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    2021 mlb opening day rosters
  3. @EZMADDEN I'll work with you if you want. This was a roster project I scrapped last year once it became far too difficult to convert to 2K12 and update accordingly. I had worked with 2Kquarant1n3 to try and re-rate guys and things like that but the pandemic affected both of us in different ways outside of modding, enough to scrap things altogether. What I've been trying to allocate the time and energy to do this year outside of my own game development is just merge what I've worked on last season into the roster that @headtrip47 is actively working on, but I do feel that once there
  4. @Jim825I could be mistaken but I'm fairly certain kccitystar asked him over at OS about converting his roster awhile back and he said go for it
  5. I reached out a couple months back and still haven't gotten a reply. I don't think it's because he doesn't want me to use it, but because he's not very active he probably hasn't seen it. There's a reason I'm saying that this roster is by him. I'm trying to credit him for his work. I'm just stating that I have ported the roster to PC for us to FINALLY be able to use. It looks like there hasn't been a solid up to date roster for you guys to use in a few years. That's awful. I'm trying to finally give the 2K12 community something they can actually use for once. What if I would have just uploaded
  6. Did you get GOAT's permission to use his rosters? The rules here state that in order to include someone else's work in a mod you submit, you must get their permission first. If you haven't done that, you can't include his work in your mod.
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    Total Classics 1963 By Jim825 & dennisjames71 In the American League, the Yankees were in the 4th of 5 straight pennant winning years, and, led by MVP Elston Howard, cruised to the American League title by 10.5 games over the 2nd place White Sox. In the National League, most experts figured the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers would be locked in another battle for the pennant, much like 1962 when the Giants came from behind and beat the Dodgers in a playoff. The Dodgers started slowly, perhaps feeling the hangover effect from blowing the pennant the year
  8. having the same problem (multiple save files , quitting to avoid problems) any solution?
    thanks for all your work, just wanna ask what's "Multiple save files! Quitting to avoid problems." mean?
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    Overlay + end of ining.zip
  10. there's an even better Arenado's face right here in the site, this is the link https://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/10190-christmas-2017-9-cyberfaces/
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    I hope that this roster can serve as a base for the community to build off of for this 2021 MLB season! Take care, and lets finally get some baseball on PC!
  12. So I've converted a Xbox 360 MLB 2K13 Update to work on MLB 2K12 on PC. The roster is by GOAT Rosters from Operation Sports. It looks like everything is there. Rosters are accurate as of opening day, but obviously the faces are the generic faces, and some faces are just plain inaccurate. With that being said, for me to individually go through and assign cyberfaces would be a very daunting task. (especially because I am an athlete and training takes up much of my time). So I was wondering if anyone in the community would be willing to assist me in going through and assigning cyberfaces to
  13. Yesterday
    Great! all 30 teams, Thanks for your work man
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    MLB 2k21 [Icon]
  15. Have you checked the other forums, specifically the Tutorials section? Plenty of others have asked the same question you did.
  16. Somebody can teach me to mod Stadiums, faces, and stuff to the game, i will like to upload a total mod 2k21, I made a roster that includes all the portraits, it also has the ratings of MLB THE SHOW 20, I wait for the launch of this year to update it, almost all the players have cyberfaces not exactly all of them, but use the one of retired players or free agents that look alike
  17. You need to change the Id numbers to match whatever the Id numbers are for the roster you are using and then reinstall them
  18. I have updated the portrait ID’s however nothing over 10000 show in game
  19. Based upon the title of the thread, I would guess it will not.
  20. The master list itself will need to be revised significantly since I believe the game isn’t able to load player photos past 9999
  21. I just tried this and it didn't work. Seems like the ISO got corrupted. Perhaps i did something wrong? I don't really know much about this. Anyways. i will keep making the custom rosters, but if you manage to do something with the PS2 version let me know! By the way, Boyd from Detroit has the same issue as Glasnow in the PSP rosters. Just change his pitching stance and it will work.
  22. dumb questions will this update the rosters as well?
  23. im getting backinto this can you help me by pointing me to some good updated rosters
  24. thanks man, it will soon be available on the download site
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