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BSU-FAN'S NoFakeNames Roster V.5

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About This File


Special thanks to DonkeyJote for his help with hundreds of batting stances!

Also a big thanks to Kccitystar; his color file was used in this update.

Also want to thank Wudl83, DetroitStyle, ScottyBilly, dennisjames71, DonsPa, twnlove, and all of the other unmentioned modders who's hard works are helping make this game significantly better.

NoFakeNames5.ros includes the following:

  • A massive overhaul to the EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! ALL players currently in MLB, AAA, AA, and, A are now 100% REAL!!!!! With realistic player ratings and tendencies to go with it. The only fake players left on this roster are in Free Agency(about 25 of them) and they are rated so low you will clearly be able to set them apart from the real players.
  • ALL Player ratings and tendencies match the most recent 2K rosters
  • ALL MLB transactions/extensions current as of 8/23/2012
  • Fixed the Drew Smyly and Yu Darvish "red" pitch problem.
  • Accurate MLB batting orders/pitching rotations as of 8/23/2012
  • This roster is compatable with the most current Raidersbball's Mega Portrait Pack's or NoFakeNames packs. If you use the "Mega Portrait Pack" you will find missing portraits.
  • Includes all of BA's Americas Top 100 Prospects and each teams Top 20 Prospects!
  • 100% REAL AAA , AA, and A players with accurate ratings and cyberfaces.
  • These rosters are meant to be used with all cyberfaces created and released on MVPmods.com Not all are faces released are in the game but to make sure you arent missing a face I would suggest downloading ALL of them so that way you know you are safe. You wont need to change any cyberface numbers on any faces released prior to 8/20/2012
  • Hundreds of "generic" cyberfaces have been edited to closer match the player in real life.
  • Added in tons of "hidden" cyberfaces to the correct players.
  • Corrected batting stances for countless players. Big thanks to DonkeyJote again!
  • Full ratings adjustment (MLB and AAA) accurate as of 8/20/12
  • Updated gear on many players and a few complete teams to this point.
  • Over 800 hours of editing total into this project. Enjoy!

Any injured MLB players can be found in AAA unless the player is out for the season in which case those players can be found in single A. Same works for an injured AAA or AA player...they will be found one level below as well. With the 40 man rosters right around the corner I didn't spend as much time in this release moving around minor league players.

*To install extract to one of the following locations:

For WinXP users: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\Saves

For Vista and Windows 7 users: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\Saves

Due to the enormous amount of work that has gone into this project I am placing a donation button below for those of you that appreciate my hard work and want to help counter some of the pains of doing a project like this with a small donation. It is definitely not expected and these rosters will always be 100% Free to download. I do ask however that you do not release any version of this roster without prior permission from me. I have a large amount of time and energy invested into this project and would like to see it keep this level of accuracy and legitimacy. Thanks again to all of you with your encouraging words in the forum over the past months. It has been a wild and crazy year of editing and I am happy to take a break for a while and actually play the game some. Thanks again everyone and I hope you guys enjoy. PLAY BALL!


If you enjoy my work and would like to leave a small donationtion click the "Donate" button above.

What's New in Version V.5   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Thanks tomk30816 I tried to paste the code that PayPal gave me but it didn't work. I will have to look into it further and see what i'm doing wrong.

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Amazing! I'm on my phone right now. Do I need to download the cyber faces seoerately or are they included? Thanks so much for doing this!!!

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This must have taken a LOT of work. Well done overall, and thank you.

Unfortunately, I have noticed errors. I will raise these concerns in the Mod Announcements section for this mod.

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This sounds like great work. I thank you very much. A few Qs:

Do I download the cyberfaces and ignore the roster edit part?

What about players that have multiple cyberfaces on the site, which one is the one you used?

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You wont have to do any cyberface # edits on any faces released up through yesterday. Anything that has come out since; you will have to change if it states that you need to in the install notes. As far as which of the "duplicate" cyber-face mods you want to use is entirely up to you. Whichever one you download and place in your folder last is the one that will appear. If you have already downloaded one prior for that player it will just ask to overwrite the existing file.

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Hundreds of generic cyberfaces have been replaced leaving NO generic cyberfaces on any current 25 man roster.

where are the cyberfaces you say at?

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Hundreds of generic cyberfaces have been replaced leaving NO generic cyberfaces on any current 25 man roster.

where are the cyberfaces you say at?

If you download and install all of the cyberfaces released here to this point.. the only "generic" cyberfaces you will see on the 25 man roster players are ones that either look very close to the actual players face or the players that have such dark skin that I couldn't change the face due to the skin tone prolblem. I changed about 150 generic faces of MLB players to other players cyberfaces that matched more closely to the real players face.

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It won't crash but a bunch of players will have generic bald heads in place of the players who's faces were modded. I Will be re releasing this roster within the next day or so that has many of the poorly modded faces replaced with better ones that are already in the game and look good.

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why not just release it without any modded faces and just leave it with the original game faces?

Because they look horrible and to be honest it is no big amount of work to download the faces. Practically installing the faces takes only 5 mouse clicks or 20 seconds per cyberface...

To speak for myself I plan to finish my Dback-cyberfacepack today or tomorrow, then you will get over 10 new faces in one package and do not have to download them one by one.

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