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  2. Have you figured out how to access the slider settings? I know it can be a real bitch navigating around the settings screen. As far as how its actually listed I forget haven't played the game in months.
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  4. He will be in AAA Columbus on the next update. He will be in AAA Columbus on the next update.
  5. Not sure... but you definitely want to take all of the messages from me and put 5 stars on them ! And change that avatar already! It's creepin' us out!
  6. It is worded oddly I'll agree. For Pitch Meter Difficulty, minus is harder, plus is easier. Same for Pitch Control. Batting is straight up. Plus is better contact and power and vice versa. There are some slider threads out there, but it's gonna depend on which difficulty level you start with.
  7. I am new to the game and need to understand the difference in "--" and "+" in the game tuning system. Which way should I go for batting and pitching for more user control? Does "+" always mean more and "-" less? Is there a guide for setting the sliders? Thanks.
  8. Does it say pitch speed or is it cpu fast ball speed?
  9. Brewers released RHP Joba Chamberlain. Brewers released RHP Ryan Webb. OF David DeJesús retires.
  10. Thanks, I'm delaying my video until Fenway lol
  11. I've reached the 200 message maximum and would love to be able to archive my personal messages offline. I'm pretty sure there used to be a way do this, but the method alludes me. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Everything I'm making is going to be released in the MLB 2K17 mod and then uploaded separately after that so that we have all the content in one place. That's the fun of the mod -loads of new content.. right? I've also made a Stadium previews 2.0 thread for the 2K17 stuff
  13. I don't own 15 but in16 there are actually two sliders for pitch speed one for fastballs and the other for off-speed pitches. They are located under the sliders section. Not much more to say.
  14. Hi, how do you change the pitch speed in mlb15 the show? I have it for the ps3 if that is important. Thanks for your help.
  15. There are a lot of people that own this game that are still members of this website and come here on a regular basis. Try asking your question as a support question in this thread and maybe it will catch someone's eye. Good luck.
  16. Where is Yandy Diaz (Clippers) ?
  17. Thank you if anyone has this game and could tell me how to change this I would truly appreciate your help.
  18. Any ETA on Fenway 2017
  19. That looks amazing and loving the lighting
  20. Yesterday
  21. Twins released RHP Ryan Vogelsong
  22. la nariz por la foto que tome que tenia mejor calidad se ve hacia arriba , intentare acomodarlo , los ojos pienso que son los correctos
  23. Esa nariz necesita mas trabajo y los ojos tambien
  24. Id for Adam Rosales of Oakland Athletics
  25. Royals released LHP Jonathan Sanchez. Padres released RHP Paul Clemens.
  26. And the tour around upstate NY ends in Glens Falls, with the Glens Falls Tigers. These are period appropriate uniforms from their days as a AA Eastern League affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.
  27. Version 1.0.0


    This is a uni mod for the Glens Falls Tigers, the AA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers from 1986 to 1988. They will replace the Erie SeaWolves in a default install of MVP Baseball 2005. To install, simply use TiT. Always remember to back up your files. Enjoy!
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