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  1. Today
  2. Ah! Yeah, that'd be the problem. I developed all my mods on a clean install of MVP 05 with the default uniforms.big
  3. Yesterday
  4. Ya, you've done your part for sure. It's weird though. I installed every uniform again over the 2008 uniforms and every thing was fine. Went to install the D'Backs again and it crashes at the uni select screen. Addendum: changed gears; I went back to my stable models.big and uniforms.big backups. This time I installed the uniform selector file separately from the uniforms files for Arizona and it was all stable with good installs. So now I'll re-install the 29 Ballfour unis and report what happens. So odd.
  5. Weird. I'm not sure how to override that kinda stuff in fifas.exe or in TiT. That is wayyy above my paygrade.
  6. It is very odd. I didn't realize that they installed to models.big; thought they installed to uniforms.big. Leave it to program developers. The same thing happened now with the DBacks uniform (jef's). Got the fifas.exe error, but they installed and showed up in game. Just so odd.
  7. Tigers signed OF Mat Murton and INF Danny Muno to a minor league deals.
  8. He said that he got rid of them. It was espanol though. "Pienso lo mismo lo hice y lo quite ya no esta en el menu"
  9. well, I got some problems too with the crashing after installing the uniforms...weird
  10. Put screenshot here of project 2K (2K17) (Jose Bautista Edition) (Global + Overlay + ...) 1.0 to see how it looks on your pc / Ponga catura de pantalla aqui de proyecto 2K (2K17) (Jose Bautista Edition) (Global + Overlay +...) 1.0 a ver como se ve en su pc
    Gracias hermano mientras mas original mejor el juego es mas limpio y use el azul ya que es un color pecfecto y la mlb the show 17 ya lo tiene por igual
  11. Very odd.... got the fifas.exe command error, but it seemed like it installed. Computers.... pffffftttt.
  12. Can you get rid of the snarling baseball on the menu options? Don't care for them.
  13. Ready...
  14. Version 1.0


    New Proyecto 2K (2K17) (Jose Bautista Edition) Contiene nueva apariencia en cuanto #Overlay #Global y luz azul en todo el juego #0desafinedeluzazul #Overlay2k17 #Global2k17 #2NewZapatoS #PulserasEvoshield Créditos a todos lo que tienen un archivo Editado en este proyecto nombro algunos aquí Kccitystar / debsterfan entre otros... TOTAL MOD MLB 2k17 coming soon. pena1 CÓMO INSTALAR extraer los dos archivo copiar todo el contenido, colocarlo en el directorio principal de MLB 2K12. Recuerde siempre copia de seguridad del archivo original antes de aplicar el mod. Su Directorio de MLB 2K12 puede ser (si tiene una versión de 64 bits de Windows), ya sea en: O
  15. The Royals uni select screen issue should be all fixed.
  16. hi sir are you   interested in classic rosters? please help  thankyou and also can the 2k11 headshape convert on 2k12

    haha thankyou
  17. Hmm, alright. I'll take a look at the uniform select file when I get back from work. Now, does it crash before displaying the default uniforms, or does it crash when you try to click and select another uniform from the set? As for the D-Backs, jefe took care of that one, so I can't help ya there.
  18. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems that the KC Royals uniform select screen is crashing the game. I'm finding the same with the latest 2 versions of the DBacks uniforms are doing the same thing. By the way, I got confused at first, but I like the way you took out the default select screens on some of the teams where necessary. I'll attempt a reinstall with the Royals and let you know. Addendum: reinstall attempt .... still crashing.
  19. Diamondbacks signed LHP Jorge De La Rosa to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Orioles acquired LHP Vidal Nuno from the Dodgers for RHP Ryan Moseley. Yankees signed LHP Jon Niese to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Padres signed RHP Jered Weaver to a one-year, $3 million contract.
  20. Last week
    very nice man
    Excellent quality and detail.
  21. Pienso lo mismo lo hice y lo quite ya no esta en el menu lOl
  22. Love it.. only thing im not a fan of is the crazy baseball logo on the menu selections. Everything else is perfecto!
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