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About This File

This total conversion mod for MVP Baseball 2005 updates your game to the 2013 baseball season.

It includes 700+ uniforms, full single A through MLB rosters, new portraits, cyberfaces, audio, music and artwork.


*** Installation ***

- After you have downloaded the "MVP13.7z" file, double-click to open it.

- Extract the contents of the MVP13.7z file into a folder.

- Double-click the "explodeme.exe' file

- Select the folder that contains a CLEAN copy of MVP Baseball 2005 and click "Extract". Note that a CLEAN copy is a fresh install or a patched, non-modded install of the game.

- Allow the program to extract all of the new content. If the installer asks for your permission to overwrite files, select "Yes to All"

- When installation is complete, start the game and play the new MVP 13 mod!


*** CREDITS ***

This project was truly a team effort and would not have been possible without the effort of many talented past and present MVPMods members. Thanks to all who contributed! See the in-game credits for a list of everyone who had a hand in creating MVP13.


*** NOTES ***

A ) It is recommended that you install MVP13 over a clean install of MVP Baseball 2005 with at least up to Patch #2.

B ) To be able to access all of the uniforms, it will be necessary for you to install a Profile that unlocks all classic uniforms and stadiums.

C ) When playing in minor league stadiums listed as "Classic Stadiums," it is recommended to turn off the "Cooperstown Effect."




Initial release

User Feedback

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Awesome....................Thanks Guys!

But the Xbox wireless controller is having troubles ...things like, not getting all the pitches to designate with buttons and and the joystick pushed to far any way, will bring up the sliding panels showing player and line up cards.

But, this thing is Awesome, GREAT JOB

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All of you talented guys never cease to amaze me. For me, this type of venture would be impossible. Doctoring is one thing but this art form calls for the highest form of talent. Thank You so very much.

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Hi guys. I have a problem. Even if I add another mod to the game - such as a graphic mod or a overlay - it doesn't appear when i play mvp 2013. If I launch mvp 2005, it appears. How can I solve it? Thanks

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what do you open the file with because it will not open, and it is pissing me off, I click open and a duplicate file opens up

do you have to burn it on the disc, if so, what disc

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the game crashes when Im playing exhibition mode and there are some faces that are distorted like the face of Andrew McCutchen (Pirates)

How can I fix it??? :)

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By That When I'm playing MVP Baseball 13 Mod Game A Game Bone When A Game When I Play Another Game It Me Out i says Error Please Help If You Need Your Kind Of Help As: C I Play It With This Mod Please: C

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