• Version 1.0.0

hello greetings to the whole mvpmods community Here is a small cyberface pack for mod2k18, I hope you like it a lot.
Due to the little time that I have free, I can not dedicate myself completely to doing many cyberface, but I will always continue to support the mod2k18 in everything I can. Then little by little I will be adding new cyberface.
Notes: I want to give my friend @scottybilly credit for the cyberface textures of N. Mazara and D. Norris.
The cyberface of Alex Cora Manager Boston, do not assign an ID number, since the ID numbers for managers are assigned differently within the Roster and it is with the REditor II program, I think. Therefore you are free to request that ID of cyberface Cora to the Modders that have worked the different Rosters that are in the download area.
 Thank you very much for your attention.