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MLB2K12 Roster Editor 1.1

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About This File

A roster editor for MLB2K12.

This is mostly the same as my roster editor for MLB2K11.

changes from MLB2K11 Roster Editor:

renamed Forkball to Split Change

redid the Batting Stance and Pitcher Delivery lists

made necessary changes so that you can load 2K12 .FXG and .CMG files

Free -- as the file formats didn't change much from last year, I'm not going to charge anything.

Notes: Let me know if there's something wrong. I haven't tested this much. One thing that I noticed is that DL status and DL days left are wrong.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • 1.1 -- switched back to my old compiler - Visual C++ 2008. this fixed the crashing problem on my other computer.

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I downloaded some uniforms & this is the info I get... "Tys Editor Instructions

U can install these into the main mlb 2k12 folder and they will not overwrite any file.

Open Tys editor and import the info from the text file included.These unis will have

the correct color codes".

Question... How does one import the information from the text file for uniforms into the editor?

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Ty, I'm loving the editor, it's served it's purpose for me extremely well, but I've hit a snag. As you know, the Florida Marlins are defunct and have been renamed the Miami Marlins. Unfortunately the game gets screwed up when I try to edit their uniform colors since I would think the values are still Florida Marlins.

If there's a workaround or a future fix that would be great news and I'd continue my mods :) Thanks!

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I have a really silly question. I used to have the Roster Editor for MVP 2005 and i had some fun with that but this one seems different. My main question is though, can you swap players between teams, if yes how :-)

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Love the editor, it's Great but the skin tone needs an update from 2011 (11-skintones) to match

2012 (8-skintones). Messing up Dark skin players when editing with Roster editor.

I did a little testing on this, made a green skin texture and inserted it one at a time into each texture slot in global- 167,169,174,175,178,185,189,192 After installing it one at a time I started the game and checked only

skintones 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 showed up the green skin and skintone 11 seems to have textures 178, 185, 192 (all dark players) combined.

When I insert Green Skin texture into texture 178 all DarkestSkin (Black Players) appear in-game with green skin. When I insert Green Skin Texture into global texture 185 players with skintone like Adrian Beltre, Pablo Sandoval, Prince Fielder show up with green skin. When I install green skin texture into global texture 192, players like Matt Kemp, Kenley Jansen show up with green skin texture. The problem we have is all of the above players in the RosterEditor show up with the exact skintone of 11.

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Hi, great editor

but I want something to read the stats from the game

do you have the structure of the fxg files so I can extract them from the file?


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unhandled exception occur crash when installing team color text file to franchise and myplayer files and eve the third party roster

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