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  2. HI kdrm7, Did you make the stadiums of the Cuban League in blender? How they are exported to the video game I need help, I made several stadiums and I don't know how to export them to the video game Thanks a lot bro Hi bctrackboi11, I need help to export stadiums Blender to the video game, you know how to do it, thanks friend
  3. News ID Audio/Photo: Daniel Tillo (KC) 1374 Edwar Colina (MIN) 1375 Ryan Jeffers (MIN) is 1329 Wandisson Charles (OAK) 1376 Ronaldo Hernandez (TB) is 1002 Kohei Arihara (TEX) 1377 Wes Benjamin (TEX) 1378 John King (TEX) 1379
  4. Hi, I also want to know what program I can use to edit the global file. is that I want to learn how to edit boots and gloves. greetings to all
  5. Hi Everybody! I was playing my clean copy of MVP 2005 and I was in the mood for starting a new Owner Mode. However, every time I clicked to go and save my Owner Mode, it would crash. I then tried to start one on my Patch #5 copy of the game, but the same thing would happen. However, when I tried to test it out on one of the modded versions I have, like the 1993 Mod, it worked fine. Are there any ideas for what may be wrong? I'm thinking I might I have to uninstall the game and reinstall it again, but does that mean I'll lose all of my save information from my other mods I have? Thank
  6. Yeah, being a Kaby Lake integrated chip for laptops, there's nothing you can do to ramp it up enough to help.
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  8. Google tells me that's an integrated chip. Are you trying to game on a laptop? Unless it's a discrete video card on a laptop (like an NVIDIA/AMD type) I'm not sure you'd be able to improve the graphics on 2K12.
  9. If someone could teach me how put those things on my MVP 2005 into my PC game. I would do zoom called. I am person with intellectual disabilities. 

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  11. My video card is a Intel(R) UHD Graphics 610. If that's not the problem, what can I do?
  12. Maybe you need to do something basic like upgrading your video card.
  13. I woold like to learn how improve the graphics of MLB2k12. I saw pictures of the game where there are reflections of te light on the player's helmets an other effects. I don't know if thai is a problem of my PC or something that can be fixed with some graphic tool, in thai case, somebody please explain me how todo do it
  14. Yankees acquired RHP Jameson Taillon from the Pirates for RHPs Miguel Yajure and Roansy Contreras, OF Canaan Smith and INF Maikol Escotto. Braves re-signed INF Pablo Sandoval to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Red Sox signed INF Enrique Hernandez to a multi-year contract.
  15. Tigers signed LHP Derek Holland to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Tigers signed INF Drew Ward to a minor league contract. Astros acquired C Luke Berryhill from the Reds for LHP Cionel Perez. Cubs signed C Austin Romine to a one-year, $1.5 million contract. Braves claimed OF Kyle Garlick off of waivers. Braves claimed RHP Victor Arano off of waivers. Red Sox signed RHP Garrett Richards to a one-year, $10 million contract.
  16. Here are some American League players who made their MLB Debuts in 2020, and/or are currently on American League 40-man rosters, who I can't find portrait IDs for. Daniel Tillo (Royals) Edwar Colina (Twins) Ryan Jeffers (Twins) Wandisson Charles (Athletics) Ronaldo Hernandez (Rays) Kohei Arihara (Rangers) Wes Benjamin (Rangers) John King (Rangers)
  17. Hi. Thank you so much for always producing.

    I have a suggestion, but I don't think the stripes on the top and bottom of the striped uniform are right.

    The top has dense stripes, but the bottom one feels a little empty.  (especially the Yankees).

    If you're going to make a uniform for the year 21, please consider my suggestion and if it's possible, please make it that way.

    I sincerely apologize if my comment was uncomfortable. Always thank you and have a great 21 years!

  18. I'm so sorry if these players are already listed, but I couldn't find them on the ID spreadsheet or the subsequent thread updates after considerable searching..........Oliva and Marquez made their MLB debuts in late September right at the tail end of the regular season, and Morel could crack the MLB in 2021. Thanks in advance for your assistance! ---Christopher Morel (Chicago Cubs) ---Brailyn Marquez (Chicago Cubs) ---Jared Oliva (Pittsburgh Pirates) ---Zach Pop (Miami Marlins) ---Yasel Antuna (Washington Nationals)
  19. Hey thank you so much. I have run into a problem. Tried installing the 1955 mod had no problem doing that but when I open the game it loads for a second or to and then says mvp.exe has stopped working
  20. 2K WBC Fantasy Presents 2nd Semi Final Game between Israel & Korea (Group B). 2K WBC Fantasy Presenta 2do Juego de Semi Final entre Israel & Korea (Grupo B).
  21. 2K WBC Fantasy Presents 2nd Semi Final Game between Venezuela & USA (Group A). 2K WBC Fantasy Presenta 2do Juego de Semi Final entre Venezuela & USA (Grupo A).
  22. Padres re-signed Jurickson Profar to a three-year, $21 million contract. Astros signed C Jason Castro to a two-year, $7 million contract. Reds acquired RHP Héctor Pérez from the Blue Jays for a PTBNL. Rays signed RHP Yacksel Rios to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Blue Jays signed RHP Tyler Chatwood to a one-year, $3 million contract. Yankees signed RHP Asher Wojciechowski to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Brewers signed INF/OF Daniel Robertson to
  23. Now check out the season mods and I promise you that you will be blown away.
  24. got it working thank you so very much. cant wait to play ball!!
  25. Twins signed LHP J.A. Happ to a one-year $8 million contract. Cubs released LHP Matt Dermody. Rockies signed OF Nick Longhi to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Royals signed RHP Wade Davis to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Blue Jays signed RHP Kirby Yates to a one-year, $5.5 million contract.
  26. Been a long time since I posted in here but was asked about sliders for this SIM Gameplay Pack. Here ya go ... tweak to your liking.
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