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This is THE definitive Roster Editor for MVP Baseball 2005.

What's New in Version 2006.2


MVPedit 2006.2 Release Notes:

-Fixed import of Patch 4 rosters.
-Added search for audio / photo id and screen for used ids (thanks to stecropper).
-Stole config file from SwinginSoriano, hope he doesn't mind :) (thanks to SwinginSoriano).
-Fixed the tabctl32.ocx error.
-Now using impBIG to handle pictures (thanks to krawhitham).
-Option to export portraits and faces in 2x size (thanks to krawhitham).
-Update for Lahman Database 5.3 (thanks to krawhitham).
-Set default face for Lahman imports correctly (thanks to krawhitham).
-Fixed export of DAT files to use new format of attrib.dat.

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Same, it just gives me page cannot be displayed.

I believe it has been like this for weeks. I can download any other files from the site just fine, so not sure what is going on here.

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For those of you wondering about this for future use?? Windows 8 has a troubleshooter that will do everything for you.. I ran the troubleshooter, and just as ShamArtist said, run it in winxp sp3 and it should work without any problems..

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Need Help! I have successfully installed mvpedit and have created a player as a FA, exported the file to data-database. The player does not show up in the game.

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hi i d like to know if mvpedit will update with lahman2016 or can someone tell me how to import team from lahman2016 to mvpedit? mvpedit works well lahman53 but it seems that lahman54 or later dont work well with mvpedit.

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Having trouble running MVPEdit. After importing the DAT info and naming the MBE, I get a run-time error with little info (see image). 


I had no trouble using MVPEdit last May. I still have an MBE file from then that I can open without issue, so...not sure what I did right then or what I'm doing wrong now. 


Does it matter where MVPEdit is installed? Should it work with any DAT files?


I'm on Win7 64-bit....




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