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  2. Version 1.0.0


    Included in this pack: Sandy Alcantara 3004 Max Fried 2484 Dakota Hudson 3977 Jakob Junis 5809 Brad Keller 785 Merrill Kelly 9965 Joey Lucchesi 3886 This is my first ever cyberface release, so let me know what you think. Thanks!
  3. MVP Style faces...…..BMPs All 2020 MLB Managers Aaron Boone.bmp Bob Melvin1.bmp Brandon Hyde.bmp Brian Snitker.bmp Bud Black.bmp Charlie Montoyo.bmp Chris Woodward.bmp Craig Counsell.bmp Dave Martinez.bmp Dave Roberts1.BMP David Bell.bmp David Ross.bmp Derek Shelton1.bmp Don Mattingly.bmp Dusty Baker.bmp Gabe Kapler.bmp Jayce Tingler.bmp Joe Girardi1.bmp Joe Maddon1.BMP Kevin Cash1.BMP Luis Rojas.bmp Mike Matheny1.bmp Mike Shildt.bmp Rick Renteria1.bmp Rocco Baldelli.bmp Ron Gardenhire1.bmp Ron Roenicke1.bmp Scott Servais.BMP Terry Francona1.BMP Torey Lovullo1.bmp
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  5. HR Debry on Total Classics 10. Ken Caminiti, 1998 Padres vs Thome of the 99 Indians. Pro setting (default). First and only time over 500 feet!
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  7. Version 1.0.0


    This time I’ve added all my 2020 updates to the Phillies uniforms. There are also 3 70’s throwbacks updates in this set. There is a total of 7 uniforms in this set: - Home red pinstripes uniform - Road gray uniform - Alternate cream home uniform - Spring training red jersey home uniform with mesh cap (BPH slot) - 1979 burgundy uniform with zipper instead buttons (BPA slot) - 1978 Pinstripes home uniform (CL1 slot) - 1978 baby blue road uniform (CL1 slot) Numbers fonts have been updated to my 2020 format. Names tabs have been removed from all uniforms. I’m adding some Stance socks, according to @pickelbrad models. Hope you like this set. 70’s Phillies uniforms are some of my favorites. Please, remember to update the colors by importing " 2020-UM-PhilliesColors.txt" with MLB2K12 Roster Editor, in order to have the right colors for these uniforms and to enable the extra slot. Also, if you don't know it yet, just give a try to this GLOBAL.IFF file to improve the way the jerseys look. It will help not just these uniforms, but all the ones you already have in the game: And please, don't forget to support me via PayPal: http://paypal.me/umachines , so even greater things will be able to come this season. You know, guys, I love all this stuff, but it takes time and effort too. Let me know about yor donation via PM.
  8. Well, thanks a lot. I didn't know this.
  9. WacoKid

    Adding Pitches

    Yeah, makes sense. But KC seems to know whats possible better than most. When I saw you could clone pitches and alter them I got pretty excited about the possibilities. Only way I see this as doable is if i could clone some corresponding artwork and give it new ID's. Anyone know which files these are located? Could I try opening them with redMC?
  10. update the intel hd graphics drivers
  11. sabugo

    Adding Pitches

    Artwork, as in animations? In theory, you could have the same animation produce different results, right?
  12. WacoKid

    Adding Pitches

    Ah ok, would i be able to manually add one in a csv file if i could get the artwork added or is that still a no go? The answer to that was from cycloniac, just wanting to see if it was possible to add signature pitches to add to authenticity.
  13. Cycloniac

    Adding Pitches

    It's very rare and It's similar to the circle change. The only active MLB pitcher who throws the vulcanchangeup is Ian Kennedy https://philhughes.wordpress.com/2008/02/14/ians-answers/ John Gant used to use it. Eric Gagne used it as well.
  14. What exactly is a vulcan change and who throws that?
  15. Kccitystar

    Adding Pitches

    Unfortunately we can't add a pitch on REDitor, mainly because the existing ones tie into the in game artwork for them which we can't add.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Here is my 1983 Orioles Uniform Set. The screen shot of the home uniform is actually my 1978 home set which everything is the same except for the bird emblem on the cap...it'll be like the 1983 road one. Both uniforms were original done by Rawlings with both jersey fonts being standard block. I also used the original buttons from the Singleton jersey on my repros...with the button holes all vertical except for the top one. I tried my best to get the "jersey material" the same gray color as the originals shown so they would look the same as the original in-game photos in MVP05 itself. To install, just copy the 2 zip files to your main MVP folder and use the Total Installer Thingy tool to install them into the game...remember to back up your current ones before stalling in case you don't like these. Next on my agenda, are...redoing my 1972 road uniform set and tackling a request for the 1989 Orioles uniform set. HOPEFULLY after that, I can get away from the Orioles and do another 1970-71 team uniform. After I do a few different teams, I want to add a 1984 left sleeve to my 1983 Orioles uniform set. If you have any questions please ask and thanks! Eskie01
  17. WacoKid

    Adding Pitches

    I was fooling around tonight trying to add a pitch to the game. Reading the documentation, it seems we can add pitches up to ID 9999. Was looking at the possibility of adding signature pitches to the game. The unique pitches, the vulcan change, slow hook, Ottavino's slider etc. I see that we can add a line in that tab in reditor by cloning a pitch. I tried this, edited the stats of the pitch, and assigned it to the player in reditor, saved and exited reditor. Went in game, started a pitching drill to check out to see if it works. Added pitches either dont show, or cause a crash. I checked parameters to make sure individual player attributes weren't out of line with actual pitch attributes, all was within the boundaries of pitch parameters. Couldn't get this to work after playing around with it for a few hours. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?
  18. To be honest, I know that there are far more qualified people here who could offer advice on how to create faces for MLB 2K12, as I'm still relatively new. For me, the trickiest part was figuring out what I needed to install on my computer. There are all sorts of tutorials on how to use Photoshop and Blender to modify the face textures and head shapes (most of them geared towards the NBA 2K games), but there didn't seem to be a comprehensive list anywhere as to what tools are required for MLB 2K12 specifically. So the first post in this thread should help you get started at least, as I pretty much listed everything that I needed to get started. Hopefully that helps. I've actually been hard at work at it over the past couple of weeks, spending countless hours to create 25 new cyberfaces so far, although as I learn more and more about the craft, I keep reworking and improving upon those faces. I may post a new thread to show photos of my works in progress, and of course once I feel I have some of these ready to share, I will upload them to the site. I have downloaded a number of cyberfaces from others on here over the years, and it will be nice to be able to contribute as well.
  19. Thanks! Glad its working as intended. Still got some work to do on offspeed pitches. Any thoughts about changes or adjustments? Be as nitpicky as you like.
  20. First look at screenshots of that mod.
  21. Ahh, didn't think about that! Went over my head! Thanks
  22. Ok, try this. There is a mod in our download section called Mvp 2006. You can grab the stadium from there.
  23. I was looking to see if I could possibly get a Bank One Ballpark without the EA ads that was pre-2007 red and black changes for MVP Baseball 2005. I like to keep the game to its original state except for the stadiums and the only one I could find is Pirates' Bank One Ballpark but that was for MVP Baseball 2004. If I can use his 04 file in 05, can you tell me how. Appreciate it
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