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Washington Nationals Cyberface Pack 0.0

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About This File

Here is a cyberface pack for the Washington Nationals. Just unzip, then copy/paste the file into your 2k12 directory, and use Ty's editor to change all the face ID numbers as i noted.

This facepack includes: Roger Bernadina

Andres Blanco

Tyler Clippard

Ross Detwiler

Jesus Flores

Wilson Ramos

Henry Rodriguez

What's New in Version 0.0


  • change R. Bernadina face ID# to 2992
  • change A. Blanco face ID# to 3365
  • change T. Clippard face ID# to 3072
  • change R. Detwiler face ID# to 3017
  • change J. Flores face ID# to 516
  • change W. Ramos face ID# to 227
  • change H. Rodriguez face ID# to 1577

User Feedback

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if you can do better go ahead if not shut up

haha))) I can do much better texture without green hair and colorful skin.

PS: Please make screen from the game, not just the textures.

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Listen up koalAss you a-hole! Ive already said im still lesrning how to use photoshop to make cyberfaces. you dont like my work, then dont use them. you think youre brilliant because you posted one of your own cyberfaces? HAA HAA HAA! your negative comments and suggestions are about as useful to me as a dingleberry is on a cat's butt, or a calculator is to Rain Man. Go ahead and keep using all those pretty boring, generic cyberfaces that 2K makes if you cant contribute anything more than unnecessary critcism, you jag-off!! Excuse my english.....

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i am don't say that my cybers are brilliant, only that their better then yours... i am try to get you advice that you don't should make many cybers, try to make one good! Because these cybers with colorful hairs and skins, with very bad quality are not better than generic cyberfaces

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Well I dont care what you think. you are in the minority as far as your criticism is concerned. you might want to try some constructive feedback rather than tell somebody that what they do sucks. You sound like a 12 year old. Again, I just started learning how to create cyberfaces, so naturally there is always room for improvement, which WILL HAPPEN the more I try. Until then, run along and keep your hapless opinions to yourself, NOOB. Excuse my english....

P.S. Its completely laughable and pathetic that half of your 4 Total posts here is to address how much you think my cyberfaces suck

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I like his job and apreciated a lot, certainly he need to improve especially in the player's hair, cause sometimes is too much bright and out of tone, for example i don't like Pastornicky's hair but still i have it and like he says it will get better with more experience, so it's not right to denigrate his job.

Sorry for my english ;)

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