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  2. That´s right, very difficult 10/10 115 seconds,
  3. An infection can develop in many ways, but mostly due to lack of care. Sweat in particular can mean trouble for the healing process. So, getting a tattoo mid-season is at the very least unprofessional. I don't have any either, and I don't have anything against them, but I have a student who is a tattoo artist.
  4. before I forget thank you dirtdog for your interest and enthusiasm on what I did so sorry for the inconnveniences of some one else I don't to argue anybody I feel excited make public my achievement in the more realistic and awesome baseball simulation game I never leave alone Thank You
  5. Yesterday
  6. Who else? You're the one who started this thread.
  7. I think he is done also. That inconsiderate stunt he pulled with getting a tattoo in Oakland and then getting on the disabled list because of it probably spelled the end of his days in the Bronx. I say inconsiderate because if he really had the need to get one then wait until the season is done. I don't have tattoos myself so I am not sure how an infection would develop but my point is why take a chance?
  8. Chapman’s contract is also up this year too. With new, younger, guys proving themselves at the back end in the bulllen (Schmidt, King), Chapman’s days may be numbered as well.
  9. Sometimes Jim you just do not hit against a good pitcher. That is probably what happened last night. You could be right.
  10. It’s possible that English is not his first language.
  11. An 8-0 win with 14 hits. They seemed to be hitting today. Britton goes back on the 60-day IL. His season, and probably his time with the Yankees are over.
  12. Going to be tough for Judge to win triple crown. Not pitching to him and will have to get multiple hit games rest of season to overtake Arraez. If Boone doesn't have Cortes open the ALDS, he is a BONEHEAD.
  13. Look at the good side of this. The playoffs for the Yankees are over a week away. That will help.
  14. Damn right it was. I quit reading halfway into it. I wonder if this guy ever heard of a paragraph?
  15. 6 out of 10, 82 seconds. I am sure that laroquece will agree with me that these questions were very difficult.
  16. Holmes shut down, at least until playoffs. What else??
  17. This was a tough read. I do believe you can add a face to an already started dynasty, by changing the number with MVPEditor. I could be wrong? I am yet to try it, but MVP editor is used to edit existing dynasties from what i have read, and i hope that includes editing the face ID# as well. That would be all that would be needed to add a face, because updating or adding a face to the models.big with an already started dynasty doesn't cause a problem. Post a few screenshots of the 80 guys you created Even supply a download link so
  18. Hello everyone good night I just want to share you something I discover about an idea than for me is brilliant and worthy I know since a long time you have a tutorial to create cyberfaces when you install a cyberface only the player you choose has de cyberface well some years ago I was searching easier way to have a couple of cyberfaces and a method for not restart the dinasty I believe it was back on 2017 year so I download a photo but first discover that in models.big there is something in range g001 to g015 that means the generic faces the game has so I exported and uncompress with nfshtool
  19. Well, another loss due to this weak hitting lineup. Division champs won't make it far in the PS.
  20. Last week
  21. Article in nj.com has Yankees concerned with Stanton slump. REALLY!? NOW??? Should have been concerned all season.
  22. 10 out of 10, 41 seconds. Today was a good one. I didn't have to guess on any of them.
  23. con qué programa se pueden extraer los rosters como están en una temporada creada en mlb2k??? with what program can you extract the rosters as they are in a season created in mlb2k???
  24. 10/10 96 seconds, almoust missed the last one
  25. Great news for Mike King. UCL is intact. Won't need TJ surgery.
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