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    Great for playing 2012 season with the portraits updated to September. One plus is that you can use BSU roster V5 (updated to August 23) and both files are compatible.
  3. Someone to help me, how to make a manager's face? any specific number?
  4. That one is awesome, Jed! But can you do also more bearded players, like AJ Minter? Thanks!
  5. Thanks Jed, now that I return to 2k12, I’m enjoying your spectacular faces again.
  6. Just start of Sergio Romo........
  7. Yesterday
  8. Nice! I pass through there on occasion. I'm one of the folks that loves the Big E.
  9. This keeps getting deleted by my firewall whenever I try to run it. Any tips?
    Very good faces but how do I put gerrit cole's black hair?
  10. That's relatively close to me - I'm in southwestern Massachusetts, near Springfield.
  11. It's gorgeous in the fall but ... that's about it. Hahaha. High taxes, shoddy power companies, and pay taxes every year on your car. I'm living in the northwest corner of CT.
  12. I'm sorry to say that I have never been to Connecticut.
  13. Last week
  14. Avon, CT. About 15 minutes west of Hartford. I know that BallFour is from CT, and I grew up in CT as well.
  15. Dang. Hope it comes back for her soon. They're working in my area, but still. Eversource dropped the ball on this one.
  16. Good luck. My mom is in a retirement community in Avon. She got power back yesterday morning but then lost it again last night. Eversource called today and they estimate that she won’t get power back until Tuesday!
  17. Four days without power. Hoping it comes back tonight. Even if I'm not working on portraits tonight, I want to at least be able to sleep tonight without being jerked away from not being able to breathe in my sleep.
  18. Whenever I bring in a player as a defensive sub and only as a defensive sub (meaning when the game ends they do not bat) the game does not count that appearance towards their games appeared in overall total. Is this just something that occurs in this game or is there an issue behind it? Thanks!
  19. Which one(s) should I continue with, and which one(s) to dump?
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Audio/Photo: Alex Young 585 Andrew Chafin 8997 Andy Young 1093 Archie Bradley 9229 Bo Takahashi 950 Carson Kelly 4115 Christian Walker 4156 Corbin Martin 691 Damien Magnifico 4232 Daulton Varsho 1139 David Peralta 4141 Drew Ellis 853 Eduardo Escobar 5103 Eduardo Jiménez 335 Edwin Jackson 2317 Emilio Vargas 1094 Héctor Rondón 6488 Ildemaro Vargas 4391 J.B. Bukauskas 470 Jake Lamb 5483 James Sherfy 4424 Joe Mantiply 4632 Joel Payamps 947 John Hicks 9060 Jon Duplantier 466 Jon Jay 8691 Josh Rojas 926 Juniel Querecuto 4397 Junior Guerra 8367 Ketel Marte 4382 Keury Mella 248 Kevin Cron 3862 Kevin Ginkel 923 Kole Calhoun 8817 Luke Weaver 3767 Madison Bumgarner 9624 Matt Grace 9893 Mauricio Cabrera 4452 Merrill Kelly 2620 Mike Leake 7767 Nick Ahmed 8479 Pavin Smith 475 Robbie Ray 9896 Silvino Bracho 3643 Starling Marte 8543 Stefan Crichton 3607 Stephen Vogt 7117 Taylor Clarke 534 Taylor Widener 1018 Tim Locastro 291 Trayce Thompson 9978 Wyatt Mathisen 412 Yasmany Tomás 4771 Yoan López 3361 Zac Gallen 825
  21. Cubs signed RHP Kelvin Herrera to a minor league contract. Cubs signed LHP Matt Dermody to a minor league contract. Mets acquired RHP Ariel Jurado from the Rangers for a PTBNL and cash.
  22. I'm not accounting for this in the total conversion mod, but in the TYWIGGINS tools has a ScheduleChanger tool. That will bring players ages down to what they were in 1998, as long as you set the season properly. I'll put instructions into the mod when the time comes to release it. Not a bad idea at all! Thanks for the input. However, I needed the roster slot on the Angels' AAA team to add pitcher Steve Sparks. Plus, Phillips didn't play at all with Anaheim that year. He was signed to the Blue Jays on July 1st and then got traded to the Mets at the trade deadline.
    Amazing faces bro! can I use them for my mlb2k20 project?
  23. It wasn't a bad one. I just saw it as an idea. You see, these mods need a default roster to go on and even though it is just one day it will still be the latest one.
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