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  2. What the hell is wrong with Google now?
    Good looking mod. Not sure we needed a cyberface for a spot starter who's started 11 games in the last 3 years with an average to fair WHIP, but thanks.
  3. Gordo

    MVP 2005 buy game

    As far as soft modding your Xbox, you can search that on the internet (refuse to use the term "google" any longer as I hope to hell they go down along with all of the other mind-controlling social media dipshits). There are probably people who are willing to do it for you for a fee. If I recall, years ago I had someone do it for like $50. It basically allows easy access into your Xbox and then you can do what's called "ftp" files to certain areas, meaning you can network your PC to your Xbox using a free program and transfer files. I believe this was all originally done to turn your Xbox into a media center. But please don't PM me about this as this is about all I know.
  4. A few years late but did anyone find a solution to the "009.fsh" error when running TiT on this mod?
  5. I am thinking about going the original Xbox route and buying the game since I cannot get the copy I bought to download on the PC. What do you mean by getting it modded? Are we still able to download stadiums, rosters, etc. from here with a memory card? Just trying to figure out how to do this. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi @Omarito2013 and thanks for your help. I think that David Ross and Torey Lovullo need and id face as current managers. Both have faces available one from Ballfour (Lovullo) and with Ross there is a face from 2016 that can be used. Gracias Bro
  7. @BallFour Thanks and you were right, I used some of those faces, my mistake was looking only by the description (names) and not reviewing by the number. Thanks bro.
  8. it must have been a java issue, because I was able to open the global file just fine after downloading and using KC's texture editor.
  9. Thanks for your help, I updated today some managers (Marlins, Phillies, Angels, Cubs, Astros) with your info!
  10. I created a complete cyberface pack that includes Dave Martinez.
  11. Have you tried kc's texture editor? Otherwise it may be the version of the mod tool you are using or java is throwing a tantrum.
  12. There is a separate thread about people trying to get the game to run on Windows 19. A handful of people have been able to get it to run, but most have not.
  13. Hi--unfortunately I followed this post to a T, and it didn't work on my system (running Windows 10 on an Alienware desktop with MVP Baseball 2005 on 2 CDs). I've tried compatability mode, command prompts, installing the game to different areas--no dice. Is this guide still current, or is there a new process since MS keeps publishing updates?
  14. You already asked for Muncy. Please don't do it again. And check the downloads for Springer and Devers. It never hurts doing your own leg work. You will be amazed at what you find in the download area.
  15. Max muncy thank you. Geoge springer(hou), rafael devers(bos) please.....
  16. Yesterday
    Thanks, lots of audios required for the game
  17. Hi Guys, I been searching around here for the Dave Martinez Face but I didn't find one, does anyone has it that can please share it? Thanks
  18. For some reason I am unable to open the global.iff file with the nba modtool - None of the subfiles/textures will appear. Suggestions?
  19. I found that the only thing that MVPEdit will save correctly in the file is the manager name and the Face ID. Other changes don’t seem to stick.
  20. Correct. Manager is found in team. But if I'm not mistaken, you have to change body type directly in the .dat file. For some reason MVPedit change doesn't translate.
  21. Or you can edit with MVPedit too
  22. The file you'd need to edit is the manager.dat located in the MVP Baseball 2005/data/database folder. The code appearing in the first row is each team's code, in my game's file the Astros' code is 03fc4c23d.
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