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  1. Today
  2. I opened it up with the ASF importer and I see three also.
  3. I guess I will try and ask as well. I have similar situation as Doctdc, draft crash. What I have noticed after the draft is that the teams other than mine still have 35 players on their MLB roster. I have roster automation set to ON, but the teams are not shifting their rosters to accommodate the new players. It will take quite some time to adjust every roster, so I'll take the chance and ask if anyone knows if this is what I have to do? I would hate to waste my time doing it all for nothing on top of having a messed up season that I would like to save. Thanks
  4. The game is emphasized when finishing a game in franchine mode, how can I solve it?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Here you go...If you did these, I would be in your debt! Love the Dodger set you did!
  7. Ok I just did a search. 1977 throwback unis. Nice pics. When I get home I'll upload them
  8. You´re right Gordo, Aaron Nola too
  9. Mets acquired OF Travis Snider from the Rangers for cash considerations; assigned him to Triple-A Las Vegas. Athletics acquired RHP Chris Hatcher from the Dodgers for international slot money. Padres released RHP Zach Lee. Blue Jays released INF/OF Chris Coghlan. Blue Jays signed LHP Brett Anderson to a minor league contract. Blue Jays released RHP Taylor Cole.
  10. Hi Raidersbball20 those pics at the first post I upload aren't good enough? If not I'll try to do a search and see if I can find something else. Thanks
  11. Visit to family got pushed back a week, so if you haven't seen, here's a complete 1986 California Angels set.
  12. Well hey, if anyone has an extra copy of 2K12 that they're looking to sell, let me know and I'll learn how to mod those. I just haven't seen much on eBay under $100 lately.
  13. Upload a pic
    Beautiful creations again BallFour Thank You as always for everything you do on this site to help!
  14. Don't know of one...I got the socks done well in Paint, but then the sleeve patches were black if you looked at them from more than a few feet away. I just couldn't figure out how to keep them visible.
    Nice...Thank You...
    Nice...Thank You...
    God job my friend. Thank You..
  15. Aaron Hicks Aaron Judge Chad Green Clint Frazier Luis Cessa Sonny Gray
  16. I know about the templates umachines posted. But can't figure things out. Maybe a video perhaps youtube if there were one might help ?
  17. Thanks for the sentiment, and for all of your mvp mods! I'm sure those that still play the classic appreciate your work! Maybe we'll get an interested modder...PB or KC or UM, if he is still lurking about.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    This is a uniform mod for the California Angels. This set was used from 1979 to 1992. It contains the retro home and road uniforms, as well as a navy blue batting practice jersey. Please note that this mod will add one new uni slot. Install Instructions _____________________ Use TiT to import the new files into the models.big and uniforms.big directories. As always, please remember to back up your files. Enjoy!
  19. Hi Y4L, yes both are great, I really them. You know there is something strange or I'm not doing my job with the rallydat.big from the organ sound. As I mentioned when I open the file with ASF Importer-Exporter it's only showing me 3 asf files instead of the 38 that it should contain. I was curious and I downloaded those 3 files and and they are a little part of the rallydat .big because they contain only 3 organ sounds and in the game you can heard a lot of organ sounds. So I don't now why it's not showing me the 38 asf files. could you please try to open the organ rallydat.big with the ASF Importer to be sure that also you only see 3 asf files? Thanks!
  20. Sorry I can't be of help, but I've only got MVP.
  21. You're the man!
  22. Brad Goldberg - CWS done Brad Goldberg.rar
  23. Last week
  24. I would think the main PHI one would be Aaron Nola ..... having a pretty good year.
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