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    I’m still new to this, how do I get this to work, I have it downloaded and into the “MVP Baseball 20” folder but I’m unsure how to actually make it work, can anyone list the steps or point me towards the steps to take?
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  4. Glad to hear you got it working. I was about to ask if any files were in read-only mode.
  5. I changed the files from Read Only and also my user to full access. And we're good. Hopefully this helps someone.
  6. I create a new patched install in a new folder. I extract the archive to a new folder and run the installer from there. I select the 1951 folder. In both of these, when I try to install I get an error message at the very end: can not open output file c:\Program files(x86)\EA Sports\MVP Baseball 1951\data\database\attrib.dat bstats.dat career.dat careerp.dat fbstats.dat Ihattrib.dat lhbstats.dat lhpstats.dat Am I doing something incorrect here? I have installed 1984, TC10, 1927 with Negro Leagues, 80s and 90s successfully. So it is working for some. But those have a different installer?
    great job as always, thanks for your hard work on this wonderful hobby of mine.
  7. ok sorry....someone know how to work with public on the stadium....i mean....how to hide or move them....sorry for my english
  8. Twins signed RHP Derek Law to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Rays released 1B/OF Brian O'Grady. Rays released OF Hunter Renfroe. Indians claimed RHP Jordan Humphreys off waivers from the Giants.
  9. very good face of lynn my friend, blessing
  10. I've used this tool before but recently I've been getting an error saying "multiple save files quitting to avoid problems", I don't know how to get around this error.
  11. Orioles released 1B/DH Renato Nunez. Orioles claimed 1B/OF Chris Shaw off waivers from the Giants. Rangers claimed C Aramis Garcia off waivers from the Giants. Diamondbacks released RHP Junior Guerra. Red Sox claimed RHP Joel Payamps off waivers from the Diamondbacks. Pirates claimed RHP Ashton Goudeau off waivers from the Rockies. Reds acquired RHP Jeff Hoffman and RHP Case Williams from the Rockies for RHP Robert Stephenson and OF Jameson Hannah. Royals released RHP Glenn Sparkman.
  12. Jed, good morning, bro, can you update this face? A.J. Pollock
  13. Just remember - We were all beginners at some point. It just takes practice and patience.
  14. Okay. Thanks for the detailed answer, Legend.
  15. Thanks for the responses guys! I think I'll leave the modding to the guys who are GOOD at it! :-)
  16. Braves signed RHP Charlie Morton to a one-year, $15 million contract. Royals released RHP Glenn Sparkman. Reds acquired RHP Brandon Bailey from the Astros for cash considerations. Angels signed OF Scott Schebler to a minor league contract.
  17. Like most things that are worth it becoming a modder takes practice, hard work and dedication.
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