm.... might be something going on in LocLook. I"ll have to check when I get home.
  25. The problem showing up is that the organizational assigned numbers have changed for some. So therefore, you can't just simply insert these into an existing roster set. For example, Chicago's single A squad is now showing up for Texas. I'll have to take a look at how these are laid out since it's been a while. Also, you still had the Marlins as Florida and Fla. Let me see what I can do.
  26. TIT

    Maybe submit a screen shot of what you mean.
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