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MVP 21 - MLB Only - Start of Season 3.0.0

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About This File

Start of 2021 season rosters.  MLB level emphasis only.  See corresponding thread in "Announcements" for more information.  Additional information about these rosters includes:


  • Latest cyberfaces that did not use official IDs do not have the official IDs included here.  If you want to use those faces, then you'll have to manually change the cyberface nos. in the roster (either with MVPedit or in the attrib.dat file itself) AND changes the corresponding nos. on the cyberface files themselves.  If you simply install the cyberfaces with the unofficial nos., they'll change other players' faces.  I did not include them because if changes aren't made correctly, several players will not look correct.
  • Simmed seasons with injuries & suspensions both ON and OFF ---  both WORKED!
  • Presently, Akil Baddoo (DET) is the only player without a portrait ID.  You can always add that in manually or user the editor once assigned.
  • Hot/cold updated zones not included.  Despite finding a good site to do that again, it's just too tedious and might be included in the next release.
  • Jhoulys Chacin moved to COL AAA level in anticipation of signing.
  • Jose Rojas included with LAA MLB roster.
  • All players with very low contact/power nos. were examined and corrected if needed.  A few other players' contact/power nos. were tweaked.


I will not be doing minor league teams, so please don't ask.  If you're going to do a review/feedback, please do so intelligently.  If you are not seeing the rosters show up correctly, then you are not installing properly (i.e., in the "database" subfolder, DELETE all 19 .dat files and unzip this roster file to that location.  DO NOT SIMPLY OVERWRITE.  If you are presently in a franchise/season, these rosters will not magically show up there.)


If you find any discrepancies, typos, tweaks, changes that need to be made (cosmetic reasons, batting stances, swing types, pitch styles), please let me know in a PM or in the announcement thread.  I'm not looking for feedback on ratings (unless you see a blatant problem, which is probably a typo); most ratings are based on charts I developed which correspond to actual players' prominent statistics for the most part.  Thanks.


Speaking of thanks ......

  • Continual thanks to Laroquece for keeping up with the moves throughout the entire year!  He's a big part of this!
  • Philthepat's most recent roster was very helpful in importing new players' basic information -- big time saver!
  • Also to Raidersbball20 who sponsored me on FanGraphs to make using that site much, much easier!
  • And to Omarito2013 for keeping up with all of those ID nos.  Very tedious work!
  • To the other modders who contribute along the way; like Philthepat, Savoy Special's portrait work was mammoth!
  • And of course to Trues and the admins. of the site who keep things moving along and afloat!  Much appreciated!


*NOTE:  if enough suggestions come in in short time, there's a good chance I'll release an update.  Otherwise, the announcement thread should suffice on making any little tweaks that might be wanted/needed.

What's New in Version 3.0.0   See changelog


Primary update is for hot/cold zones.


New, prominent players created/imported and tweaked as needed (especially pitchers); players with very little service who did debut may still not be on this roster set.


Some batters contact/power updated (especially younger players)


Photo/Audio IDs corrected per alfre2jose


Updated Cyberface nos. inserted (except for problematic ones I pointed out in the ID thread ... you're on your own with those)


Rosters updated to account for trades, moves, major injuries as best I could tell.


Works with suspensions, injuries and even trades on.



**Again, this is MLB only.  This is not to take away from alfre2jose's fantastic work in the early going, so continue to support and admire his work.  This is to add on to the commitment I made in the beginning of the season.  

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Thanks Gordo, and...PLAY BALL!!!

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Great work, king!

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excellent brother good list thanks

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Hi. The roster is excellent with one exception.

If you play MVP 2005 without mods the roster will work great, but if you play MVP 2005 with mods at the moment of playing in "Dinasty mode" the game freezes on April 8th (or April 9th). In that case, you should install the original stadiums, sim one screen or day and then reinstall the stadiums from the mood. 
I've simulated a season and that was the only problem. Great roster.
Sorry for my english, it's not my native language. 

Response from the author:

A roster file is not going to affect a stadium mod.  Your freezing occurring from a stadium mod means it's the stadium mod.  Just like a bad cyberface will cause a crash sometimes, which has nothing to do with the roster file.

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Mvp baseball just got better for this upcoming year thanks to Gordo's superb rosters. I can not say enough good things about them. They are the best and accept no knock-offs! 👍

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