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  2. There is no consistent way to get it to run on Windows 10. A handful of people have gotten it to work and they posted what they did, but their solutions did not work for others. The majority of people could not get the game to run.
  3. guys pages load not loading does happen very rarely on the site so it might happening to him. the only way i know when does "loading" is wait a second and if continues then do a refresh of the page and it should load up. that how get the page loading to work. its very random and rare event.
  4. Just tried with Opera and still can't get the pages to load. This is the same with Chrome, Firefox and Edge. The page just continues to say 'Loading'. Can someone be kind enough to perhaps email/pm with instructions on how to get the game to work with Windows 10? Thank you.
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  6. Working here on Opera.... try a different browser.
  7. The next page loads with the word 'loading' but no content shows up.
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  9. I don't understand why you can not read the whole thread. EDIT: Well I just checked and I was able to access every page. Please provide more details, if any.
  10. Hello, I have an original copy of the game on CD's. I am able to load it onto my computer which is running windows 10. Unfortunately, I am not able to launch the game after using patch #5. I do realize that there is a thread on windows 10 already but unfortunately, I am only able to read pages 1-4 and 13. The rest of the pages are not accessible. I have tried accessing these pages via Firefox, Chrome and Edge and none of the pages 5 - 12 will load up in the windows 10 thread. Can someone please post or PM me with instructions on how to get the game working on windows 10? I do realize it has something to do with the CD protection in windows Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Ted
  11. After deleting the 19 .dat files and replacing them, reboot your PC. When you go into the manager's section, the game has to read those files since they are now the default. It's nothing more than that..... unless you have more than one install and your accessing the wrong one.
  12. great job my friend it is perfect, thank you so much my friend
  13. No, as soon as I start the game, and go into the Manager's section. I haven't started a franchise/ dynasty. After I replace the files, is there anything else that I need to do?
  14. The final of Pham................
  15. Did a little bit of fine tuning and searched the entire player database I'm working with. Found about 10 players that I inadvertently created twice. Usually it was just having the same player on both the AAA and AA team or something like that. But that's all fixed now! I also found a way to increase the number of letters allowable for a name! Unfortunately you can't do it in MVPEdit, but I found that editing all the database registries will allow you to have a longer name! I've successfully created Eric Stuckenschneider. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to show it in-game and it's especially difficult with the name on back! As you can see, I did get it to show up in MVPEdit, despite the cut-off in game and on the jersey.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    This is my version of the Cleveland Indians uniforms. I made them to add the new alternate jerseys and because of the Wahoo Chief logo removing. All-Star event patch is on left sleeves too. Hope you enjoy them. If you have already installed my Indians set from 2017, cream uniform will be replaced by the red jersey one. So you will have to manually fix this, if you want to keep that uniform. Please, don't forget to update the colorlist info, in order to have the right accesories colors. Use the MLB Roster tool for this. You can download it with most of 2k12 uniform updates, my own sets included.
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  18. Jed, did u see my recent suggestions? thanks bud!
  19. This here is simply DennisJames's 70s Metropolitan Stadium mod with a modern crowd. That's literally all I changed. Newer ads will take longer, and sadly I haven't been able to operate OEdit on my virtual machine lately so the jumbotron thing is out. metpnite.big
  20. That would be really cool to see! Only if you really want to do it though, I know you do a lot of great mods that probably take up time.
  21. Very nice! If you'd like, I could put in a modern crowd into Metropolitan Stadium for you? I *might* be able to get a Jumbotron in there, but no promises. I can definitely update the crowd though.
  22. wuilmer26f

    FACE 2019 2K19

    Version 1.0.0


    Brandon BELT SAN francisco FREDDIE Freeman bravos atlanta YAN GOMEZ washington HUNTER Strickland washington JURCIKSON PROFAR okland jose rondon boltimors
  23. Waooo it is amazing my friend, thanks you so much to make the face a player of my team Rays, really look excellent.
  24. @Gordo Hi, I'm looking for the Brandon Woodruff portrait but i can't find it, do you have it?. I t was a one to complete early in this list, then disappeared but I have no success locating it. Thanks
    Thanks for the continued work you do! Awesome stuff!
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