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Detroit Tigers 1990 Away 3

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Remember this whittle guy?



No not the Hall of Fame* shortstop in the background. I mean the Kid. THAT ADORABLE KID!

Fortunately since 1990 we have grown up a bit. For example our Tiger stripes are now just two classy blue pipes down the side, not TIGERZOOPANTZINMILLIONZCOLORZ!!!. Other than places who still think it's 1990 (*cough cough* Toronto) we no longer play on crappy Astroturf, or treat 50 home runs in a season like it's the Second Coming. Our Princes are all grown up.

Speaking of Second Comings:


PRINCE IS BACK!!!! (and modders that's a png from BlessYouBoys so you can get the beer stains off the one in-game)

With Fielder days here again, you too can relive 1990.

And fortunately for you the uniform I have for you today is NOT the deranged get-up that Prince is wearing, but the Away Uniforms of the 1990 Detroit Tigers.

* If you disagree with that you are entitled to your opinion.**

** Your opinion means you know nothing about baseball and probably should be sterilized

What's New in Version 3   See changelog


  • Version 3:
  • Replaced the chest logo with a more accurate version (also differentiates this better from the '84 jerseys)
  • Removed the texture from the back numbers because texture technology didn't exist in 1990.
  • Added the "Rawlings" script logo on the right sleeve.
  • Changed the batting helmet logo to white to reflect historical accuracy.
  • Fixed the buttons so that the texture map lines up with the ones that were drawn. Also added a shadow and increased the contrast of the buttons because buttons back then were not made flush like today; they were just buttons.
  • Thanks to holypantsIneedmoreRAM problems (it was the RAM I swear) I struck out 14 damn times against friggin' McGowan in my final run-through with these unis. This is historically accurate as well, since in 1990 it was both true that the Tigers struck out a ton, and I had way too little RAM to do anything useful about it.
  • Version 2:
  • One generation of Fielders
  • Changed from 45 to 28
  • Bats lefty
  • Better person
  • Version 1:
  • Cecil

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