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  2. You helped me already once with implementing the modern FOX sports music. Seems you are the guy to go here . BTW. aren't there sometimes different HR sounds on different stadiums? Horn in San Francisco etc.?
  3. Trevor Gott - Giants Yacabonis - Orioles MacCarthy - Royals have an around 50ish mph secondary pitch, which is obviously a typo. Bumgarner - Giants could use a bit more velocity with his fastball. Ingame he has mid to high 80ies, should be low to mid 90ies. Tanaka - Yankees has a similar pitching style like Ishii. Cheers
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  5. I'm fine with that. After all there are at least 81 homegames to hear it.
  6. Inside Edge was set up for teams in the game as released and rated each player in 2011. So, I'm wondering with people creating rosters by overwriting existing players, creating new players, doesn't inside edge just completely give false info at this point? Does it have any purpose whatsoever?
  7. If you were to do this, it would be for all stadiums.
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  9. Mariners acquired RHP Mike Wright from the Orioles for INF Ryne Ogren. Brewers signed LHP Gio Gonzalez.
  10. Remember, the 901-915 are for cyber (3D) faces and are the default ones for the game. Anything lower than that would have to be a custom cyberface made by someone and they can cause crashes. The portrait (and audio) IDs are 4 digit IDs from 0000 - 9999 (I believe). These have nothing to do with the cyberfaces, only the 2D portraits (and audio).
  11. Found some pitchers that need some updating: Andrew Chafin: Josh Hader: Or you can wait for the update right around the end of April. Working with Laro on that.
  12. I guess it should be possible, but I don't know how to do it. Even if so, the necessary tools don't work on win7, so my question: I usually play with the Yankees. Would it be possible to replace/add their homerun sound (this big ben thing), their strikeout sound and the 7th inning stretch (god bless america)? Would it be possible to only have it play at yankee stadium? I could provide the sounds in .wav or whatever but to add/implement/convert it I would need a good soul with XP and the knowledge to help me out. Cheers
  13. Same models you can create in EA's Gameface website...why not show what they look like in 2k12's game, instead of always spamming peoples threads with the fake images.
  14. got it working. the problem the cd unit the issue turned out to be the cd unit i was using wasn't working right, so i swaped out for an different unit and installed right this time.
  15. Dereck Rodriguez Chris Archer Fernando Tatis Jr Frankie Montas Garrett Cooper Miles Mikolas Jon Jay Jon Gray Jorge Alfaro Lewis Brinson Noah Syndergaard Odubel Herrera Pablo Lopez Paul Goldschmidt Sandy Alcantara Scott Kingery Scott Schebler Seranthony Dominguez Shane Bieber Shelby Miller Trevor Bauer Todd Frazier Trevor Richards Trevor Rosenthal Trey Mancini Victor Victor Mesa Victor Robles Vladimir Guerrero Jr Walker Buehler Yan Gomes Yusei Kikuchi
  16. You can get the ENB to work on Windows 10 You simply have to rename the DXGI.Dll to DXGI.BAK then the game will start
  17. It's MVP that is a problem with Windows 10. 2K12 shouldn't be a problem at all.
  18. as anyone tried installing and running the game in the say the last 6 months and if so how did you get it running. i ran run on 8.1, but its a pain to deaul to boot and like doing that, but if that my only choose i will. i thought was athread about this, but i've throught a number pages and did not find it.
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  20. Indians DH Hanley Ramirez has elected to become a free agent.
  21. Ok, that's good enough for me but one thing you can do for us is if in case you do update one more time please change the version number to something like version 1.1 or whatever you want. Thank you.
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Otras faces mas, espero les guste amigos 2K19
  23. Para el mes que viene que lo lanzare junto con otros novatos como Pete Alonso de los mets y Clint Frazier
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