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This is by no means a finished product, this is just the BETA version of the roster meant as a form of a preview of what is to come once the finalized roster is released. I have been working on this project for awhile now yet there is still MUCH work to be done, sorry for the delay but I am dedicating the majority of my time to this project and hope to have it completed ASAP!

Version 1 of the BETA includes the following:

-All Transactions up to March,14,2012 since the last MLB 2k12 Roster update.

- No fake players (excluding the minor leaguers).

- Real portraits for most fake players

- Chronic Injuries for those players who are injured often and with lasting injuries.

- Nicknames for players who have them to the best of my knowledge and based on study.

- 2013 staff with updated years pro, ratings, and cyberfaces. (Please note that this is only for all the Major league staff and is based on extensive study of each coach,trainer,scout,etc.)

- New Minor League Teams (This includes the switching of the Buffalo Bisons and Las Vegas 51's as well as the addition of the RailRiders and Reading Fightin Phils)

- All ratings done for Angels, and Astros system as well as Athletics Major league roster.

- Angels Minor League system, some Astros minor leaguers. (This includes, ratings, what the player wears, batting stances, and pitching stances.)

- 2012 stats for Angels, Astros, and A's players.

- Free Agent catchers career stats, free agent needs, potential, and ratings finished. (The only catcher I didn't do was Mike Redmond as I felt he didn't need them since he is coach of Miami in this game)

- Potential for all real players have been given accurate ratings based on different aspects such as a value system I created based on Baseball Americas prospect value rankings which is used to detirmine rookies potential ratings. The potential ratings were done using number values in Ty's editor and not done in game with stars.

- Records are updated (This means the career home run record now belongs to Barry Bonds for instance, as well as other records belonging to rightful owners. Some team records I was unable to do because there was no way to detirmine which record belonged to which teams for the ties. But for the most part records are updated!)

-All hidden batting stances/pitching styles have been included for rightful players as well as updated stances for players where needed.

- Angels, Astros, and A's players have updated cyberfaces.(I'd reccommend downloading most of the cyberface mods on here as I have most downloaded and my roster has the players set to those faces so if you don't it's possible the player could show up totally different for you than it does for me.)

- Contracts have been updated.

Still to come for later versions at later date:

-Minor leaguers for all teams.

-2013 schedule imported into Roster.

- Double A and Single A managers

- Ratings done for all players through all systems.

-2012 stats for all players, as well as career stats for all the converted fake players.

-Updated cyberfaces for generic cyberfaces for players on all other teams.

Special thanks goes out to Wudl for his calculator in which I used for input on some players or when I was having trouble detirmining ratings here and there and to the community for help with issues with different parts of roster. Another special thanks to the creator of Reditor Vlad for without Reditor alot of this would not be possible!

To put Roster in game locate your MLB 2k12 folder And place the roster in the saved game section, an alternate way is to load Ty's editor and where you can load a roster, drag the UltimateRoster2013.ROS file into there and Voila!

What's New in Version 1.4   See changelog


  • Minor Update!!
  • Fixed errors in the staff section that were causing crashes, added in more free agent staff members, updated MLB manager ratings, transactions are updated. New nicknames added.

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Looked over the staff in the roster and found a flaw so actually minor league managers CAN be changed. I will get right to work on them for next Beta! :D

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Forgot to mention in the info above, but jersey numbers I know are not all correct yet. I plan to do that after spring training when all jersey numbers are set.

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Yup that is my plan lol. i've worked on it but I haven't gotten too much into it yet as most of my time is devoted to the roster first but I have some good amount done with currently haha. I still need to learn how to create portraits from scratch in order to get alot of the rookies in because right now for rookies i'm deleting pictures not in use, any help on that would be appreciated haha.

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Hmm i'm trying to figure out what is causing the crashes my guess is that it might have something to do with the awards as I cloned some tabs in that section and that seems to be when the problem started. I'll keep at it and try to figure out what is wrong, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Seems you have put in a ton of work! Good job.

But since you obviously used my ratingchart that I sent you earlier while we were talking about working together you could have mentioned that somewhere at least...

I do the work on it and you get the props...haha nice.

Look here:


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Honestly dude think whatever you want, it's not true that you did ALL the work as you said, I did a **** ton of work into this. Your claims are preposterous as yes I did use tour calculator for occasional input, you mever said I couldn't but to say EVERY rating and ALL the work I have done is a big copy is pushing it, pushing it really good. One more question, you ma bruh?!

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Hi after download the file how insert in the game

copy it in your MLB 2K12 save folder then enter the game go to load and load 2013 Ultimate Roster

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Thank you very much for your time and work, i'm looking forward having the 2013 schedule imported into roster that's very important to me,thanks again.

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Since my thread was closed i'll update here. Currently I am doing all the AA managers and than I will finish Oaklands minor league system which isn't much left to do before moving onto the Jays who should be a fun team to edit lol.

I also should note that I realized I didn't quite edit all the Angels, Stros, and A's contracts yet so I will also update that for next BETA and hope to work on some stats as well tonight for free agents and/or Jays players!

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Leonymet I have every intention of loading the schedule into the final version as I feel it is something the roster NEEDS in it as well. I could possibly upload a BETA version with the schedule but I plan to just wait til I finish with everything else and include it in final version or most likely release two versions of roster one with Houston in AL and schedule and one with the normal schedule and Houston still in NL just on case the schedule causes crashes n whatnot.

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Sorry don't quite know yet but if you want a BeTA version with scheule i'd be happy to release it. And I have found another flaw in rhat the teams who I switched managers with but uaing the managers who are in free agent pool is causing a crash in franchise to the desktop, therefore I am working to re-arrange the staff list to solve this problem as I believe the managers who begin as free agents are hard coded and are unable to start a season out of free agent pool, I will fix this problem an hopefully solve any crashing issues, please let me know of any otherflaws noticed so I may fix them, thanks again!

Oh and one more thing, I changed stadium capacities back to what they were as I believe this was also causing a crash unfortunatly.

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