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  2. 5 out of 10, 68 seconds. What the *&%^???
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  4. what is the password for 

    San Diego Padres 1998 cyberface packs.rar 1.0.0?

  5. Why doesn't any of my cyber faces match your roster? You've been releasing cyber faces for years and now your own roster doesn't match any of your own cyber face numbers. Where is the cyber face pack to match your 2k22 roster? Every roster that's been released this year matches nothing we've been building for years.
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  7. Anyone know how to update Staff audio in REDitor? For example, if Dusty Baker has 1068 listed under Audio 1 in the Staff column, what does the 1068 mean? It doesn't match the Baker last name or a Global ID, so I'm now perplexed. I assume the column is seeking the last name, fair assumption? And if so, does it need Audio 1 or Audio 2? Those familiar with REDitor will understand the question. Updating the faces, fairly easy. Updating the audio, that's where I'm lost. And yes, I have read the tutorial about changing audio. Staff seems to be a little different than updating players t
  8. Albert Pujols Daniel Lynch Elias Diaz Michael Kopech Nestor Cortes Patrick Corbin Shohei Ohtani Triston McKenzie
  9. 6 out of 10, 54 seconds. I started out well but then got four of the last five questions wrong.
    looks great in game!!
  10. Guardians acquired RHP Yohan Ramirez from the Mariners for cash.
  11. Yes, my intentions as well. PM me, so we can work together
  12. Hi, No keep up the good work and the roster. I have no intention on working or making a new roster. The only reason i would have needed to release a version Hawks roster was because i was adding faces. Sounds like you are definitely improving it! Portraits can be easily mixed and matched. No biggie Over 1000, that is alot of work, so you have to have lots of great ones. I would like to test that roster, when you get a chance. And, if you are able to release it, you will need all the correct face #'s s
  13. And a look at Sheldon Neuse: Keep in mind that at this point, all of these faces are still considered to be works-in-progress. I'm constantly going back to faces that I've previously worked on to clean up the textures and head shapes.
  14. I used good headshots when they are easy to get, but doing this many portraits, if there's not an easy take, I just choose what I think is the card that tells the most about the player. You're more than welcome to use the roster even if you don't want the portraits. Or, I could upload the portraits (they are all named) and you could edit them. At any rate, I've gone over every player on every roster, or will have done, and it would be a waste to do the rosters again yourself. There were a lot of errors with the old roster. Some I fix, but if it seemed like the author's intention to
  15. Version 1.0.0


  16. Version 1.0.0


    New Official ID's New Cyberface: c733 Tim Mayza TOR c152 Trevor Richards TOR c209 Alejandro Kirk TOR c296 Adam Cimber TOR c588 Ross Stripling TOR c845 Alek Manoah TOR c208 Andy Ibañez TEX Steps to install 1 - Assign ID numbers and skin tones with mvpedit 2 - Install with eagraph and bigGUI Pasos para instalar 1 - Asignar números de identificación y tonos de piel con mvpedit 2 - Importar con eagraph y comprimir con bigGUI
  17. I don't plan to rerelease his mod. I would just release my additions as an optional update for those who want to use it in conjunction with that mod.
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  19. Pirates claimed C Tyler Heineman off waivers from the Blue Jays.
  20. Dodgers uniforms are almost ready too. But I found this thing on the net. 1916 so unique checked uniform:
  21. So, the portraits you have made don't have the borders that are used in 1993 mod? I haven't been using that border either, but I do crop them all. I try for good quality headshots unless I can't find one. With the older photos it's nearly impossible to do them with a transparent background, so I just make then using a 256x256, 0000-a.bmp instead of the alpha image. My go to are the 1993 Pinnacle Cards. The backs almost always have a nice high-quality head shot - Perfect Portrait photos
  22. Version 1.0.0


  23. That is not the reditor II... Hope you visit the download area and search for reditor II
  24. 5 out of 10, 61 seconds. Just a bad round for me today.
  25. Hey, BallFour. Of course man That MVP 98 mod is one of the most anticipated! You could even find more, because through my travels looking for faces for 1993, plenty more could have been used for 1998 I have a list compiled, easy to find who is who I even added some of your early 90's MILB uniforms you created, they look great in game
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