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  2. Ok, cool. I imagine you just rename it. That is what I needed to understand. I couldn't find this info anywhere. Thanks.
  3. Twins signed RHP Addison Reed to a two-year, $16.75 million contract. Giants acquired OF Andrew McCutchen and cash from the Pirates for RHP Kyle Crick, OF Bryan Reynolds and $500,000 in international bonus pool. Blue Jays re-signed INF Jon Berti to a minor league contract. Rangers signed RHP Deolis Guerra to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Blue Jays signed OF Curtis Granderson to a one-year, $5 million contract.
  4. Those are the schedules that I included with the mod. I forgot that I had done that. One is just the actual 154 game schedule and the other is the modified schedule that adds the additional 8 games for each team. Copy whichever one you want to use to "schedule.big" in the database folder and that is the one that will be used in the game. As I said, if you use the 154 game schedule, you will need to use the Short Season Projector utility once you finish all 154 games.
  5. So, in the database folder, what are the files called, "154Game_schedule.big" and "162Game_schedule.big"?
  6. Well, that's what the thread is for.... to make suggestions. However, we haven't had MVP cyberface makers on a regular basis for a time now. We may have to get used to the idea that a game this old is going to have less and less interest, and therefore less and less mods.
  7. @bctrackboi11use a hex editor and modify the names within english.iff. Make sure it's the same amount of characters or less. You can use reditor to change around stadiums if need be. Good luck!
  8. Technically, there IS a way to play a shorter schedule, but you would need an extra tool to do this. There is a tool called the Short Season Projector. Here is info for this utility: The utility is included in this mod: I have never used the utility myself, but others have. You would also have to find and install a shortened schedule into the game.
  9. Ok thanks. The final Khris Davis....CF No. 5 for Spring trening update...
  10. I'll take anything you got. Also, only thing I don't know how to do is change stadium names.
  11. onteresting. i started uniforms for something like awhile back. i might still have them. if you what schools you want where if i still have what made, id be glad to shoot you what i can, or try to make them. there not going to exactly as they are in real life, but represent the school nicely. some are uniforms ive schools have in the past.
  12. Hey y'all. Been a while since I've been in the modding community. Given the success of the NCAA MVP Mod and my newfound knowledge of modding 2K, I'd like to announce my idea for NCAA Baseball 2k. Similar to the MVP version, we can use many of the stadiums already in the game. Rosters will be generic randomly generated names and faces. I don't have a release date. What I'll need help with: Uniforms Artwork Equipment (Aluminum Bats?) Audio Below are the stadiums I've picked. I'd also like to modify a couple more, but the biggest one I'd like to make is TD Ameritrade of the College World Series. I know we've cracked the code on stadium modding, if anyone has any experience I'd appreciate the help. MLB Parks: AT&T Park: Cal Baseball Classic Busch Stadium: Illinois vs. Missouri Camden Yards: Army vs. Navy Chase Field: Arizona vs Arizona State Citi Field: St Johns vs Georgetown Citizens Bank Park: Liberty Bell Classic Comerica Park: Central Michigan vs Michigan State Dodger Stadium: Dodgertown College Baseball Classic Fenway Park: Baseball Beanpot Globe Life Park: UT Arlington Great American Ballpark: Reds Collegiate Classic Kauffman Stadium: College Hall of Fame Classic Marlins Park: FIU vs Miami Minute Maid Park: Houston College Classic Nationals Park: George Washington vs. St. Josephs Petco Park: SD State PNC Park: Penn State vs. West Virginia Safeco Field: Washington Suntrust Park: Georgia vs. Georgia Tech Target Field: Big 10 Championship/Minnesota Wrigley Field: Northwestern vs. Michigan Minor League Parks: Brighthouse Field (Spring Training 1): AAC Championship Raley Field (AAA West): Sacramento State/UC Davis Dr. Pepper Ballpark (AA South): Frisco College Baseball Classic Lawrence-Dumont Stadium (AA Central): Wichita State Generic: Municipal Stadium: East Coast Generic Metro Stadium: East Coast (ACC) Generic City Park: Florida Generic AA East: Appalachian Area (BIG10) Generic AA Central: Midwest Generic AAA East: New England Generic AAA South: Southeast (SEC) Generic AAA Central: West Coast (PAC 12) Generic Spring Training 2: Rocky Mountain Generic Stay tuned here for more previews and news.
  13. Yes, when I said "right" I meant the 1951 154-game schedule. I simulated a season and the teams all played 162 games. Ok, so if I have this right, you're always going to play 162 games no matter what. But the last 154 will be the ones from the actual 1951 schedule. There's never a way of playing where you only actually play 154 games. Is that it?
  14. friend no problem soon you will see the new cyberface of ohtani
  15. Last week
  16. Any necessary face here? Alguna face necesaria por aqui?
  17. When you say "right" schedule, do you mean a 154 game schedule? A modified 1951 schedule was included because if you play a dynasty, the game expects there to be 162 games. The actual 1951 schedule was modified by adding 8 games for each team and then that modified schedule was put in the mod. In other words, once you get past those first 8 games, you will be playing the actual 1951 schedule.
  18. Thanks Jim. Any help on getting the right schedule to load for the 1951 TC? Is that also in the installer?
  19. The description of the Walk Through History mod specifically states that you can use it for dynasty play: This mod was put created before any of the single season pre-1950 mods (1934, 1939, 1941, 1946, etc.) mods were released. As far as playing dynasties in Total Classics 10, you can do it BUT you must specify whether you want to do this when you install the mod (there is an option on the installer page). The reason for this is that if you play a dynasty, the game expects all of the teams to be in the major league slots and they must be listed in the schedule. Only 30 teams can be in the major league slots. When you do this, however, you do not get historical stats to show up in the game for teams in the minor league slots. To get around the stats issue, if you install TC10 in "Exhibition mode", it modifies the team.dat file to make all 120 teams major league teams. Stats now show up when players come up to bat, however, you now can't play a dynasty. Rather than forcing one mode or another on users, I just added the Exhibition Play / Dynasty Play options to the installer.
  20. Albert Almora JR - 4163 Manny Piña - 7289 Jorge Bonifacio - 5763 Jesus Sucre - 7501 Jose Pirela - 3650 Dixon Machado - 9245 Ehire Adrianza - 8813 Esas son las que encontre...
  21. AD-ROD ID PORTRAIT FOR : Edward Olivares y Herlis Rodriguez Necesito una id para las Siguientes Faces: Gorkys Hernandez Albert Almora JR Manny Piña Mike Foltinewich Zack Davis Jorge Bonifacio Jesus Sucre Jose Pirela Dixon Machado Lance McCullers Jr Ehire Adrianza ME LAS MANDO A PEDIR JUNIOR1617
  22. hi guys how are you! I come here to see if anyone is interested in making an mvp mod, it would be 2018, with whom do I tell?
    Saludos Umachines. Te felicito los uniformes se ven muy bien ¿Se podrán utilizar en MLB2K11?
  23. Things that you can do and are available for Mvp 2005 are usually not compatible with Mvp '04.
  24. I am trying to mod the 7th inning stretch in MVP 2004 to Harry Caray as outlined by this page for MVP 2005: Does anyone know which asf file in the rallydat.big list corresponds with Take Me Out to the Ballgame in 2004? I see that it is number 38 in 2005, but there are more than 38 files in 2004. Any help would be appreciated. Also, I apologize if the answer is somewhere right in front of me, I'm not the best with tech/modding
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