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  2. High Heat 2003 and controllers

    Ok, cool. Do you think that would work on the demo, though? That's all I have.
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  4. Post Your Classic Games

    Well he did, that's true. Throwback ones for the White Sox and a 1971 Pittsburgh one. But nothing for New York as of yet. I'm very patient.
  5. Questions For Any Older PC Baseball Games?

    All of a sudden I feel so much older.
  6. High Heat 2003 and controllers

  7. High Heat 2003 and controllers

    Ok, another update only because I can't be the only person who's ever gonna come across this issue and my online searches for the past four days are proof that NOBODY else is talking about this online but us here. Both of these are on Windows 7: The HH2002 demo runs fine, and acknowledges the controller, but only playing in XP Service Pack 3 compatibility. The HH2003 runs fine, but for some reason only works well with the controller on Windows 2000 compatibilty. Which is bizarre considering it's one year newer than 2002. No idea what that's about. Now, is 2002 supposed to be choppy when it goes to the outfield High camera and when batting or pitching from the Pitcher camera? Is that just the way the game is? Or is there a setting that smoothes that out?
  8. Post Your Classic Games

    You should have a look again, it looks like he did post some uniforms for 2002. Thanks for the video! I figured some things out with the controller/running the game but I'll put that info in the thread I made about the controller.
  9. Questions For Any Older PC Baseball Games?

    Ha, I'm 30 now, but little old 9 year old me was PUMPED, with the fictional names and everything. It was so much fun, until Major League Baseball ft. Ken Griffey Jr. on the N64 changed my life
  10. Post Your Classic Games

    I would hope there would be some classic uniforms. Playball said he had over 400 mods saved for High Heat 2002 and the ones he's posted already have been great. Well, here we go. This is what you wanted. I used the 1930 roster for High Heat 2002 and recorded this video file with Babe Ruth coming up to bat. He strikes out on four pitches as the White Sox pitcher had a good start to the game. Keep in mind that these are not throwback uniforms they are wearing. High Heat 2002 1930 roster with Babe Ruth.
  11. Modders Of The Week

    This week we look at a modder who has made some high quality sound mods for the 2k12 game and a guy who was well known for his datafile work in the early days of our website. Aceshigh Aceshigh's sound mods for MLB2k12 were very popular when you consider that most of them recieved over 1,000 downloads apiece. What he consistently did was make 2k12 sound a whole lot better than 2k had done and the results, again based on the number of times people downloaded his work proved without a doubt that his mods for 2k12 were not ones you wanted to do without if you wanted to enjoy that game at its fullest. MLB 2k17 Sound Mod - All in One 1.0.0 DaSteelerz's MLB2k Soundtrack 1.0 Realistic Home Run Sirens Updated 1.2 Enhanced Crowd Sounds 1.1 MLB 2k14 Sound Mod - YES Network 1.2 RRodkey Datafiles are a very complex part of the game. Each one is different from the next in that they change the look and presentation of the game and like other mods made for Mvp baseball it takes a lot of work and patience to get it right. RRodkey was a guy who made a series of datafiles for Mvp Baseball 2004 that were very much in demand for people who played Mvp '04. His datafiles made Mvp '04 look and play so much better that you almost had to wonder what EA was thinking when they originally released the game. Luckily for those of you who only have Mvp '05 and not '04 you can still try out one of his datafiles because his last one was for 2005 and you will see for yourself how talented this guy really was. RodData2005 (for Mvp 2005) RRodkey v5 w/Real Baseball Tune (for Mvp 2004) I have included the readme file for this mod because it is not displayed on the mod description page. These old mods on the website do not have these anymore and most of them do not have screenshots either. Real Baseball Tune, version 5.0 by jackcasper49 This tune was formerly used in conjunction with my roster set which has now gone to it's final version. Feel free to use this tune with any avaliable roster set as it should work just fine. This tune was created almost entirely by the work of RRodkey. This is based off of his version 5 datafile.txt. I have implemented the work of Trues for camera angles and removing the batter swing replays. I have utilized the work of Kccitystar in terms of RPM adjustments to pitches. I have used my own work in many other suttle areas to tweak the game ever so slightly. Much of my own work has been inspired by SerialMike and more recently JohnE66. It's worth reiterating that this original tune is almost entirely the work of RRodkey!!!! DataFile Tutorial (for Mvp 2004) Modified Data File for Mvp 2004 RodData4 & Kamastura Cams + No Swing Replay (for Mvp 2004) This file is designed with CPU vs. CPU play in mind. It is possible to play a "Manage Mode" this way - similar to what High Heat offers. While allowing the CPU to control all pitching, batting, and fielding you can take over at any time and make managerial moves. You can have mound visits, make pitching changes, put in pinch hitters, make de- fensive substitutions, etc.
  12. Questions For Any Older PC Baseball Games?

    I bet you couldn't have been ten years old when that came out. I didn't own that but someone I knew did and we played many games on it.
  13. Questions For Any Older PC Baseball Games?

    Ken Griffey Jr's Winning Run on the SNES.
  14. Official M L B Transaction Thread

    Diamondbacks released C Josh Thole. Royals sign RHP Justin Grimm to a one-year, $1.25 million contract. Brewers released RHP Ernesto Frieri. Jorge Polanco received an 80-game suspension, without pay, for testing positive for performance -enhancing drugs.
  15. Gordon Alex...Face No 19 for Spring training update ...
  16. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    Continuing to do great work and thanks for working on my Yankees players....I'm loving it...
  17. Overlay MLB Network - 2K18

    Version 1.0.0


    I hope you like it. Overlay MLB Network 2K18 for the 2018 season. Unzip and paste in the installation path of the game
  18. Post Your Classic Games

    Cool. That would be good enough, I suppose. We think there will be uniforms?
  19. Post Your Classic Games

    That can be done but not with the uniforms yet. There isn't any throwback uniforms uploaded yet but there is a classic roster.
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  21. High Heat 2003 and controllers

    Ok, interesting development... I ran a HH2002 demo on my dualboot on Win7 and I set the compatibility settings to Win98/ME and the controller was actually acknowledged in the game. Ok, so I need to play in Win98 compatibility if I want the game to run with the wireless controller. But then, the game crashes with DirectX issues. ...sigh...so frustrating. tiny update: 2003 playing fine. Good game. 2002 demo now sees the controller all the time as well. But freezes EVERY time it goes to load the demo exhibition game. If this is gonna happen it will be tough to justify buying the game on Amazon as I'm unlikely to be able to return it once it's opened. So questions... 1. Does anyone know if that demo from the time was buggy at all? 2. Is there a special way to run 2002 on Windows 7? Every sompatibility mode freezes on the loading screen. Thanks guys!
  22. José Altuve - MLB 2k18 Titlepage

    I don't own the game and can really appreciate the look here.... well, well done!
  23. Post Your Classic Games

    Looks like Baltimore's Joe Orsulak and Eddie Murray did the damage. Cool shots of HH2003. Makes me want to fire up the HH series again.
  24. Overlay FOX - MLB 2K18

    Thank you for the overlay. Very much appreciated.
  25. Roster 2018

    how to un pack mod
  26. Worst Teams season for High Heat 2003

    I read your post at the Classic Games thread and I just had to check this out. Worst teams ever? Whoever thought of that? Sounds like a lot of fun in a frustrating way.
  27. Post Your Classic Games

    Is there any chance that anyone would be willing to make a short one at-bat video of HH2002 with a classic roster installed? Something recognisable like a 27 Yankees or a 51 Dodgers or something? Just to see old uniforms in action with audio.
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