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  2. Roster 2017

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  4. syndergard tiene el cabello mas largo y que reposa sobre sus hombros hacia el frente; me gustaria ver la cara de rajai davis, freddy galvis, colby rasmus, josh tomlin, aj griffin, justin turner, jon gray, blackmon.. son los que me viene a la mente y gracias mano por todo tu trabajo y esfuerzo.
  5. Official M L B Transaction Thread

    Diamondbacks signed OF Gregor Blanco to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Braves signed RHP Blaine Boyer to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Orioles signed RHP Mario Alcantara to a minor league contract. Cubs claimed RHP Dylan Floro off waivers from the Rays. White Sox signed C Carson Blair to a minor league contract. Dodgers released RHP Adrian Salcedo. Jeremy Hefner has retired from baseball.
  6. Classic 2K Rosters

    added files to the download section. 1998, 1999 and 2000 are there. Feedback welcome.

    Version 1.0.0

    6 downloads Excel 2016 file to crunch stats to plug into REDitorII. Random named players fill up the minors. Schedules have not yet been created for years prior to 1998 so for those years expansion teams are filled up with random-named minor leaguers. Thanks to Vlad and others for their contributions.

    Version 1.0.0

    3 downloads Contains samples seasons 1998, 1999 and 2000. Playable in exhibition and franchise mode. I plan/hope to work on 2016 and other seasons, including years prior to 1998.

    Version 1.0.0

    2 downloads Has files to plug into the excel file for the years 1871 thru 2015. 2016 planned to be added soon.
  10. Roster 2017

    i believe this is the last copy .... ill double check might be one later ! V61008.ROS
  11. Quiero que me pongan face de jugadores que le falten la barba y pelo largo
  12. MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    Hi Gordo Ok..I was trying to find it but I guess didn`t read the whole thread...I will do that...Thank you...
  13. Uni Mods coming

    Let's do a livestream! I'm thinking tomorrow at around 6pm Eastern time. I've got the night off, and after a solid week of 12 hour shifts, my weekend is starting and I'm ready to do some more uni modding. I'll go right on down the line and finally get to the New Orleans Baby Cakes this time around. You can follow the stream by clicking here.
  14. MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    Vader, if you read this thread, you'll get your answer. Basically W10 and MVP 2005 are not a good marriage. Partition your drive and install XP or 7 and have at it.
  15. MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread

    I have installed Windows 10 and my computer is high end as I always tinker with it...The game works fine but the graphics are not as crisp as other games and the game play itself is not as smooth it stutters from time to time..Is there a way to fix the graphics and stutter effect... Any help would be appreciated...
  16. Yesterday
  17. And then what happened?

    I got a message saying, "You want to go home, and rethink your life."
  18. And then what happened?

    Are you hiding from your wife, your boss, or your kids?
  19. Kevin Pillar

    tremendo trabajo, gracias
  20. Official M L B Transaction Thread

    Rangers signed OF Josh Hamilton to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Rangers signed RHP Dillon Gee to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Phillies signed OF Michael Saunders to a one-year, $9 million contract with an $11 million club option for 2018.
  21. And then what happened?

    Really? Still i'm re-asking just to see if a someone as accomplished this feat? I'm in 2069, still have 56 years to play-sim!
  22. Last week
  23. matt shoemaker

    Another great job, MLB Thanks!
  24. matt shoemaker

    Version 2.2


    Matt Shoemaker (Nueva Face 2k / 2k16) Edicion: Blender 3d / Photoshop Barba Creditos: Face Editada por: MLB™ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾ Diferencias: Barba, Nariz, Oídos.
  25. Incredible Pc Hockey Game

    Now there's animated upper ads. See here.
  26. Kevin Pillar

    Version 1.0


    Kevin Pillar (Nueva Face 2k / 2k16) Edicion: Blender 3d / Photoshop Barba Creditos: scottybilly Face Editada por: Devlin + MLB™ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾ ⚾
  27. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 1-15

    Well, maybe you are right. Maybe Girardi was told to play Jeter no matter what and if that is what happened it cost the Yankees a playoff spot in 2014. There's no way he should have been hitting second the entire season. He hit .256 that year and only had 149 hits and of those 149 hits he only had 24 extra-base hits. So he really wasn't much of a threat. But the only thing people will remember is that he got the game-winning hit in his final game at Yankee Stadium. The guy went out on a high note and that one hit covered up his entire season of basically being a designated out. Girardi let Jeter have his farewell tour for the entire season and he enabled him every step of the way. I think the Yankees wanted to keep Jeter happy for the 2014 season because they didn't want him to get mad at them in case he decided to write a book in the future or refuse to attend special events at the stadium when they invite him. That would make them look bad. So they let him bat second day after day when he should have been lower in the order or on the bench when he wasn't hitting. I bet they couldn't wait until that season was done and he left.
  28. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 1-15

    Man, I missed this! I happen to agree with a lot of what you say. Voting is down all over the world, not just the US. People are kind of tired of what regular politicians say and do. To me, Trump is just what he always has been - A guy selling a product, and this time he sold himself to the American people. I highly doubt much will change. You put it perfectly when you said politics is the art of making nothing happen while appearing busy. Like a former portuguese dictator once said: When you don't want something done, name a commitee. About the Jeter-Rodriguez-Teixeira situation, I wonder how many of those decisions actually went through Girardi. I think he's a good manager, and he's done a pretty good job with the material he's had. I mean, there is now way the Yankees top brass let Joe sit Jeter. Or even Teixeira - and he did try to play Austin as much as he could. As for A-Rod, they couldn't wait to push him out the door. I still believe A-Rod is going to be an asset in developing and mentoring young players. Best day of the holiday season to me? December 27th. That's when it's all over! In all, between Christmas spent with my wife's family and mine, my brother in-law's birthday on the 25th and mine on the 26th, I went through 6 different Christmas\Birthday parties this year. Oh, and that leftover food and cakes and whatnot from all those parties ended up in my refrigerator because my house was the last stop of this whole never-ending Christmas partying. I gained 15 pounds. Seriously. Fifteen. In three days. I'm fighting next friday, so you can guess how fun it was losing all that extra weight. Goalkeepers are strange in every sport. Hope Solo is just following what's normal for people who don't mind when others shoot things at them. I don't know much about football (of the american kind that is). I just know that the Portuguese American Football champions are a team started by a guy I went to school with and who is a distant cousin. He's the team president as well. In three years he started the team and now is running all over the competition and they even had some ex-NFL guys on their roster. So that's my team. Go go Lisbon Devils! I don't dislike Michael Kay because I've only ever heard him. And most of the times, since the games are played at around midnight in Portugal, I watch the games on mute or with very low sound (except when Sanchez hits a ball, that can be heard all the way over here. Wow!) I'd prefer the Yankees trade Ellsbury, but I get what you're saying. It's so sad about the Steve Martin tweet. I mean, when is this politically correct thing going to end?! It's not like he insulted anyone, he made a compliment for christ's sake! Grow up already! I always say that the problem with this world isn't dumb people. It's people who think they can think. And they can't apparently. Want to watch something scary? Turn on the news. Next week is the Jiu-Jitsu European Championship. Last year, the day before my students fought, I totally ripped off Mariano Duncan and posted this on our board: "We fight tomorrow. We win tomorrow. That's it" In english and all. I had four people fighting and we got a gold and a bronze medal, everyone fought admirably. Some of the proudest days of my life, and I couldn't stop thinking of out that phrase helped motivate my guys. I'm doing it again this year.!
  29. Noah Syndergaard

    Hola si pudieran facilitarme esas botas que trae Syndergar Under Armor me encantan..!! saludos coordiales
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