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  3. I understand your disappointment. They are not hitting and if I were hitting coach Marcus Thames I would expect to be fired sometime in the off-season.
  4. Cannot believe this effin team cannot score or beat the lowest team in the majors. And they cannot score for both Nester and Monty who pitched great games!! Sorry, but F@ck the Yankees..
  5. Hi, can you tell when this faces will be available for downloading?? Great job, Thanks!!!!!
    Thanks for adding these to the collection.
  6. Yesterday
  7. And by the way let's take time out to salute Nestor Cortes, who is quietly having a very good year. It's very easy to see the ones on this team who are having a lousy year but this guy deserves the right recognition.
  8. Yes, at least four. But there is plenty of blame to be thrown around for the position that they are in.
  9. @Yankee4Lifenot to pick on Green alone, but his 6 blown saves, probably 4 of them I can think of, lost a lead and the game which could have given the Yankees a better standing in the WC or even better, closer to the Rays for the division.
  10. I asked myself that this morning. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they won but they just made it last night. When the Orioles play the Yankees they play like they are contenders.
  11. what the hell is wrong with HR happy Green?? guess Torres cannot play 2B, either..
  12. Last week
  13. Ryan Braun announced his retirement Padres signed LHP Ross Detwiler to a one-year contract. Phillies released RHP Vince Velasquez. Red Sox released RHP Brandon Brennan. Yankees signed RHP Sal Romano to a one-year contract. Nationals released INF Derek Dietrich and C/OF Blake Swihart. Braves released 1B/OF Travis Snider. Pirates claimed RHP Enyel De Los Santos from the Phillies.
  14. Ryan Braun retired yesterday. Damn, I thought he already did that.
  15. angel25


    how do i load the postseason in franchise mode after i finished the regular season?????????
    Great stuff as always!
    Great contributions once again!
  16. What the heck has happened to the Padres? When the season started they were supposed to compete for the National League's top spot. Now they may not make the playoffs. Also, why do some ball players do this when they are rounding the bases after a home run? And don't say to silence the crowd because this goof did it in Toronto.
  17. I just opened yankees.com and saw they won. it can't be. Is this true??? And Sanchez delivered the winning hit.
  18. What the hell just happened? They won!!! You are going back a few years.
  19. I'm glad I'm rebuilding a house and I don't have the energy to stay up until midnight to watch this horror show of a season. I almost miss the days when Nix was a starter for the Yankees.
    you're clearly on a roll, thanks again.
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