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MLB2K12 Roster Editor 1.1

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About This File

A roster editor for MLB2K12.

This is mostly the same as my roster editor for MLB2K11.

changes from MLB2K11 Roster Editor:

renamed Forkball to Split Change

redid the Batting Stance and Pitcher Delivery lists

made necessary changes so that you can load 2K12 .FXG and .CMG files

Free -- as the file formats didn't change much from last year, I'm not going to charge anything.

Notes: Let me know if there's something wrong. I haven't tested this much. One thing that I noticed is that DL status and DL days left are wrong.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • 1.1 -- switched back to my old compiler - Visual C++ 2008. this fixed the crashing problem on my other computer.

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THANK YOU! One of the best parts is that the editor shows "peak age start" and "peak age end", which has continually been flawed by 2K all along, but isn't something you can edit this year within the game itself. Much appreciated!

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Thanks man could not get last years version to run , this works great many thanks from me and im sure most everyone else that plays mlb2k12 , Thanks again

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This file has been reported as broken because: DL cannot use?WTF?use google translatoru mean you cant download it so its broken ?

Works fine for me man

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It loads FXG files, which I guess is my franchise...so does this mean I can edit my franchise colors once the franchise has already begun? Otherwise if I hadn't started a franchise yet, there would be no FXG files to load, right? Or is this just wishful thinking?

Thank you ty! I had edited all the jersey numbers and helmets with the 2011 editor; makes the game 4000% better as far as immersion!

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Thank you.

Newbie question: Could somebody explain the hitting tendency values.

I know what the Bunt and stealing ones mean. But not sure if the others should high or low.

I'm asuming if Out by Strikeout is high that player gets striked out alot or is it the other way round.

T.I.A for any info.

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