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  2. @bostonnico brother when you go up the face of Steve Pearce
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    where do I extract it to?
  4. Mickey Rivers Originally signed by the Atlanta Braves, John Milton "Mickey" Rivers began his big league career in 1970 with the Angels, playing center field and third base. He stayed with them through the 1975 season. Rivers played part-time in his first few years, until becoming the starter in 1974. He led the American League in triples both years and stole a career-high 70 bases in 1975, tops in the league. Along with Ed Figueroa, Rivers was dealt to the Yankees in the 1975-76 off-season for Bobby Bonds, a trade that immediately paid dividends for the Yankees. Figueroa won 19 games and Rivers enjoyed a career year. Rivers was named to the All-Star team, batted .312, stole 43 bases and posted then-career highs in home runs (8) and runs batted in (67). Rivers placed third in the Most Valuable Player voting behind teammate Thurman Munson and George Brett and was named an outfielder on The Sporting News AL All-Star team. Rivers posted good numbers in his two other full Yankee seasons, including a .326 batting average in 1977, but was traded in the middle of the 1979 season to Texas. He set the single-season record for hits by a Ranger with 210 in 1980. He concluded his career in 1984 with a .295 lifetime average, 267 stolen bases and 1,660 hits. The Yankees faced the Kansas City Royals three years in a row, and Rivers starred in each one. In 14 total games, he batted .386, with an un-Rivers-like OBP of .417, belted 22 hits and scored 10 runs. His average in the 1978 series was a whopping .455. He didn’t fare as well in World Series play, though, only hitting .238 in 15 games. While Rivers played for them, the Yankees won the World Series in 1977 and 1978, both times against the Los Angeles Dodgers. They won the 1976 pennant, but lost in the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds. Rivers posted a .308 average in his 29 postseason games.
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  6. Indians claimed RHP Jordan Stephens off of waivers from the White Sox; optioned him to Double-A Akron. Mets acquired RHP Brooks Pounders from the Indians for cash. Rockies released LHP Jorge De La Rosa. Rangers acquired RHP Jake Petricka from the Brewers for a player to be named or cash. Phillies signed RHP John Curtiss to a minor league contract. Rangers released RHP Nick Gardewine.
  7. You can run them. This is a slight difference between CPU and XBOX.
    Kc I like this frontend and no doubt you always do great work I have been following your work for years like MVPmods and what I see is always expected of your work good job and thanks.
  8. I'm a bit confused, so what needs to be done then to run these rosters? I can't just FTP them over to my XBOX? We probably shouldn't talk too much about "modding" but I am able to FTP so I can get the UDATA folder if anyone were to need it.
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  10. Portraits won't transfer for unmodded. You'll have to FTP that file from your computer. For the rosters... you have to FTP the .DAT files over as well. Once someone, who has an Action Replay, does a roster save on their console, that's when they could take it out of their UDATA folder and upload it for those with unmodded. With those .DAT files, i forget if they are 18, 19, or 20 of them. All but one goes into the same folder. It's been a while since I gave this some thought, but you can search some old forums on it. I had some stuff in there. Gordo and KyleB were the guys for this. I know theyve been out of the console "game" for a while. Search the forums and you can find a lot.
  11. mcoll

    roster 2001

    i picked up the 2001 roster, and was working with, for color uniform to what i want, but have discovered it likely was edited at some point using vlad editor, and i don't think he's around and i'm using ty editor, is there anyway use ty editor given that they play together, export all the players. or something. its just the colors for uniforms i'm really trying to change.
  12. To help with the overalls of the players you should use MLB The Show 19 player database. Here's a link to there live series players, https://www.daddyleagues.com/dd/19/players?name=&position=all&secondary=0&bat=0&throw=0&tier=&team=all&series=live Use this link to help with the ratings of players, https://www.daddyleagues.com/dd/19/players?name=&position=all&secondary=0&bat=0&throw=0&tier=&team=all&series=live
  13. I mentioned this a while back, and got no response. The support isn't there anymore for 2K12.
  14. Phillies acquired UTL Brad Miller from the Yankees for cash considerations. Blue Jays acquired RHP Nick Kingham from the Pirates for cash considerations
  15. Coming from another sport - I never even played baseball - I can tell you this: - Do it right, but let passion dictate your effort, not what you think should be done - Be sure to put in the hours. There is no substitute for practice. 10 thousand hours of ANYTHING will make you an expert - Keeping the above in mind, make sure you get your rest. And rest properly. Give your body enough time to heal. Competitive sports are NOT HEALTHY. So do your best to minimize the impact it has on your body. And lastly, the most important tool you possess is your mind. Being an athlete is so much more than playing or having 'talent'. There is no such thing as talent. Or at least it is a very little amount of what makes an athlete. Talent is most often an excuse to justify lazyness. Hard workers get farther and more sustainable results than 'talented' people. Being an athlete requires that you give it everything you have to succeed. Forget birthday parties, forget drinking with your buddies, forget doing all the stuff that normal people do. They are not following your dream nor are they responsible for it. You are. It is YOUR mission. Every breath you take HAS to be towards that goal. Every single minute that passes, you're either getting better, closer to your objective, or you're not. It's that simple. I always tell my kids class, 'Hey, if staring at a wall is your passion, somehow you're going to find a way to make that your living. If that really is your passion, go be the Michael Jordan of staring at walls'. Whatever you end up doing with your life in five, ten or twenty years, make sure your athletic career does not define who you are, make sure you do it because you like it, because it feeds your ambitions. In the long run winning or losing is measured not so much on the field but off of it. It is measured on how you played the game, how much effort you put into it and how it made you feel. Follow your dreams, but work hard at them. Be happy, treat others well and you'll be fine.
  16. That's very encouraging to hear. Right now, I am simply focusing on rebuilding arm strength to be able to pitch with any velocity at all before I get back on the mound and try to refine pitches and regain command. Any tips you have as far as building that velocity? Right now I am focusing mainly on long toss and am looking at getting some weighted balls to try some of how Bauer trains in The MVP Machine. Anything else you think might help?
  17. Don't let your dreams be dreams, my dude! If you're athletic and have the aptitude to build skills and learn new ones, getting back into baseball shouldn't be difficult. It's the discipline that's the true challenge.
  18. Of course your mileage will vary; but I personally don't believe it's too late for you at all. I played all 4 years of high school but only started pitching in my Sophomore year. I threw with good velocity in my first year but I was much too wild and in my Junior year I focused on my control and developed 4 solid pitches. Much like you described, my command became more important to me than lights-out velocity. Fortunately, I was able to get my fastball up to ranges where recruiters noticed and did end up earning a scholarship to a Division II university here in Southern California and pitched for one season. I personally think it's more difficult to "level-up" with our pitch control if we have ridiculous velocity from the beginning (rather than the converse). I am glad that my coaches in high school pulled me aside and helped me build my control for the pitches I was developing at the time and helped teach me to "reach back" and add the velocity at times when i needed it rather than throw at super speeds 90% of the time. I'm also reading The MVP Machine too and I'm about a 1/3 into it and I'm enjoying it so far. I'm a big Ben Lindbergh fan and listen to his Effectively Wild podcast regularly. Best of luck to you if you do decide to give it a go with your college team.
  19. That's what I said, I edited it in Reditor. But in game the old players are still showing in rosters. Only The Redsox Show correct roster, all the other edited teams show the old players.
  20. Back over to the Big Ten with Iowa. The USA uniform is from when they represented the USA at the World University Games last year, making it all the way to the Gold Medal game.
  21. Mariners released RHP Nick Rumbelow.
  22. Dodgers signed LHP Zac Rosscup to a minor league contract. Giants released RHP Kieran Lovegrove.
  23. Didnt know there was a limit, thought that was only on the console version of 2k13. 2k12 should let you create like the NBA Games no limits. I haven't even edited 75 players and 2 teams still showing old players in game, but in Reditor I had them removed.
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