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  2. Currently only have a 1 GB graphics card for my Optiplex 740 which has pretty much become my dedicated MVP PC. The game plays okay but I do notice some stutters here and there. This may be processor related, but I'm going to start with a better dedicated card for $50. I figure I don't spend money on gaming that much any longer (a game here and there when on sale with Steam), so it's worth it for me. Looks like this guy sells both full height and low profile/half height cards (the latter is my need) and includes an adapter to an HDMI output if needed. Hopefully this will help someone out.
  3. Sometimes if something is packed in a .rar or .7z file, it won't work for me either. Experiment with one file and repack into a .zip file; report back.
  4. This is Arizona's City Connect Jersey: And this is Chris Creamer's article: https://news.sportslogos.net/2021/06/13/arizona-d-backs-s-s-s-s-unveil-new-city-connect-serpientes-uniforms/baseball/ I like the general idea. Great design. I've never liked most of "Los (english name)" jerseys, because not a single latin team calls itsef that way. So, they don't feel like spanish for spanish speaking people. Instead, I think Detroit and St. Francisco do it the right way with their "Tigres" and "GIGANTES" jerseys. In my personal opinon, "Cascabeles" sou
  5. From now on it needs to be in English. Thank you.
  6. Roster June 2021 updated as possible batting positions line up all Roster June 2021 updated as possible batting positions line up all
  7. Hola amigos, soy nuevo en esto, aquí les dejo un roster lo más actualizado posible con posiciones de bateo y pitcheo similares a los jugadores del Line up actual, agradecido a esta gran comunidad por brindarnos esta oportunidad
  8. Exactly the reason why I ask this over and over.
  9. Yankee4Life

    2021 mod

    Check the downloads. Get the latest uniforms, cyberfaces and stadiums that have been released. Read directions for each mod and have fun!
  10. Can you explain the file in english please?
  11. Hi guys I feel like i've been on this site long enough to know this, but is there a known reason as to why TiT wont install Balfour's updated uniforms into my MVP05 game. I'm running the MVP15 TC mod, with all of the relevant 2021 updates (minor league reorganization and rosters) but the only thing that won't "update" is the uniforms. It starts out fine then i get a message box that says "Installing textures and other files" that has a yellow background and that's where it stops. I left it overnight one time and it was still the same when i got up for work the next morning.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Hola amigos soy nuevo en esto aquí les dejo un roster lo mas actualizado posible con posiciones de bateo y picheo similares a los jugadores Line up actuales, agradecido a esta gran comunidad de darnos esta oportunidad
  13. FelipeG

    2021 mod

    Hi, im new to mlb 2k12 What roster, stadiums, cyberfaces, jerseys etc should i download to get the game updated to 2021?
  14. Yesterday
  15. Rangers released DH Khris Davis. Twins signed RHP Adam Lau to a minor league deal. Angels claimed INF Jack Mayfield off waivers from the Mariners.
  16. Hank Bauer Right fielder Hank Bauer was a mainstay of the Casey Stengel–Yogi Berra Yankee dynasty who sparkled in the World Series spotlight. In the final game of the 1951 Series his bases-loaded triple broke a tie and gave the Yankees a 4-1 lead. After the Giants narrowed the margin to 4-3 in the ninth, with the tying run on second base, Bauer made a sliding catch of a sinking line drive for the last out. He hit safely in a record 17 consecutive World Series games — all seven in the 1956 and 1957 classics and the first three games in 1958. After the Braves
  17. Dodgers signed LHP Vidal Nuño to a minor league contract.
  18. Last week
  19. Diamondbacks signed RHP Jesus Liranzo to a minor-league contract. Reds signed OF Braxton Lee to a minor-league contract. Reds signed RHP Michael Mariot to a minor-league contract. Twins signed RHP Jason García to a minor-league contract.
  20. Thaks, @Behindshadows. Well, my way to work is much less technicall. I use my version fo the templates to make 4 pictures that must be very well aligned. The main picture, its alpha chanel, the main texture, which color base is 0,128,0 RGB, and its alpha channel too. Most of the times I just turn that green texture into gray 125,128,128 as base color to get its alpha channel, but sometmes I have to reverse the colors for certain grayscale pictures. The alpha channels are very important in 2K DDS files. One has to figure out how all of them work in every of the different pictures of a uniform,
  21. Not sure I just thought it was a interesting procedure, and your craftmanship is great! I was thinking it would help with making the threading look embedded. Your Jerseys are amazing in details.
  22. Reds signed 1B Logan Morrison to a minor league contract.
  23. Padres signed LHP Joe Beimel to a minor league contract. Mets claimed RHP Nick Tropeano off waivers from the Giants. Giants signed RHP Akeel Morris to a minor league contract. Giants acquired LHP Michael Plassmeyer from the Rays for RHP Matt Wisler.
  24. I take most of my scripts and logos from Cris Creamer's site: https://www.sportslogos.net/ But sometimes, I have to make my own versions. It happens a lot with newer uniforms, scripts and patches. So I've decided to post some of these pictures I make for my uniforms, in case anybody else needs them too. I'm sharing these material at sportslogos.net too.
  25. Thanks, dude. But not sure about the backward compatibility of this proceddure with MLB 2K12.
  26. Fantasy 2K WBC. Nicaragua in the World Classic and Panama Friendly. Fantasía 2K WBC. Nicaragua en el Clásico Mundial y Panamá Amistoso.
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