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About This File

This total conversion mod for MVP Baseball 2005 updates your game to the 2008 baseball season.

MVP 08 Mod Requirements:

  • MVP Baseball 2005 original CDs or CD images
  • Total installer Thingy v 2.0.3 or later installed


Select the .7z file using Total installer Thingy (TiT) v2.0.3 (or later). While installing the mod you will be asked to insert the original MVP 2005 CDs. Please note that CD images WILL WORK. During the installation (toward the end) a program will pop up and ask you to select you MVP baseball profile file (normally in a sub folder in your My Documents folder) this will make you save files compatible with MVP 08

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What is the password?

You don't need a password. Open the Total Installer Thingy and when it asks you for the file to install, type in 08_WS_release.7z. It will then install the 08 mod for you.

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You just made a whole army of people very happy Kraw. Thanks a bunch....

I am sure that you have heard this a million times, but, I certainly hope yoiu stck around and continue the great work...

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I love this game, and this mod is fantastic for it, I really love what you've done. However, I have a bug to report. Whenever I manage a game in Owner Mode, I haven't tried playing or simming since I'm not good enough with the keyboard controls yet to play, the game ends, I press "Advance" to get out of the screen and then it crashes. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would be very grateful, thank you.

Edit: I tried simming a game and that crashed when it got to the bottom of the 9th inning. I'll struggle through a played out game to see if the same happens. I did a plain Manager Mode game from the Main Menu outside of Owner Mode and it worked fine, I guess it could be a problem with my Owner Mode, though I don't see what could be wrong.

Edit again: I played a game, and once I pressed Quit to end it, it did the loading screen and then crashed.

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