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JC-audio-OaklandAs 1.0

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Some players for the 2012 Oakland Athletics, 40-man roster plus.

Download the latest roster.


The pronunciation of some of these players is best-guess . If you could provide the correct
 pronunciation, I would appreciate it.


( I wish Travis Schlicting had taken up bowling or been a teacher, his name was tough! :o/ )

.wav files are included.


 Use  TiT to install. 


 You should check the photo ID numbers to verify they match your roster.


 You should back up the four files that get modified:


 /data/audio/cd/spch_pbp/pnamedat.big  (acd .dat files)

 /data/audio/spch_pbp/pnamehdr.big       (acd .hdr files)

 /data/audio/cd/spch_pa/pnamedat.big    (PA .dat files)

 /data/audio/spch_pa/pnamehdr.big         (PA .hdr files)

01 Allen Brandon-6368-------------------acdp
02 Anderson Brett-9662-----------------acdp
03 Barton Daric-2702--------------------acd
04 Blevins Jerry-9454-------------------acdp
05 Braden Dallas-6918------------------acp (rev d)
06 Carignan Andrew-6995--------------acdp
07 Carter Chris-6300--------------------p
08 Cespedes Yoenis-3901------------acdp  
09 Cook Ryan-7491---------------------acdp
10 Cowgill Collin-7449------------------acdp
11 DeLosSantos Fautino-6342------acdp
12 Devine Joey-3269-------------------p
13 Donaldson Josh-9478--------------acdp
14 Figueroa Pedro-6913---------------acdp
15 Godfrey Graham-9362-------------acdp
16 Green Grant-6971-------------------acdp
17 Hicks Brandon-9424----------------acdp
18 Hunter Cedric-8789-----------------acdp
19 Ka-aihue Kila-2917-----------------acd
20 Milone Tom-8919--------------------acdp
21 Mitchell Jermaine-6911------------acdp
22 Moss Brandon-3233----------------p
23 Norberto Jordan-7444-------------acdp
24 Norris Derek-8938------------------acdp
25 Ortiz Ryan-9950---------------------acdp
26 Parker Jarrod-9664-----------------acdp
27 Pennington Cliff-6952--------------ap
28 Recker Anthony-6901--------------acdp
29 Reddick Josh-6242-----------------acdp
30 Rosales Adam-7756----------------acdp
31 Ross Tyson-6922-------------------acdp
32 Schlicting Travis-3122-------------acd
33 Simmons James-6990-------------acdp
34 Sizemore Scott-6599---------------acdp
35 Smith Seth-7826---------------------cp
36 Sogard Eric-8723--------------------acdp
37 Suzuki Kurt-6940---------------------p
38 Taylor Michael-4615----------------acdp
39 Timmons Wes-7544----------------acdp
40 Wagner Neil-6482-------------------acdp
41 Weeks Jemile-6917-----------------acdp

a= Krukow Last Name announcement
c= Kuiper Full Name announcement
d= Kuiper Last Name announcement
p= PA Full Name announcement

Play Ball !  jaycee20 



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