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Pitchers: What do you throw?

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4-Seam 75

2-Seam (my best pitch) around 75

striaght change: little bit of dip on it, 70

slider: pretty good movement: moves down and in. 65-70, depending on how hard i throw it.

my stats: 2-0, 9IP, 2H, 3BB, 20K, 0.00era, 0.067 WHIP

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man! are you a senior? and what college you goin to?

guys, post your stats in my thread.

Yeah, I'm a senior. I'm one of MIT's top recruits and I've gotten some offers from some DII schools. The reason I'm not DI material I was not eye-popping material my sophomore and junior seasons and those are the seasons that all the scouts look at.

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4 Seam- mid-high 70's

2 Seam- low 70's

Circle Change- Probably around 60-63

Cutter- More of a slurve, but I don't do anything different with my arm, it's all grip.

I throw about......

63% 4-seam..........................Has some nice tailing action.

15% Circle Change.................When I throw it right, it completely drops off the table.

20% Cutter........................Sometimes I bounce it, but when I'm on, it's sick.

2% 2-Seam......................Barely ever throw it because its slower, and moves less than my 4-seam. i just throw it to keep the hitters off balance.

Stats this year.....

12 2/3 IP 3.32 ERA 1.82 WHIP (1-0)

My Strategy:

I pitch from the complete right side of the mound, and to create an angle I throw the ball mostly to the outside corner on righties, and after they seem to get settled on the angle, I bust one inside. On lefties I keep the ball high and away. Even though I don't throw too hard, I get guys out. As a freshman I'm surprised I got as much action as I did.


My ERA and WHIP are spiked up a bit more than they should be because our school has by far the toughest schedule. We had 9 games against teams whose varsity is state, and nationally ranked. We also had a game v.s. the IMG Academy. We lost, but we should've beaten them easily.

This Year I was a mopup man, next year I'll either be the ace or the closer. I like coming out of the bullpen though.

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heh i just mastered 2 pitches getting rid of my 2-seam and my slider and replacing it with a splitter and a 12-6 curve which is my strikeout pitch

my windup is like josh beckett after i went a month trying to find a perfect delivery and arm angle

4-seam 81-87 (if i release it wrong it will break like a slider which was weird to me but cool)

changeup 73-75 finally learned how to control it

12-6 curve 61-65 nasty break

splitter 75-79 my newest pitch that just drops after i throw two fastballs

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4 seamer- goes about 70

curve.. id say about an 11-7 curve not too drastic.

Knuckelball- Thats what I throw mainly, and it is extremely effective. Dances everywhere, I have thrown two no hitters this year for my high school team. Only problem is I don't have much control (I walked 10 and 8 in the no hitters).

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My brother pitched in little league and junior traveling. He threw a slider that broke hard right to left at about 71. He had a sinker that was unhittable when he got it across the plate....lol He used the forkball effectively and he had a knuckle that danced and had no rotation at all. It came at you and then died. It was sick. He can still throw it, but he was to scared to play in HS, because it was to big of a challenge for him, and he was scared of failure. I was so upset with him :wall: He could have been a good one, at least in college. I just wanted him to try, that was all.

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Im 18. 6'0 180.

4 Seamer- 85-91 with some movement.

2 seamer- 85-91 is just as hard as the 4 seamer with more movement usually slower but not much.

Cutter- 80-83ish lots of movement.

Star change- no movement, just a regular change.

Palmball- drops off of a table lots of movement.

Curve- Zito style curve. I throw it right at the shoulder of a right handed hitter and try to break it outside corner.

Knucklecurve- straight 12-6. Harder I throw it=sharper break.

Splitfinger- low 80s/upper 70s. Sharp break at the end.


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Im 18. I havent measured my speed yet.

Fastball: Just a standard 4 seamer.

Forkball: Usually drops 12-6 with the speed varying depending on the grip.

Sinker: Same speed as my fastball, pretty hittable but mostly grounders.

Curveball: Moves 11-5.

I haven't pitched since hs, months and months ago.

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Update Again.

Pitches I Use to Get Guys Out.

4 Seam 75-80 MPH

Sinker with 4 seam grip and rolling the wrist over, 70-75

Circle Change mid 60's

Curveball mid-high 60's - more of a slider, but with huge break.


Pitches To Show When I Can Control Them.

Forkball/Splitter - Control is hit and miss - drops a foot - low 70's

Knuckleball - Control is hit and miss - does what a knuk does - mid 60's

I'll see if i can find a video of some of my pitching.

Playing Varsity HS ball in Ontario and AA league ball.

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I am 13, soon to be 14, Peewee, Right Handed

4 Seam Fastball, throw pretty hard, maybe one of the hardest in my league.

Slider, love to use it, throw it hard, great sight to get strikeouts low and away on fellow rightys :hi:

Changeup, don't use it much, but good to mix in there.

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I should hope not. :) Speak with your pitching coach or athletic co-ordinator to discuss your options when pitching and maybe have a scan done on your shoulder and/or elbow just to make sure there's no unwanted changes to the condition of your arm. Speak to a few people, don't rely on the word of just one person. At 13/14, you should be doing as much as possible to get by on strictly "normal" pitches - no breaking balls. Ask about adding other pitches to your repertoire if you feel you can't live without throwing something other than fastball and changeup, but make sure you discuss the impact on your arm of adding the pitch. You could add a 2-seamer as a happy medium between an actual breaking ball and a fastball, since it will; be a few MPH slower than your 4-seamer, but also a good addition to your arsenal.

Good luck.

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Not a serious pitcher, but I'm capable of it. I'm usually a catcher/second baseman/centre fielder. Days of pitching are likely done with rotator cuff tendinitis issues. It's also been a while since I've been clocked, so I couldn't tell you my speeds. I' 5'8", 160-pound righty.

My main are:

1. Cutter/Moving 4 seam FB - has a late 3-9 cut, but not much movement. Slowly getting better. Past catchers keep telling me my FB changes in different directions when I throw (3-9, 2-8, etc), but I've yet to see it and don't believe them.

2. 2 seam FB - probably my best pitch in terms of velocity and movement. Usually goes 2-4.

3. Change-up/Circle Change - 3rd best best pitch. Thrown like a regular changeup, moves like a circle change 3-9. Movement changes based on holding/arm trajectory.

4. Sinker/Slider - 2nd best pitch. Thrown like a slider with a 2-8 trajectory. Sometimes it just sits there, and sometimes it bottoms out.

5. Curveball - worst pitch. Usually 2-7, but not enough speed or movement to use against hitters. Movement is getting better, but it just sits there begging to get crushed. Usually don't use it.

6. Splitter - now retired. Ton of 12-6 movement, but the speed drop is too much to be thrown to hitters. Was capable of throwing it years ago, but I can't get the movement back in it.

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14 Years Old

6'1 ft, 140 lbs

4-Seam: Tops around 70. Most of the time goes straight where I want it, but at times it has a bit of a drop to it.

2-Seam: Tops around 72. For some reason is a bit faster than my 4-seam. It goes straight wherever I put it.

(Sweeping) Curve: Tops around 55-60. Was told it was probably the best curve a 16 year old (that I was throwing to at a practice) had ever seen, including the coaches who have a lot of experience. I can make it seem it'll hit the batter, but it then slides/curves across the plate to the bottom left corner of the batter's box. My strikeout pitch.

(Drop) Curve: Tops around 60-65. Has a bit of sliding/curving action, but nothing like my sweeping. It will drop from the head of the batter to the bottom of the batter's box.

Circle Change-up: Tops around 55. Not my best pitch, considering I don't feel confident throwing it all the time. It drops a bit towards the end.

Windup: Stand facing the batter. My left leg steps to the left slightly off the mound as I bring my glove to my chest. I then turn my right foot, facing 3rd base (pitch righty). I then swing my left leg back over, having a high lift. I then reach back with my right arm and deliver.

Stretch (runners on): Stand with right foot facing 3rd, left foot parallel to it a bit farther down the hill. I get set by bringing my left foot next to my right, then lift up and deliver.

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4 Seam: 74-81 Nothing special just hard throw. batter hit it if they can, i don't have alot control cause of the speed.

Curveball: 58-62 My best pitch great break that strike out 91% the times i use it.

Sinker 67-71 Not a really fast pich used to get off balance misses and ground balls, even when i got awfull control of it.

Slider: 61-67 Not a very good pitch but has a great use when i face left handed batters.

Changeup 54-58 Lastes pitch i have learn horrible control of it i only use it 2-4 times on a game.

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My parents actually migrated from India when I was like 5, but if you know cricket is absolutely huge there, my father played, and I guess some of it transferred to me... in highschool, i think the fastest I pitched (not in game, but in a net) was touching 90 when I was like 16... i think if I kept at it and worked harder may have done better, perhaps even getting into mid 90's if I gained half a foot or so :rofl: , but I had absolutely terrible stamina, got tired really quickly , and couldn't throw a change or a curve to save my life :facepalm: , so it all kinda went downhill LOL

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