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  2. Schordese

    FACE for 2018

    Very nice , I hope there are more to come.
  3. Schordese

    FACE for 2018

    Great work
  4. Schordese

    Poll: Which team would win the World Series?

    I second that. Boston is just too strong. If they could beat the Astros they can beat LA.
  5. Gordo

    Poll: Which team would win the World Series?

    I'd like to see Utley get one more..... but I think the Red Sox are just too much a juggernaut this year. And remember, I had MVP sim and not only did the Sox win the W.S., but Betts will win the MVP for the W.S.
  6. Schordese is right. This is why I put out the PC v PC rosters I did. You'll find when you sim using these rosters, you get pretty good end of season stats, but the playability may not be what you're looking for.
  7. Creaghorn

    Toning down overall offensive team performance

    Yes, that's a possibility, although I'm not sure if playing against computer, and the stats computerteams pile up in the background when playing against each other, has any connection. I' tried a simulated season without chemistry effect as well but more or less same results. Also tried some sliders with cpu pitchers having 50 control etc. to see if that has any effect. e.G. Red Sox are hitting as a team way over .300 at the end of the season, with 300+ HR's etc. Some other teams too. Houston etc. Good teams to be good is fine of course. But powerhitting teams still shouldn't have more than 250 HR (this year was an alltime record year for the yanks with 265 HR's IIRC), and good hitting teams still should have a batting average at .270 or less. It's usually only some individual players reaching .300 and piling up power numbers. Maybe the level of the coaches are set too high? Or better said, what to do to, to cut down offensive numbers about 25-30%. Pitchers then would have more K's, lower batting average against etc. without compromiszing the player vs. cpu gameplay. A very low chemistry might work, if possible to make it stay very low, but otoh it would also mean more errors, more bad pitching performances etc. So basically I'm clueless what might work.
  8. Schordese

    Toning down overall offensive team performance

    Finding balance between playing and simming the game is vitually impossible. I believe the new rosters are tailored for playability. For instance, pitcher control and relief pitcher stamina on the new rosters are considerably lower than those on stock rosters, which suits playability best. But the game wasn't designed as such, so the CPU might leave its pitchers on the mound too long resulting in more HR. That might be a factor. But on the flip side, the game is buggy in its own way. I was playing a game where the opposing pitcher had a 27 stamina rating, and he tossed over 100 pitches, well after his stamina had reached 0. Many things are hard coded in this game and cannot be changed.
  9. Hi, I have a question. I'm playing MVP05 with a well balanced MVP level with the latest rosters. Tank you for the great efford. What I'm noticing though is that offensive team numbers are way too high. When playing against computer all is fine. You win, you lose, sometimes low scoring, sometimes blowouts etc. Good mixture of k's and bb's etc. So actually as realistic as it gets and no problem. But simulated games are way too high regarding offensive stats. After playing through a complete season, or when simulating a season, just to check how the overall stats turn out, or checking how the other teams do, there are always at least half a dozen teams with 300ish homeruns. Team batting average on most teams is between .280ish and .320ish. Team ERA's are mostly at least 4.5ish. Those categories are way too high. Maybe because the game was designed in midst of the roid era, where an ERA of 4.50 was considered normal. Leader in K's rarely goes beyond 230 or so K's. In short, offense is way too good. Not when playing though, only the stats the teams pile together in games which you don't see. Is there a way to tone done the offense, making pitching more dominant again? Playing with sliders only affects your game vs. pc. so that doesn't work. One way might be to edit every and each player and make their offensive categories worse by at least 10 points, but that's probably not the way to go. One other thing as a sidenote. Is there a way to get rid of the doubleplay-killing double-pump, which the SS does so often and which so often spoils a routine DP? Which in real never ever happens, and which probably was implemented only because once in a decade Omar Vizquel did that. Ingame the SS wouldn't do that if throwing with max speed to 1st of course, but i wouldn't want to throw every routine DP with max arm, causing unnecessary errors, only to avoid this ridiculous double pump. Thank you all and cheers Creaghorn
  10. L1011Widebody

    Let's Play MVP 2005 the whole season!

    So I think you would really enjoy my videos, I hope you like them! I am going through the entire season and everything, with fictional players, you can follow their season and everything. I think it's really great! I think you'd really like it, I even include the stadium mods and other cool stuff, I think you'd really like it! It starts up a bit slow, but I get into a rhythm around game five or six or so, and it just great to watch these guys change and evolve into their positions.
  11. Yankee4Life

    Poll: Which team would win the World Series?

    I voted for the Dodgers. Of course I voted for the Dodgers. I mean, what else?
  12. Please answer the poll folks! The only vote I previous know the answer is the one from @Yankee4Life
  13. Fiebre

    Poll Championship Series

    So @Karelaf and @Gordo your predictions were the right ones!
  14. stealth2920

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    That is the motherboard your talking about.
  15. stealth2920

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

  16. Yesterday
  17. LetsGoFish2015

    Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    How about these?
  18. Gordo

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    Honestly I didn't know HP even made motherboards. I was about to build, but by the time my shopping cart filled up I was over budget. I found a guy in my area who is selling a Dell Optiplex 740 SFF on Craigslist with some pretty good specs for only $40 ..... now it's a matter of reaching the guy!
  19. LouisvilleLipp


    What does this file do Karelaf?
  20. stealth2920

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    I use to have a Dell and then an HP years ago. Both were a pain in the butt to configure. I now build my own systems from scratch and have not had an issue of any kind. Dells and HP's are usually bloated and hard to configure. If I had to mess with either one again I would use my gun.
  21. Karelaf


    Version 1.0.0


  22. Mose2011

    ESPORT Overlay

    Hallo Guys. Please Can anyone help me to make a Overlay for ESPORT based on the NESN Overlay. If yes let me know. cu Mose2011
  23. Gordo

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    So the outcome here was that VMWare was not adequate. Graphically it wasn't bad at all, but there is a delay in gamepad output and sound synchronization. And I had set the VMWare to use 4 GB of memory (I assume virtual memory). I can't complain about that as I don't think VMWare was set up for gaming. I'm more upset with the whole Windows / BIOS changes and making it so difficult to get the inputs to work after partitioning your drive and attempting to install another, legitimate OS. I'm not that happy with HP either with the extremely limited settings they have on their BIOS screen.
  24. Did you ever do a regular Yankee Stadium in your 70's stadiums?  I was wondering if you could do me a favor...for 1971 3 Rivers didn't have the "cookie-cutter" infield like Busch or Veterans, could you alter that detail in your 1970's and call it 1971.  Here's a pic from the 71 series in Pittsburgh.


    Thanks Man!





  25. Absolutely. I once tried to do his CF ... It looked like this. I was not satisfied, what do you look like?
  26. jeferomer

    Verlander original cyberface

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