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  2. Jed, did u see my recent suggestions? thanks bud!
  3. This here is simply DennisJames's 70s Metropolitan Stadium mod with a modern crowd. That's literally all I changed. Newer ads will take longer, and sadly I haven't been able to operate OEdit on my virtual machine lately so the jumbotron thing is out. metpnite.big
  4. Yesterday
  5. That would be really cool to see! Only if you really want to do it though, I know you do a lot of great mods that probably take up time.
  6. Very nice! If you'd like, I could put in a modern crowd into Metropolitan Stadium for you? I *might* be able to get a Jumbotron in there, but no promises. I can definitely update the crowd though.
  7. wuilmer26f

    FACE 2019 2K19

    Version 1.0.0


    Brandon BELT SAN francisco FREDDIE Freeman bravos atlanta YAN GOMEZ washington HUNTER Strickland washington JURCIKSON PROFAR okland jose rondon boltimors
  8. Waooo it is amazing my friend, thanks you so much to make the face a player of my team Rays, really look excellent.
  9. @Gordo Hi, I'm looking for the Brandon Woodruff portrait but i can't find it, do you have it?. I t was a one to complete early in this list, then disappeared but I have no success locating it. Thanks
    Thanks for the continued work you do! Awesome stuff!
  10. Whenever I play the Twins I choose to play there because it's much more appealing than the old Metrodome Also I like the contrast with the modern uniforms and players in the classic stadiums
  11. Geez, I can't believe my time with MVP might be coming to a close just like that...
  12. You *could* test a Linux partition (preferably Ubuntu) and run Wine for emulation, I think. MVP is rated Platinum for example.
  13. Good looking images. Interesting that you opted to go with Metropolitan Stadium as the home of the Twins. Unless that's how the mod came packed.
  14. Darn... that's a shame. And virtual machines definitely don't work for running MVP right?
  15. Last week
  16. Find the system recommendations for your latest game (sounds like Fifa 14), and build to that specification. Micro-ATX boards for the LGA1155 chip you have can be a little pricey nowadays though.
  17. Or just buy an older computer as you don't need a lot of processing power or a super charged vid card. Probably would cost you about the same as a modern day video game!
  18. Having some struggles with Blender. Editing City Park (g02), moving around a few things (ads mostly). First image is Blender, second image is after being exported from Blender. Note that a few of the changes, while visible in Blender, seemed to not register at all or are a bit offset. Any idea what the issue is and how to fix it?
  19. virtual dont do will for games. i dont think you really to need to worry that much about gpu issue. if you get small mobile or something, there cards designed for it, plus the amount of ram uesde by games around that time is small for games maybe 512mb. ram itself probably ist that expensive , specially because you likely only would need about 8gb given windows 7.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This one was almost ready since several days ago, but I had some troubles finding the right host uniform, in order to make all the elements look the way I wanted. I re-used my own version of Marlins double outlined numbers and put all the elements in a Boston uniform. Hope you enjoy it. Shame the Twins are already out of race. Please, don't forget to update the colorlist info, in order to have the right accesories colors. This uniform replaces the BP home gear. Use the MLB Roster tool for this. You can download it with most of 2k12 uniform updates, my own sets included.
  21. Yeah, I'm literally only doing this to run MVP, High Heat, FIFA 14, and a couple of NHL games. But right now, I'm fearing that I may not have any way of making it work. With no case for the current very large ATX motherboard, and no luck finding a small mobo for my CPU, I'm at a bit of a standstill. Plus, I still don't know if the game will run without my GPU in there. I imagine it only needs directx from the system but I don't know that for sure. Virtual systems don't work for MVP do they?
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