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  2. That’s the problem. There is no “one size fits all” answer. What works for one person doesn’t work for another.
  3. Then try all the answers and see what sticks!
  4. Seemed like there were several answers, all with varied results.
  5. So in myplayer I reset my controls back to their default settings and for some reason my game is now auto batting and auto fielding for me and I dont know how to turn off these settings.
  6. People have been trying to get the game to run under Windows 10 for 5 years, based upon when this thread was started. If there was an answer to your question, it would have been in this thread.
  7. Read through this thread and a few others regarding the stuttering on Windows 10. It doesn't make the game unplayable, but it sure is obnoxious! Have tried ResChanger, Rivatuner, changing the resolution in the actual game. It's odd - it will run smoothly 50% of the time and just intermittently stutter. Mostly when the ball is in the air like others have described. Any definitive resolution (pun intended) to this?
  8. Last week
  9. Rockies released RHP Wade Davis. Pirates claimed RHP Carson Fulmer off waivers from the Orioles. Orioles released OF Mason Williams. Rangers acquired RHP Stephen Villines from the Mets to complete the Ariel Jurado trade. Phillies acquired RHP Joel Cesar from the Pirates to complete the Austin Davis trade. Orioles released RHP Chandler Shepherd. Orioles acquired SS Victor Gonzalez from the Mets to complete the Miguel Castro trade.
  10. Ah man, that ain't good. I went ahead and ordered a wired Xbox 360 controller in hopes that configs posted here will remedy it. It's rough not being up to throw to a cutoff man, haha
  11. My XBOX One controller worked damn near perfect for me until last week. I don't know if Microsoft updated the drivers but I did not change my config file and now no matter what I do the controls are all messed up.
  12. Or you have 1 computer, but with either 2 separate HDDs or your 1 HDD is partitioned (basically 1 HDD is made into 2). You'd have to then boot into your Windows XP or 7 side to play the game.
  13. This, and no other configuration for an Xbox One controller has worked for me. Xbox One controller works by default, but the X button does not work, the Y button throws to 3rd, left bumper throws to 2nd, etc. Anyone figure something out that actually works?
  14. Yeah that makes sense, I just don't have a separate machine. Sounds like everyone on this site does. Savoy Special -- Thank you for the comment, that's a nice overview of the steps I would need to take.
  15. When I joined this community in the winter - literally weeks before COVID 19 hit America - I purchased an old Dell desktop computer that already had Windows 7 installed on it. I bought the original MVP 2005 game on Ebay for 75 bucks and found this amazing website. From everything I've read, the biggest key in my situation is simply to avoid connecting this computer to the web. I have multiple laptops and other desktop computers, so I don't need this specific computer for the web. I have this Windows 7 computer specifically for gaming. So I've disabled wireless connecting and I'll never, ever connect via Ethernet. It's a stand-alone desktop with a working version of Windows 7 that doesn't need regular updates, and I'll never (hopefully) have to worry about the whole system getting corrupted or revamped so I can play issue-free for many years to come!
  16. There is nothing that needs to be done. I mainly play the game on a PC running Windows XP and support for XP ended years ago. I also have a Windows 7 laptop that that I play the game on. Just because Windows XP and Windows 7 are no longer supported, it doesn't mean the game won't run.
  17. Thank you and thanks for the reply! What are you and others on this site planning to do when support for Win7 ends?
  18. It is hard to run this fifteen-year-old game on Windows 10. You can run it on XP, Vista and Windows 7 without the headaches. It is true, Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows 7 after this year but you can continue to play it on Windows 7. You need a legitimate copy of Mvp 2004 or 2005. If you don't have that you will run into problems and we won't be able to help you out. An external CD-Rom drive will install the game on your system. I don't use one because I have a CD drive on mine. Welcome to the website!
  19. what news about the KC list? Or will there be a very good list like the one that KC will put out? while we wait so long for the KC list
  20. Hello, I have nostalgia for MVP Baseball '04/'05 and found this site/community in researching how I can run the game on my current PC. I read the forums discussing the issues with running the game on Win10 and I understand Win7/XP are preferable. I also read that Microsoft is no longer supporting Win7 from 2020, but that this shouldn't affect gameplay of MVP. But then you have to have a separate computer just for running MVP. Is this all accurate? I'm just trying to find out where to begin. I have a PC with good specs for gaming but no CD-rom drive. Actually that's my other question. How do you run a CD-rom game without a drive, are you guys using an external drive which connects via USB or something? Thanks in advance --
    Hands still the best on the site brother, appreciate the hard work and continuation of support for this game, when the roster is done. I'm definitely going to use these.
  21. This is going to turn out to be a very unique mod!
  22. Someone used to make scoreboards a long time ago but they have left the community
  23. To quote part 9, section 7 of the rules it states this. Bumping threads with posts that simply say "bump". You may not always get an answer straight away, so please be patient before bumping a thread; a couple of hours may not be long enough for someone with the right knowledge to come along and answer your question. Bumping a thread that has not been posted in for some time may be tolerated so long as you are making a meaningful contribution to the discussion that is relevant to the original topic. Bumping old threads simply for the sake of posting however will not be tolerated. Do NOT do this again and while you are at it, read all the rules again. Thank you.
  24. I'm still quite weak, and my head hurts a lot considering I am about 8 weeks removed from surgery. It turned out to be a grade 2 tumor which is why they want to zap the rest of it and the huge surgical cavity it left behind. They also told me I am epileptic so this is really the only gaming I am allowed to do. Lots of strange things I had noticed over the years really fell into place with the diagnosis, I still get seizures though which really scare me. Thanks for asking though
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