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  2. Very good update of judge my friend, could you make to tyler glasnow, thanks for you execelent job, blessing my brother
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  4. Thanks a lot, I plan on updating all my cyberfaces that I have done in the past 3 years .... It is important that their Cyberfaces ID is compatible with the new roster ... I have about 140 cyberfaces, including 26 new ones that have not been released .. .Thank KC, Great job ...
  5. I've updated the sheet with a ton of Cyberface IDs for new players. I'll keep adding people every Friday. Everyone that has a player_head_xxxx.iff file from the original MLB2K12 roster will be listed as well. I am doing this so every player has an accurate CF ID that will not overwrite any cyberface that came with the game. Please use this master list for all cyberface projects starting this year. If there are faces already out, please go back and update them with the new IDs once your players have been added to the sheet.
  6. Gerrit Cole should have a CF ID of 0135 The stock 2K13 roster has him as 9275 but that is a generic face
  7. Don't overwrite... as already pointed out. Test in a single game first with injuries off. Test in a new dynasty/season with injuries, suspensions and trades off. Report back.
  8. You know what would look better? Use the SIM package I put together a while back.
    Looks good man! Thanks very much..... official IDs I assume?
  9. On this date in 1998, the Yankees and Athletics were rained out.
  10. These guys were really great. One of my fav teams ever.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Yeah I'm also not sure why it comes up as Sony, which may throw a wrench in how we approach this lol. I would say it would have something to do with the usb device code but it is most certainly a N30 Pro.
  13. I thought it was an N30 Pro? I'm confused at how its detected as a PS4 controller.
  14. Well I'll let you in on a secret. I'm able to play the game on a virtual machine. So when I go to the usb configuration on virtual box. It actually calls the controller "Sony Computer Entertainment Wireless Controller [0100]" But to your question x ---- 4 b ---- 2 a ---- 3 y ---- 1 it says Logitech dual action because I wrote that in hoping it would confuse windows xp so ignore that
  15. Gotcha. It's odd that it's supported by XP. Do you know which buttons are which when you calibrate the controller? Like XBAY might be Button 1, 2, etc.
  16. That´s not the official cyberface number
  17. I'm just going to buy a cheap code on on Amazon for clean, legit purchase so I do not encounter any problems. Hoping this works.
  18. All good. I thought it would automatically be free from Microsoft somewhere considering they are outdated operating systems. I will look around. Thanks
  19. oof, I don't even know. I remember there was a tutorial for NBA 2K13 that allowed you to copy a headshape over to the one with the hair as long as it matched the amount of vertices on the original headshape
  20. Quick question. Did we ever figure out a way to import the 2K long hair into a .cff file in blender that will actually convert to a .iff? I know someone did a Mike Leake with long hair and it turned out pretty good. Wanted to test this theory on Gerrit Cole. I will layer the 2K hair over the geometry (mesh) hair that I already have to see what it looks like.
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