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  2. First round of business, Robert Manfred, the current MLB commissioner, pens a letter to baseball fans as the league commences a player lockout. For starters, I hate that every argument Manfred has ever made in his tenure in regards to anything in baseball is always framed as if MLB doing it for the good of the fans/the game. It's good to check out a quick guide by FanGraphs as to what's been going on between the MLB and the Players Union (MLBPA). Honestly, the ones that get screwed out of labor disputes the most aren't the owners or the players, but the fans overall
  3. All, As you know, the offseason is upon us this year with a lockout and all that on the horizon, but I've created a pretty solid space for us to talk about the offseason moves and newsworthy stuff that's gone on within the leagues and the sport overall. Non-MLB baseball talk is welcome here as well if you follow other leagues around the world, by the way. Carry on!
  4. Sox made moves before lockout and Cashman was still sitting on his chaise lounge reading the comics and nothing else.
  5. Yeah, I currently have 12 and 15 mods installed and were working until I recently tried to install the latest release and now none work and I played around too much in the registry. I want to try and clean out everything that isn't removed with the WIndows uninstalation of the base application. I still have to go through and manually remove some referenced settings after that. The laptop I play it on started as Windows 8 and then I messed up some things after Windows 10 was accidentally upgraded to so I might just refresh the OS and start over from factory. I just wasn't sure if someone ev
  6. Red Sox acquired OF Jackie Bradley Jr, INF's Alex Binelas and David Hamilton from the Brewers for OF Hunter Renfroe. Red Sox signed LHP Rich Hill to a one-year, $5 million contract. Reds signed C/INF Andrew Knapp to a minor-league contract. Reds signed RHP Trey Wingenter to a minor-league contract Reds signed OF Trey Amburgey to a minor-league contract Reds signed INF/OF Allen Córdoba to a minor-league contract
    Thank you, excellent quality!
  7. How about the 1960 Tigers uniforms? I am very sure it has not been done here. This uniform was only used for one year and then they went back to the old English D in 1961.
  8. If you want to do multiple installs of Total Classics mods please go to this thread right here and you will be able to do it.
  9. 6 out of 10, 62 seconds. Terrible!
  10. Good new faces. Look here I leave you a list of good quality players and with experience in MLB. Joe Jimenez DET 5 years Tyler Rogers SF 3 years Reynaldo Lopez CWS 6 years Andrew Chafin OAK 8 years Ross Stripling TOR 6 years Chris Martin ATL 8 years Miles Mikolas STL 9 years Giovanny Gallegos STL 5 Andrew Kittredge TB 5 Logan Webb SF 3 Trevor May NYM 8 Emilio Pagán SD 5
  11. Version Diciembre


    New Official ID's New Cyberface: c047 Adley Rutschman BAL c392 Bobby Witt Jr. KC c163 Julio Rodriguez SAE tone 7 Steps to install 1 - Assign ID numbers and skin tones with mvpedit 2 - Install with eagraph and bigGUI Pasos para instalar 1 - Asignar números de identificación y tonos de piel con mvpedit 2 - Importar con eagraph y comprimir con bigGUI
  12. good job brother keep contributing to this mod mvp 2005 ¿you can do wandy peralta?
  13. to contribute a little more with the edition of faces make this forum for possible suggestions of faces for mvp baseball for the next season 2022 future..
  14. Cubs signed RHP Marcus Stroman Diamondbacks signed RHP Mark Melancon to a two-year, $14 million contract. Phillies signed RHP Corey Knebel to a one-year, $10 million contract. Twins signed RHP Dylan Bundy to a one-year, $4 million contract. Rangers signed RHP Jesus Tinoco to a minor-league contract. Rangers signed C Meibrys Viloria to a minor-league contract. Padres signed RHP Luis García to a two-year, $7 million contract. Mets signed C Nick Dini to a minor-league contract. Mets sig
  15. Yesterday
  16. Has anyone put together a script to uninstall everything everywhere, including registry entries and the such? I have been trying to reload the game and a couple mods but I have done so on this laptop many, many times over the years and I am not ruling that being the problem I am having. I want to do multiple installs of different TCM versions in different folders to see if it is something with my installation skills that is wacky but I haven't done so successfully with everything buggered and entries manually changed up dating back to about 2014. I've got EASPORTS folders all over the place
  17. @sabugo@sabugojust posting about Paxton. Don't want him.
  18. Hey guys, I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to replace the Indians logo with the now Guardians logo in MLB2K12. Anyone have any idea where I can find instructions which pertain to updating team logos? I'd greatly appreciate the help. If I can figure this out, I'll post for those wishing to update their game also. Mike
  19. How would Paxton be an improvement?
  20. It is an error in the Excel because the official ID of Jesus Sanchez is 0388.
  21. James Paxton to red sox as Andujar, Voit, besides Sanchez, are back with the Yankees. Thought the Brass wanted to improve this team....Guess not.
  22. Red Sox have signed LHP James Paxton to a one-year, $10 million contract. Dodgers signed RHP Daniel Hudson to a one-year contract. Giants signed RHP Alex Cobb to a two-year, $20 million contract. Orioles signed INF Rougned Odor to a one-year contract. Padres acquired C/OF Jorge Alfaro from the Marlins for a PTBNL or cash. Nationals signed 2B Cesar Hernandez to a one-year, $4 million contract. Angels signed RHP/OF Michael Lorenzen to a one-year, $6.75 million contract. Rockies signed RHP J.D. Hamme
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