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  3. Try searching before requesting! Gerrit Cole is already done!
  4. Modding tools are in the Tools and Editors section of the Downloads area. For editing graphics you will need a tool like Photoshop or something similar. Check the forums for modding tutorials.
  5. 2K WBC Fantasy presents Chinese Taipei Roster 2K WBC Fantasy presenta Roster de China Taipei 2K WBC Fantasy推出中华台北名册
  6. You get out of it what you put into it. I've been modding MVP 05 for over 10 years now and I still haven't released my total conversion mod. But in terms of uniforms, logos, and things like that, I'm sure you can find tutorials on this site to get it done.
  7. How difficult is it to become a modder? I realize it takes lots of time, no matter what it is that you mod. How do you get into the files to modify them...say for example a uniform or hat or helmet file? Or to change or make any roster mods? Just kinda curious, if you please?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Since team audio is one of the things I'm total crap at, I wanted to put out an all points bulletin in case someone is able to create team audio for the new minor league teams coming aboard in 2021. I'll update this list as we get it, and bump it as the new team names come in. Again, this is for MVP2005. Needs: Sugar Land Skeeters (Sugar + Midland?) Somerset Patriots Hudson Valley Renegades (Tim Hudson + ?) Brooklyn Cyclones Syracuse Mets (replace SkyChiefs with Mets) Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders Binghamton Rumble Ponies Everett Aqua Sox (steal Adam Everett's name?)
  10. I realize you are all doing a ton of work, so I hope this isn't taken as too pushy (this is one of my first times on the forums here) but I realized that in the master list you have added Aaron Boone with CF #8010 which on the original manager/staff list you have listed as Tony LaRussa. The same goes for Ron Roenicke who on the new list you have down as CF# 8041 but on the original 2K listing it's 8033. Is this just a phasing issue, where the data for the original coach CF's was compiled after assigning new #'s for the 2020 season? If it is intentional wouldn't that mean existing CF's for LaRussa and Roenicke would need to be pulled out and renamed to a different number so there isn't any overlap? Thanks!
  11. Last week
  12. As I mentioned, these are single season mods, not multi-season mods. They are not intended to be used for multiple seasons. In the case of the TC1993 mod, the schedules for the second and third year will have all 30 current teams in it. Since the 1993 rosters only have 28 major league teams, when you try to use a schedule with 30 teams, the game will crash. That is probably what you are experiencing. Your only solution would be to create two new schedules and replace them in the game, which would be a lot of work.
  13. Thanks Yankee2life my friend! I have 2K9, 10, 11 AND 2K12. And you are right! 2K12 IS getting all the downloads nowadays. I keep 2LK12 going with all the latest updates. I also keep 2K11 loaded because I really liked the team logo catchers helmets they had in that game, since it doesn't look like 2K12 will have those logo'd helmets any time soon, if ever my friend!
  14. I do not believe there was and I never saw one for it. But how about searching the download section for 2k11 and if it's there, grab it. If not, that means there isn't one. Also you should really consider investing in 2k12 because that is where all the mods are still being made. 2k9, 2k10 and 2k11 receive no attention anymore.
  15. My apologies if this is a redundant or obvious question...But was there ever a total front end download for MLB2K11 released? And if so what year was it so I can download the RIGHT one, please?
  16. It's a 2K12 mod that is not cross compatible with 2K11.
  17. I load MLB 2K11 on my PC - No Problem I install the patch - No problem But then I add in the 2017 Total Front End and the game begins to load and then crashes. Am I missing something here? What am I doing wrong? A little help here, if you please.
  18. Thanks in responding but kind of disappointed that I can't start 1995 with this mod. So there no way to fix the crash (draft wont work and crashes when you pick next season)? Has anyone else have this problem when playing the Total Classic 1993 mod when starting a new season, what asking? Sorry Yankee4Life on making two post on same thing - I notice when I post the 1st time my post was in wrong forum, sorry
  19. Yonder Alonso has announced his retirement from baseball. Rockies signed OF Connor Joe to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training.
  20. i'm want password(1998 cf).please.

  21. Man, you see pictures like this and you remember that the Coliseum wasn't always some hideous piece of steel and concrete. Look at that view of the Oakland Hills!
  22. Greetings everyone! I've come to a mission that's completely over my head. I came across a picture of Oakland Colosseum before Mount Davis via Google Images, and I found the stadium absolutely beautiful (Image attached). I began with the various texture editors and didn't even know where to begin. My goal was to modernize the CF scoreboard and keep the Right Field one with the local scores and LF one with various ads or retired numbers. Heck, TBH, it looks great with even the old ones. I love this site, I've been quietly using all of the modding toolkits for months now. I'll probably give this project another go in the future when I get better at it.
  23. English only in here, thank you.
  24. alguien sabe como quitar el publico de los estadios?????
  25. If you open the uniform files up with any texture editor, the catcher helmets are still there, but the global itself was reconfigured to not use them at all. Even though I'm pretty sure the global was unfinished, sadly, this can't be edited.
  26. Thanks for the answer Legend! I understand. Too bad though....I REALLY liked those logo'd helmets.......Just curious - Is there any way to mod the existing catcher's helmets at all? Say to give them the current team colored arrow helmets (for lack of a better term) that we see popping up more and more in RL today? Once again just curious, that's all.
  27. I don't think this would be possible because of the changes they made to the uniform structure and the global.iff for 2K12 compared to 2K11. We can't import the 2K11 global into 2K12 to make this work either unfortunately.
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