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JC-audio-CleveIndians 1.0

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About This File


Some players for the 2012 Cleveland Indians, 40-man roster plus .

Download the latest roster.

The pronunciation of some of these players is best-guess . If you could provide the correct

pronunciation, I would appreciate it.

.wav files are included.

Use TiT to install.

You should check the photo ID numbers to verify they match your roster.

You should back up the four files that get modified:

/data/audio/cd/spch_pbp/pnamedat.big (acd .dat files)

/data/audio/spch_pbp/pnamehdr.big (acd .hdr files)

/data/audio/cd/spch_pa/pnamedat.big (PA .dat files)

/data/audio/spch_pa/pnamehdr.big (PA .hdr files)

01 AccardoJeremy-2668------------acd

02 Ambriz Hector-7460--------------acdp

03 Barnes Scott-8844----------------acdp

04 Brantley Michael-8215-----------acdp

05 Cabrera Asdrubal-7011----------cp

06 Canzler Russ-9471---------------acdp

07 Carlin Luke-8719------------------acdp

08 Carrasco Carlos-8406------------acdp

09 Carrera Ezequiel-7013-----------acdp

10 Chisenhall Lonnie-6438----------acdp

11 Choo Shin-Soo-2223-------------c

12 Crowe Trevor-6447----------------p (acd) rev

13 Cunningham Aaron-6369---------acdp

14 Diaz Juan-1333--------------------acdp

15 Donald Jason-8470----------------p

16 Duncan Shelley-6817-------------cp

17 Gomez Jeanmar-6485------------acdp

18 Hagadone Nick-9006--------------acdp

19 Hannahan Jack-6511--------------acdp

20 Herrmann Frank-6403-------------acdp

21 Huff David-6478--------------------p

22 Huffman Chad-8700---------------acdp

23 Jimenez Ubaldo-2901-------------c

24 Kipnis Jason-6432-----------------acdp

25 Kluber Corey-9871----------------acdp

26 Kotchman Casey-2329-----------(acd) rev

27 LaPorta Matt-8224-----------------acdp

28 Lee Chen-6426---------------------acdp

29 Marson Lou-8421------------------acdp

30 Masterson Justin-9028------------acdp

31 McAllister Zach-9079--------------acdp

32 Pagnozzi Matt-8635----------------acdp

33 Perez Chris-8687------------------cp

34 Pestano Vinnie-6415--------------acdp

35 Petit Gregorio-6934---------------acdp

36 Phelps Cord-6436-----------------acdp

37 Santana Carlos-8192-------------acdp

38 Sipp Tony-6445-------------------acdp

39 Slowey Kevin-6786---------------acdp

40 Smith Joe-9169-------------------p

41 Spilborghs Ryan-3303-----------ap (cd) rev

42 Tomlin Josh-6481-----------------acdp

43 Weglarz Nick-6464---------------acdp

44 ? ? ? ?

a= Krukow Last Name announcement

c= Kuiper Full Name announcement

d= Kuiper Last Name announcement

p= PA Full Name announcement

Cleveland Indians has been one of my favorite AL teams, ever since I saw the film,

Major League, in 1989, but especially since that cold October night in 1995 when

Carlos Baergas' pop fly landed ever-so-gently in Marquis Grissom's glove !!! *go braves*

Have some fun! jaycee20

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