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JC-audio-LADodgers 1.0

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Some players for the 2012 Los Angeles Dodgers, 40-man roster plus .

Download the latest roster.

The pronunciation of some of these players is best-guess . If you could provide the correct

pronunciation, I would appreciate it.

.wav files are included.

Use TiT to install.

You should check the photo ID numbers to verify they match your roster.

You should back up the four files that get modified:

/data/audio/cd/spch_pbp/pnamedat.big (acd .dat files)

/data/audio/spch_pbp/pnamehdr.big (acd .hdr files)

/data/audio/cd/spch_pa/pnamedat.big (PA .dat files)

/data/audio/spch_pa/pnamehdr.big (PA .hdr files)

01 Antonini Michael-8332-----------acdp

02 Belisario Ronald-8547-----------acdp

03 Billingsley Chad-2714------------a

04 Castellanos Alex-8699-----------acdp

05 Chico Matt-2751------------------acd

06 Cruz Luis-8721-------------------p

07 DeJesus Jr Ivan-8155-----------acdp

08 Elbert Scott-8146----------------acdp

09 Ellis AJ-8156---------------------acdp

10 Eovaldi Nathan-8142------------acdp

11 Ethier Andre-2796---------------a (cdp) rev

12 Federowicz Tim-6247-----------acdp

13 Fields Josh-6333----------------p

14 Fife Stephen-6224--------------acdp

15 Gordon Dee-8102---------------acdp

16 Guerra Javy-8149---------------acdp

17 Gwynn Jr Tony-2843------------a (cdp) rev

18 Hawksworth Blake-2861---------acd

19 Jansen Kenley-8113-------------acdp

20 Kemp Matt-8136------------------cp (ad) rev

21 Kershaw Clayton-8197----------acdp

22 Lindblom Joshua-8117----------acdp

23 Loney James-2343--------------p (acd) rev

24 Mitchell Russell-8199------------acdp

25 Monasterios Carlos-8490-------acdp

26 Oeltjen Trent-3035---------------acd (p) rev

27 Sands Jerry-8169---------------acdp

28 Savage Will-8419----------------acdp

29 Sellers Justin-6981--------------acdp

30 Silverio Alfredo-8164------------acdp

31 Troncoso Ramon-9553----------acdp

32 VanSlyke Scott-8165------------acdp

33 Wall Josh-8166------------------acdp

34 Wallach Matt-8135---------------acdp

35 Withrow Chris-9566-------------acdp

36 Zawadski Lance-8718-----------acdp

a= Krukow Last Name announcement

c= Kuiper Full Name announcement

d= Kuiper Last Name announcement

p= PA Full Name announcement

Play Ball ! jaycee20

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