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2021 St. Louis Cardinals Extra Retro Uniform Set 1.0.0

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This set has 4 uniforms for the St. Louis Cardinals. They are not uniforms from current season, since they are intended to be intalled with KCcitystar 2021 Cardinals upadate. You can update Cardinals uniforms to 2021 season by installing this set first:



I just wanted to level Cardinals throwback options with the rest of the teams, and at the same time, developing some templates for more ancient teams uniforms. I put a lot of effort in these ones' research and making. As I've said before, I've been running from making oldest 1900 type jerseys all these years, because I never made a good old school template before. This was the right team to try. These are the uniforms I made:


- 1900 Home Uniform, in it's own CL1 slot. I made a new string and lace front for this uniform, and there are some projects for other teams and this kind of jersey in the future.


-1927 Home uniform, replacing CL2 uniform. It features an old style  buttons front that I alreday used in a Detroit Tigers uniform and a custom 1926 logo helmet.


-1942 "Stan the Man" uniform. My personal tribute to Stan Musial. Custom helmet to match the cap and a special care on that zipper jersey front texture. My favorite of this set, BTW. This uniform activates slot 459 as CL3. None of these original uniforms actually had helmets.


- 2020 Negro Leagues event St. Louis Stars visitor uniform. A good option to play with different colors. I tried to make 2020 version as loyal as possible. It is also in extra slot 436 as NEL.


To install these uniforms just decompress the file in your game folder and don't forget to update the color list by importing "2021-UM-CardinalsExtraColors.txt" with MLB 2K12 Roster Editor included in KC's upload. You need it in order to activate the extra uniforms too.


Hope you enjoy them.


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My friend, I have no idea how you do what you do...but thank you a ton for doing it! I've been trying to figure this out for months now but your jerseys always look so much better than mine. Impressive my friend, keep up the truly amazing work! Very much appreciated. :) 


These Cards jersey are phenomenal. Thanks for showing love to my Cards.

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Awesome stuff. Will you be releasing your retro templates?

Response from the author:

Thanks. The general idea is to update all my  templates set, and adding these retro versions. Right now, my source files are a mess, with tons of layers. I have to organize them and reduce the number of useful objects, but those templates are on the way.

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