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BaseUp! Rosters 2014 ~ (Phase 4) End of Season Ed.

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About This File

A tremendous thanks ENCbase13 for helping with updates, especially uniform number corrections!!

Also a big thanks to LARO for keeping up with the trades and OSCAR for the input on batting stances.

VERSION: 2014 Phase 4 (MLB Focused) ~ End of Season (last roster set of the year)

Release Date: 08.23.14

*Typically, players included on 25 man roster who provided higher percentage of service during the year, some exceptions made. This includes players who have had season ending injuries. (if you think a certain player should be up on the 25-man roster instead of someone else, then it's easy enough to move players around either in game or with MVPedit).

*ALL pitchers' control changed based on THIS YEAR'S ERA

*Pitcher stamina fixes done for those who seemed significantly low.

*Top and bottom 2 BA's for qualified players given a contact/power adjustment if needed.

*A few players' speed adjusted.

*Transactions to date of release (please note any corrections needed)

*** Works best with MVP 08 / MVP 12 / MVP 13 Total Conversion Mods ***

INSTALLATION: Delete existing 19 .dat files from your MVP2005/data/database subfolder, then unzip this roster to that location.

NOTE!!! If you are getting freezes during your franchise/season, it is most likely because you have injuries and/or suspensions set to "ON". Start a new season with these turned "OFF" and attempt to sim the entire season. If successful, then freezes are occurring because there are not enough players in a given organization.

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Thank you very much Daflyboys! Another wonderful roster set for this great game of ours and you do a tremendous job.

I also want to take the time out to thank the work done by Encbase13 and laroquece. You guys are very much appreciated here.

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Great as always, updating rosters takes long time so I really appreciate your job.

PD: sorry I rated with a 4 stars, this site when you are going to vote expand the stars and if I rated too fast it marks the 4 star without permitting the correction, so a -1 for me and 5 stars to Daflyboys file.

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I deleted the files I had in MVP2005 / data / database and decompressed the file to download and I see no change on the rosters ... why?... I have the full conversion mod where Miguel Cabrera on the cover appears ... do I need to do?

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Hey, great work man. I have only one question. I started season with this roster as Boston and game freezes on 30th of april every time. So i started new season for same team and switched of injuries and suspensions and attempted to sim whole season. Simulation went up to 24th of May and freezes again. Can you help me somehow? Number of players in MLB 25, AAA 25, AA 23, A 22

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Thx a lot from France ! I have exactly the same problem than "mesavysek". The game freezes mid-april during sim of a minor game between two MLB games. I tried to sim an entire season with injuries and suspensions set to off, the game freezes at 24th of May, as "mesavysek"... Do you have any mean to solve this problem ?

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Great Roster update. I just installed the game and followed your instructions for this roster update. When I begin a game it crashes. Do I have to install Mode 8, 12, or 13????


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