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Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 10 - 6

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Updated to 7-23

...I was going to have an update in this thread at the end of April but as the saying goes, life happened. I'll provide the abridged version here so I can move on to other more important things. Back in 2009 I had a hernia operation and a mesh had to be put in me because of that surgery.  Over time I recovered from that surgery and everything was fine for these past eight years. Then on the 27th of April I started having some problems and I was told I had to go to emergency and they ended up admitting me and I did not feel fresh air on my face until two weeks later when I was discharged. A CAT scan showed that I had a fistula and to clear that up I had to have surgery. Since I had no choice in the matter I said it was a great idea. The surgery took a lot out of me because when I was sent home I was very tired all the time. Partly it was because I could not get any sleep in the hospital and partly it was from the severity of the operation. I am getting stronger now and that is clear to me because I never would've been able to write this a month ago without having to take a break. So, now that that's out of the way on with Random Thoughts.


...As if I needed another reason to hate Red Sox fans, one of them provided me with one during Boston's recent trip to Houston. Here's what happened.  George Springer of the Astros hit a ball just barely fair over the third base bag and the ball bounced into foul territory as it headed towards the wall in left. When it reached the wall a fan reached down and made contact with the ball which ruled the play dead. When Boston's Xander Bogaerts came over to retrieve the ball one young Red Sox fan felt he had to let him know that he was not the one who touched the ball because the little bastard must have assumed that was the only thing on Bogaerts' mind. Never mind the game. The kid kept on pointing at the Astros fan who touched the ball and didn't let up until the stadium security people came down and took the guy away. The guy who got thrown out was the one wearing the light brown cap and if looks could kill that kid would have been slumped over instead of pointing at him. That must have been the highlight of the afternoon for him. Forget about the game - he was happier knowing he screwed someone over. With the haircut he had he looked like a reincarnation of the Hitler Youth organization of Nazi Germany. He'd of had a ball turning in terrified Jewish families back then.


          Sox fan.jpg

...As we all know baseball is a sport ruled by statistics. For instance if you want to know the stat for every Yankee left fielder since 1990 who have hit home runs at home off of left handed pitchers you'll be able to get it. I don't know where you'd find something like that but there must be a place where useless information like that can be dug up. Some people are consumed with stats like this but I'm not one of them. How does knowing something like that help out the 2017 Yankees in any way? It doesn't. That's why I don't understand all the excitement about exit velocity when a batter hits a home run. Does it really matter how fast it takes for a ball to land in the outfield bleachers? The stat guys went nuts when Aaron Judge hit a home run with an exit velocity of 119.4 miles per hour because that was the fastest home run hit since they began keeping track of it starting in 2015. A bloop homerun hit over the left field wall at Fenway may not reach 100 mph in exit velocity but it's still a home run. To me it doesn't matter how fast they go out just as long as Aaron Judge and the rest of the Yankees keep hitting them.


...There will be no Muslim rants here today even though I realize ISIS recently attacked England twice within three weeks. ISIS took credit for them because, well, why the hell not? Even if the men who did this were not actual members of ISIS they made that organization look good by carrying out these cowardly acts. It was what happened in Portland, Oregon not too long ago that made me decide to take a look at things differently. That was when a man started yelling ethnic and religious slurs toward two women who appeared to be Muslim on a train. The man who did this was a white supremacist. If you don't know what that means just try to picture a bunch of beer drinking rednecks. The guy also killed two people who were trying to help the two women and injured another. Understand one thing here. I get why a lot of people are apprehensive about Muslims. They just got done attacking London twice. But there had to be many Muslims at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester that were only there to listen to her concert and when that van drove into those pedestrians in the Southwark district in London there had to be many Muslims there who along with everyone else were just enjoying a pleasant night with friends or co-workers. Food for thought, at least for me.


...Another good reason why not to watch ESPN is that they hired Mr. Brittle himself, Mark Teixeira, to be a baseball analyst. I seriously would question how much this guy really knows about the game except for grabbing the best seat on the bench during one of his long disabled list stints.


...I'm wondering when Greg Bird finally gets back on the field next year that he's going to have to break in his glove again?


...I had to laugh when I was listening to what some people had to say when it was announced that Derek Jeter was interested in buying the Miami Marlins. Because it was Jeter they all assumed that he would be a great owner because, well you know, he's Jeter. Jokin' Joe Torre said that Jeter would do a fantastic job because of how he conducts himself. Torre's been kissing his behind for over twenty years now so what else was he going to say? But Joe you're talking about how he handled himself on the field and with the press all these years. How do you know how well he will do as an owner? Will he open up his checkbook like Magic Johnson did in Los Angeles or do the opposite? Don Mattingly was happy about it too when he said he would look forward to working with him in Miami. Let's see if he says that if Jeter ends up firing him one day. The MLB Network experts also backed Jeter 100%. Why not? You don't want to get him mad just in case you need to interview him about something in the future. Based on what you read from one day to the next all these praises may not mean anything or they may mean everything because one day he has the money to buy the team and the next he may not have enough. What a shame. It doesn't matter to me if he buys the Marlins or not. I just wanted to hear someone come out and say that they really could have cared less if he bought them. But that was too much to wish for.


...Angel Hernandez is suing Major League Baseball on accusations of racial discrimination because baseball has promoted only one minority umpire as crew chief in the history of the game (newsflash: it wasn't him) and is also complaining that only one non-white umpire has worked a World Series since 2011. Despite his lawsuit Hernandez was still picked to work last week's All-Star game in Miami. If it wasn't for colleagues such as Laz Diaz and C.B. Bucknor this guy would be the worst umpire in the major leagues. With these two around they give him a run for his money. If there is one lawsuit that baseball should not break a sweat about it's this one. Umpires work the World Series games on merit. Only the best of the best get to be on the field when the game's champion is decided and that's why Hernandez is home every year when the series starts.


...When I first heard that Pablo Sandoval was designated for assignment by the Red Sox I immediately guessed (incorrectly I should add) that there were two big winners after this happened. First of course is Sandoval. No matter what he's getting paid 48 million dollars to watch Netflix and Hulu. With all that money he can eat half of Southern California. I originally thought the Giants were the other winners in this because they were the team the got rid of him three years ago and they weren't the ones to sign him to that huge contract. But for reasons that made sense only to them, they resigned Sandoval to a minor league contract and assigned him to Triple-A Sacramento. The Giants are having a terrible year and if there is one team that you should consider to be sellers before the trade deadline it's these guys. They have no where to go except to go home when the season wraps. Signing Sandoval is basically a no-risk move. If he helps, great. If not, thanks for trying.


...What worries me most about Michael Pineda's injury really has nothing to do with Pineda himself. Addition by subtraction as Branch Rickey used to say. In other words getting rid of someone like the Yankees are forced to do with Pineda's upcoming Tommy John surgery will end up making the team better and there is nothing better than getting rid of an inconsistent pitcher. At the same time I am hoping that the Yankees don't trade one of their good young players for a pitcher just to make the playoffs this year. I'm all for keeping these young guys and building for the future. That's why I was happy when Jose Quintana was snatched up by the Cubs. The Yankees probably could have had him but they would've had to overpay. If they don't make the playoffs this year that's fine. Next year is fine by me. I won't feel better until the trading deadline is done. Not with this team.


...Katherine Dettwyler, the University of Delaware professor that was fired for her controversial comments on Otto Warmbier was not entirely wrong. As it happens so often people concentrated on one thing that she said and ignored everything else. Dettwyler started out calling Warmbier a "spoiled, white, rich, clueless American college student." Talk about hitting a bull's-eye. She was right on every count. Warmbier was traveling in China when he decided to go to nearby North Korea for a backpacking tour. That made as much sense as an American walking around Syria waving the Stars and Stripes around because if your name isn't Dennis Rodman you're not going to be welcome there. Warmbier and his friends celebrated the New Year with a drink or two or a lot more than that and they continued drinking when they returned to their hotel later that evening. Sometime during the night Warmbier, armed with courage provided by Mr. Jack Daniels, tried to steal a state propaganda poster. Touching or even looking at posters like that is considered a serious crime in North Korea and the next day when Warmbier was scheduled to leave with his group he was detained and in a trial that Perry Mason or Clarence Darrow had no chance of winning, was sentenced to fifteen years hard labor.


Warmbier only served eighteen months of his fifteen-year stint because he was returned to the U.S. last month after suffering a severe neurological injury and he died six days after he returned home. The comment that got this college professor in trouble was when she went on to say that he got "exactly what he deserved." That's when the pitchforks were taken out and the complaints started piling in. As stupid as this guy was I won't go as far to say he deserved to die at such a young age (he was only twenty-two.) Everything else this woman said I agree with. The guy was an idiot to willingly go into that country. He had to have heard of Kenneth Bae and what he went through for over two years. But he still went. I'm sorry the guy died but he put himself in the position to get in trouble. When they have the Running of the Bulls each year people get the hell out of the way when they see one coming at them. What Warmbier did was stand out in front of one and let himself get run over.


...When I take everything in account, I consider myself a pretty lucky person although not lucky enough to win big in the lottery. I usually get good parking spaces when I go to stores, I have a great family and there isn't really anything that I really need to have. So I'm pretty content. Despite all this I seem to be a magnet every time bratty kids are around. Take last Monday for example. It was a beautiful morning and I went to have breakfast with a cousin of mine who is getting married next month. We were there for about twenty minutes catching up with each other when a mother and her two kids and what looked like the grandmother came into the restaurant. The little boy who was with them ran ahead of them and was jumping up and down and making enough noise that for just a second I thought the entire place was going to get up and pay their bill at once just to get out of there. I turned to my cousin and told her that I guaranteed her that these people will be sitting at the table next to us. Sure enough that's what happened and for the next five minutes she laughed so much that she couldn't even drink her coffee. Then my luck was with me once again because the mother calmed down the little demon. I don't know how she did it but he sat down and pouted for a bit until his chocolate milk came and he shut up for good. I don't have kids of my own and I have always been told if I had one I'd have a different outlook but when I see kids like that it makes me want to run in the opposite direction. :D

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Updated to 9-24

...As another baseball season is coming to a close I don't know whether to be sad that the season will end this week or be relieved that the almost daily torture that the Yankees have put me through will finally and mercifully be coming to an end. I've tried to look at it more positively. Saying that they weren't even supposed to be as good as they were this year, that they were not even supposed to contend for a playoff berth, etc. Fine. But what I can't get past is how terrible they played for over two months starting when they made that west coast trip in June. The way I saw it losing those four straight games in Oakland to a last place team really started it off. Good teams pick themselves up from something like this. These guys didn't. They played the month of July like they were trying to hold on to a life preserver with one hand. Yankee teams in the past I've had faith in. I never had any with this team the entire year. I took out my frustrations on them in the shoutbox, I kicked a football so hard after one of Gary Sanchez' passed balls that I pulled a muscle in my leg, I threw a water bottle at the wall after one of Masahiro Tanaka's starts, not realizing that the bottle was still open and half full and I came within a hair of busting up an expensive pair of headphones after another ball went past Sanchez after he gave a half-assed attempt to catch. This guy gets me so mad that he almost makes me wish Jorge Posada was still around and that's saying something. Next year maybe I will feel different about them. Not now. And now that they are a wild card entry do you see them going far? Cleveland will tear them apart.


...But there were exceptions this year. I loved watching Didi Gregorius play. Now this guy is a shortstop. The range that this guy has! I haven't missed Derek Jeter at all since he retired because Gregorius is doing everything. You can't tell me that ex-Yankee pitchers who played with Jeter are not privately saying to themselves that they'd rather have had Gregorius there. They'll never admit it because it would be a knock on Captain twenty million. But Gregorius has proven he's better on a daily basis. If it wasn't for this guy I'd have had a harder time watching this team.


...Wouldn't you know it with all the destruction that Hurricane Irma caused in Florida that Derek Jeter's estate down there was not damaged at all? Believe me if it had the New York Daily News and the New York Post would have had it plastered on the front page for three days. They'd of made the suffering that the people who were hit by the hurricane the worst seem second rate because Jeter had mailbox knocked over by the high winds. :D


...All things Red Sox Dept: Instead of creating a bunch of different topics on the dishonest and evil ways of the Boston Red Sox I decided to keep it in one nice and neat little tirade. Easy for everyone concerned and a lot more calming for me because the less I talk about Boston the better it is for me. The city's representative sports franchises continue to prove at every given opportunity that the only way to play a game right is to cheat and, when you are finally caught red-handed, quickly blame someone else just to get the heat off themselves.


       And that is precisely how the Red Sox got away with using which was first believed an Apple Watch to steal signs but in fact it was a Fitbit product. Like that really mattered. They still stole the signs from the other teams and that's how they were able to have that big comeback against Cleveland in early August and against the Yankees a few weeks later, just to name two games that stood out. Not for one minute were the Red Sox worried about drawing a stiff penalty from Commissioner Manfred because they know they're the Red Sox and things like that don't happen to them. Just to be on the safe side and to make them look like the victim to their fans, who apparently believe anything they are told, they blamed the Yankees for doing something just as bad as they did but if you ask any team around baseball they weren't having any of it. Dustin Pedroia, the team's sneaky second baseman who has been corking his bat since he broke in the major leagues in 2006, was a big part of stealing the signs from the opposition and all he did was laugh and gave any reporter who asked him a what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it smile when pressed for answers. Well, no one did anything. What a surprise.


      If I were John Farrell I would be very worried about young Rafael Devers. In a recent interview Devers said that Robinson Cano has always been his favorite player because of the way he plays. So when Devers starts jogging down to first base like he's wearing ankle weights and plays like he only got an hour of sleep the night before he'll know why.


    Finally, I must give credit to where it is due. Fenway Park is a wonderful place to watch a ball game and if you are lucky on some days you can sit out in the sun and work on your tan while watching the game. On the flip side you are practically guaranteed to sit next to a guy who just loves to let black players know what he thinks of them (ask Adam Jones of Baltimore about that) or someone who is keeping the Samuel Adams beer people in business all by himself. Usually if you get one you get the other. Yeah, go Sawx. Just go away.


...The beginning of the NFL season two weeks ago brought a lot of mixed feelings for me. I was glad to see the Raiders back even though they went winless during the pre-season but as they like to tell you it doesn't matter if they win or lose, the teams just want to see their new draft picks get some playing time, give the veterans some time on the field and avoid injuries. This is one of the few things that the NFL tells their fans that I have no trouble believing. But as I was listening to the game on the radio I was continuously reminded that the team was leaving Oakland again and this time I am afraid there won't be a return ticket. Love them or hate them football fans must admit -sometimes grudgingly- that the Raider fans are among the most loyal you will ever find. Look at what they did last week. They sold out the stadium in their home opener against the Jets even though they knew there isn't many home openers left for them. Mark Davis may have been given a $750 million dollar stadium in Las Vegas plus a carload full of incentives including unlimited credit for every casino in town but once they get to Nevada it is never going to be the same for the Raiders again and when that happens I just don't know if I am going to be able to watch football again.


...It wasn't just Oakland that I felt bad for. The people in San Diego don't have their Chargers to root for anymore because they refused to give money to the billionaire owner of the team to build his stadium for him. They voted to pay for schools and other necessities that they decided were more important than keeping a rich owner happy. So Dean Spanos took his team and his football and moved ninety miles up the coast to Los Angeles, a city by the way that never wanted the Chargers but there they are anyway. And they can't even sell out the smallest stadium in the league. As rich as this guy is that's how dumb he is too.


...Highway robbery with a puck, Dept: It's no secret that the city of Detroit has fallen on hard times. Putting it mildly, they're broke. But that did not stop the Detroit Red Wings owners from going there and somehow coming away with $250 million dollars to build a new hockey rink. What's even worse is that $13 million of that is coming directly out of Detroit school taxes. They are already hurting as it is and now it's going to be next to impossible to get a decent education there. Their schools are going to be so hard up now that three kids are going to have to share one desk. I don't understand why they did this and why they are so desperate to keep the Red Wings owners happy here. The only possible reason I can come up with is that the Red Wings are one of the original six National Hockey League teams and there is no way the Motor City wants them going anywhere. But it came at a high cost to keep these people happy. Detroit can not already properly fund their public schools so this cutback of thirteen million dollars is really going to make parents even happier. The real estate prices are among the lowest in the United States because people are moving out of Detroit at a steady pace and to top it off there is a huge police shortage where it is not uncommon to place a 911 call and wait up to an hour for a response. So a mugger can take your wallet, go to lunch and come back and mug you again just so he can be sure he didn't miss anything the first time and still get out of there in plenty of time before the cops arrive. But sure, give the hockey team 250 million. Great move.


...Have you ever noticed how many articles that are written on the internet about a waitress posting a receipt that she got from a customer and the sob story behind it? Last week I finished reading three of them but this one here stands out from the rest on its stupidity alone. Our heroine the waitress was serving two girls their meals and everything was going well until it was time to pay the bill. It seems that both girls did not like the makeup that the waitress had on and instead of leaving a few dollars for a tip they gave her another kind of tip when they wrote on the receipt that "contour is supposed to blend." (Don't ask me what that is supposed to mean. I don't even know what contour is but I know that the waitress would have taken money over that not-so-friendly tip.) Now here is the eye-rolling part. After the woman read what they wrote she said that it "didn't phase her at all." Sure it didn't, not at all. She just needed to take it straight to social media and the internet as fast as she could to let everyone know about how much it "didn't phase her." Yeah it sucks that they did that to you but the only reason why you ran to Facebook and Twitter was to see how many people were going to feel sorry for you. Some people are like that. That's how they get through the day. All you did was give them more attention for their actions.


...It's too bad a lot of you did not get to see ESPN during the 1980s when they spent their time broadcasting and covering sports instead of what they do best these days which is making headlines that make you question the sanity of the people that run the place. Jemele Hill, a female African-American reporter called Donald Trump a "white supremacist " and also “an unfit, bigoted, incompetent moron” and finally wrapping it up by saying that he was “unqualified and unfit to be president.” Well at least she covered everything. ESPN tried to take her off the 6 p.m. SportsCenter show she hosts because Trump wanted her fired but were unable to because of the protests of the other black hosts at the network so they forced her into issuing a public apology. For what? For posting her thoughts on social media. Isn’t that what Twitter is for? Trump does it multiple times a day and he's said much worse about other people than what Hill said about him. Just ask Mika Brzezinski.


Want more? Remember what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia last month when all hell broke loose during a white nationalist rally because some people were protesting the plans to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee? Shortly after that happened the University of Virginia had their football home opener and ESPN was going to be there broadcasting the game but as coincidence would have it the guy who was scheduled to announce the game was named Robert Lee. ESPN was overwrought with worry here. They didn't want any incidents out on the field by the fans. If they wanted to start fights in the parking lot that was another thing. They didn't have to show that on network television. Now give ESPN credit here. They weren't fooled a bit. After many meetings with a bunch of stuffed-shirt executives in attendance they decided to remove Robert Lee from calling the game in Virginia. That's because one sharp, young junior executive spotted something in Robert Lee's name. All Lee did he pointed out was drop the E from his name so he could go incognito. The big shots were admittedly puzzled as how he turned into an Asian guy but when it they were reminded that it had to be a similar procedure that turned Bruce Jenner into a woman, they shook their heads and accepted that it was possible. Never mind the fact that the real Robert E. Lee has been dead all these 147 years these guys were happy with their decision that only made sense to them. That's why Lee, an Asian man who probably doesn't give a damn about the famous man in history that shares his name was transferred up to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to do the Youngstown/Pitt game. That made the suits very happy because now Lee was surrounded by a bunch of Yankees and he wouldn't dare make a move then. :D


...Now that I got my mind on Charlottesville it reminds me of something that I kept on hearing from some of the people on the TV news and from various articles on the internet that to me, if they had really thought about it, would not have asked the question at all.  "How could this happen in 2017 ?"  some people were wondering, as if demonstrations of this kind should have a different end result just because it's 2017. Or not even take place at all. The sad fact is that no matter how much progress is made (and in fact there is, just compare the present day to how things were fifty or sixty years ago) there are still and always will be a large group of people that will resist any and all change that they determine to be a threat to the "white way of life." Let me explain what I mean. The guy responsible for that car-ramming incident that killed that woman was all of twenty-years-old. Just a kid. Someone or more likely a group of people had to teach him how to think like that in that short period of time. They had to twist his mind to make him believe their way was the right way and the only way, just as someone before them taught them to think like that. These principles are either picked up or passed from generation to generation and what we saw and learned from that August night is the latest example of it. Fifty years from now if something like this happens again the same thing will be said. How can this happen now? The more things change the more they stay the same. Only the names change.


...Finally, well, I really don't know what to make out of this or really where to start. I expect I should just dive right in. Last week firefighters from a town in Germany called Worms were called to the hospital to assist in cutting off a 2.6 kg weight (which is a little over 5 1/2 pounds) off of a man's you-know-what. I know a lot of you are having a hard time believing this so to help you save time from googling this you can check it out for yourself by clicking on this link right here. Ok, let's go on. The firefighters spent quite a bit of time removing the weight from the guy using a a grinder and hydraulic cutter to get it off. When you think about it what else could they have used? One little slip up and....well you know. What I want to know is what was this guy thinking of when he decided to do this? It had to be torture trying to stand up let alone trying to walk around. And if he had to take a piss? Forget it. Maybe this was the closest weight around. Can you picture instead of this five pound weight grabbing a twenty pound one instead? A do-it-yourself hernia. Those firefighters would still be working on him now.

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Updated to 11-19

...Naturally I am kind of disappointed about the Yankees not making it to the World Series, let alone winning it but with the way they played in the final two games of the A.L.C.S. it was hardly surprising to anyone who watched those games that they got what they deserved. When you score a combined one run on ten hits in games six and seven you are going to end up watching the other team move on and that's what Houston did. Yeah they outplayed the Dodgers in seven games in what was a total team effort but that's as far as I'll go with that because there's already enough people on the Astro bandwagon and I'll leave it to them to sing their praises.


...Yankee this,that and the other things to end the 2017 season, Dept: I admit they played a lot better than what was expected and I was reminded of that all year by Jim825, always the optimist. And it's true since I had them pegged for fourth place because I didn't have any faith in them and even when they were playing well I still couldn't bring myself to believe. My fault probably but I've learned not to be taken in by the over-hype of the New York press. Here's a few things that stood out above the rest that still has me doubting this team going into next year.


       1. Gary Sanchez. He was so bad this year that he almost made me wish Jorge Posada was still playing and I hated that guy. He had thirteen errors and sixteen passed balls in 2017. He would have had more but fifteen of the games he played in were as a designated hitter. Despite this Sanchez was an All-Star. He was, until you took the bat out of his hand.


       2. Aaron Judge. If you needed a perfect example of what New York hype is then look no further than Judge. If he was on any other team (excluding Boston because they'd have already been calling Cooperstown to let him in early) he would have been just another young power hitter with a huge hole in his swing that was easy to take advantage of. Easy? Throw it low and outside and before long he'd be walking back to the dugout. Watching the Yankee games this past summer I would always get up for a bathroom break or to get a drink or stretch my legs every time Judge came up because I had a good idea of what was going to happen and sure enough I'd usually hear Michael Kay telling everyone that he'd just swung and missed for strike three.


       3. Luis Severino. I don't know what to think of this guy to be honest. He has come a long way but when the Yankees needed him the most (the wild card game against the Twins and game six of the A.L.C.S. against Houston) he didn't deliver. In fact he was downright lousy. Even Michael Pineda would have done better. But in order for these guys to win next year and beyond his talented right arm is needed.


       4. Joe Girardi. I thought he did a good job but the Yankees wanted to make a change so that's that. That's not saying that I wasn't surprised by the news because I was. I really thought he was coming back next year but what can you do? For many years Girardi had an old, veteran team. Teixiera, Rodriguez and Jeter just to name three. All over paid and all immobile. And even with that Girardi made the post season. He'd of done it one more time in 2014 if the Yankees were not so concerned about kissing Jeter's ass in his final year. Whomever they hire I wish him luck.


...I got to admit it was a good World Series although the games were too long again. They always are but somehow they seem to get even longer. Take Houston's wild 13 -12 win in game 5. That took five hours and seventeen minutes to play. That's almost enough time to watch the first two Godfather movies. A lot of loyal east coast baseball fans dragged themselves to work the next day because of this and kids who are fans of the game, well, forget it. They were in bed long before the 9th and 10th inning drama took place. All the time-saving measures the Commissioner wants to put into place is just for show. You want to save time? Tell FOX to slice their commercials in half. You do that and you'll see faster games. I saw the Yankees and Dodgers play in the World Series for the first time in 1977. The Yankees won the first game in the Bronx in twelve innings over the Dodgers 4 - 3. That twelve inning game took three hours and twenty-four minutes to play. Less commercials is key here folks.


...I am not taking anything away from Willie Mays' Hall-of-Fame career but I do not understand at all why the World Series MVP award has been renamed the Willie Mays World Series most valuable player award? I don't need someone to rattle off his stats from the back of his baseball card. I know he had a twenty-two year major league career and he went to the World Series four times while only being on one winner (1954 New York Giants.) That's why I question why this award was named after him. How about naming the award after Yogi Berra? He played on ten championship Yankee teams in his career? Ten is greater than one. Or at least it was when I was in school.


...Because of one easily offended cereal consumer, Kellogg's is being forced to re-design their artwork on their Corn Pops cereal boxes because of a complaint of racism. The cover drawing shows cartoon characters shaped as corn kernels inside a shopping mall. They are shown shopping, playing in an arcade and one of them, presumably a teen-age corn kernel, is skateboarding down an escalator.


However there was one corn kernel that caught the eye of one twitter user, a man who has taken it upon himself as a defender of corn kernels everywhere. He noticed that there was one brown corn kernel and he was working as a janitor operating a floor waxer. The guy's complaint was that this was teaching kids racism as they look at their cereal box while they are eating breakfast. Give me a break. Kids could care less what is on a box of cereal unless it says "Free inside." Kellogg's showed how much backbone they had when they quickly responded that they will be redesigning the Corn Pops cereal boxes as soon as possible. And just like that another racist issue was met head on and dealt with in this country. Let it be known that the rights of corn kernels everywhere are recognized and defended in the United States of America. Now pass the milk.


...Now that this actually happened I am waiting for someone to complain about Kellogg's Honey Smacks. Have you seen them? They're all brown. Some of them can even be illegals. :D


...As soon as I heard about this story I knew I had to write about it. There's a twenty-five-year-old American woman who is facing a twenty year prison sentence in Zimbabwe for insulting their country's ninety-three-year-old President on Twitter when she called him a “selfish and sick man”. Now if this woman had written this about anyone in this country she wouldn't be in the trouble that she is now. But she didn't. She did this in Zimbabwe and over there they don't play like that. Because of that tweet she is being charged with attempting to overthrow the government. Nonsense, of course. All she is is another stupid American who thinks she can do whatever she wants in any country she wants to do it in. Her Freedom of Speech rights is only a right in the American Constitution and the only way I think she can get off the hook for this is if Zimbabwe becomes a state. When you travel to another country you have to remember you are the visitor and you should not expect the people and their customs to adjust to you. You adjust to them. After some time behind bars she'll find this out for herself.


...I prefer to watch television by myself as opposed to with another person or in a group because I have found that when I do that there is always someone who has to start talking non-stop as soon as the show or movie begins. They won't be saying a thing before it starts but as soon as it does you'll have a front row seat to who they saw the other day, what the latest gossip is, how their health has drastically changed since last week or that their car is making a strange new sound. While this is going on I am missing half of what is being said. :D


...Yehya, the guy who does those crazy movie reviews on the Jimmy Kimmel show really cracks me up. I don't know if I've seen him pronounce one movie right yet. :D


...With the exception of one incident a few weeks ago where he was escorted out of a Las Vegas hotel for causing a drunken disturbance, O.J. Simpson has been somewhat quiet since being released from jail early last month. Why the guy still wants to hang around Las Vegas is beyond me since that's the same place where he got in trouble and landed in jail for nine years. But he did say that when he got out he was going to do the same things he always did. Now that's a scary thought. If he gets lonely he can probably get someone to give him Casey Anthony's number. I hear she's single.


...Your Thanksgiving Day football schedule is as follows. The first game is the Minnesota Vikings at the Detroit Lions at 12:30 p.m. The states of Minnesota and Michigan will be watching this. Outside of those two states only Jim825 will be tuning in. At 4:30 p.m. the San Diego Chargers visit Dallas to take on the Cowboys. This is perfect. A lot of people may be just finishing eating at this time and watching the Cowboys on TV will help put them right to sleep. Works for me every year. And if you really want to watch a third game that day you got to wait until 8:30 p.m. when the New York Giants face the Redskins in Washington.


...Finally I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday. For those of you outside of the U.S. it will be just a regular day but for us it means gathering around with family that we haven't seen since last year at this time, eating turkey, watching football and devouring pumpkin pie, not necessarily in that order. Thanksgiving is a very old custom here in the U.S. dating back to the 1600's. At that time people from England came here and landed in Massachusetts and the first thing they saw after they got off their ship was a bunch of Indians walking around. They told them to pack up their teepees and get the hell out of there but just as the Indians were ready to ride off one of the settlers discovered that he was really hungry. So they told the Indians before you take off go and catch about a dozen or so turkeys and cook them for us and then when you are done with that you can scram. Well, they did and the Indian woman were such good cooks that the settlers invited them to have dinner with them since there was no way they were going to finish off all those turkeys by themselves. After dinner was done and the Indians cleaned up the place they started off again but instead of moving away one hundred miles from the settlers as originally planned, the people from England said they only had to move one mile. That's because Christmas was about a month away and they wanted another good meal. The place where they moved the Indians to was right near a swamp and that became the very first ghetto in the New World. The Indians and settlers got along famously for many years until one Englishman, who had a little too much wine, insulted one of the Indian wives cooking skills. Immediately after that was when the first scalping of a white man came about. But that's another story.


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11 hours ago, Yankee4Life said:

When you travel to another country you have to remember you are the visitor and you should not expect the people and their customs to adjust to you. You adjust to them.


I'm thinking of quite some people who should read this before travelling half-world to wreck havoc.

I missed this thread.

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More food for thought:

- I just read that in NYC, subway conductors are no longer allowed to treat passengers as 'Sir' or 'Maddam'. Only gender-neutral expressions are now allowed.

This is beyond stupid. I can't believe this...

Then again, an MMA fighter is pressing charges against another because he got punched in the face after an argument on the street. Keep in mind ladies and gentleman (oh, I'm sorry, I meant 'everybody') that this is a guy who gets paid to beat another human being to a pulp, yet he feels butt-hurt enough to file a complaint because he got what he deserved. This is the same human being who felt it was OK to travel to Brazil to fight and then proceed to insult the country and its people on numerous occasions. I'm an atheist, but I really hope there is a special kind of hell for this guy and for whoever came up with the idea of 'gender neutral'.

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37 minutes ago, sabugo said:

More food for thought:

- I just read that in NYC, subway conductors are no longer allowed to treat passengers as 'Sir' or 'Maddam'. Only gender-neutral expressions are now allowed.

This is beyond stupid. I can't believe this...

This is news to me. I can't see what the issue is by saying to someone 'sir' or 'ma'am.' Good luck with that being followed.

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It's basically the 99,9% having to acommodate to the 0,01%

Much of what today is called insultuous and bullying was just called 'don't be a pussy' and 'growing up' when I was a kid.

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On 11/19/2017 at 0:06 AM, Yankee4Life said:

...Your Thanksgiving Day football schedule is as follows. The first game is the Minnesota Vikings at the Detroit Lions at 12:30 p.m. The states of Minnesota and Michigan will be watching this. Outside of those two states only Jim825 will be tuning in.

I sure will!  The Vikings are playing their best football in years.  Like the Yankees, the Vikings are playing better than I or the experts predicted.  I'll enjoy the ride as long as I can.

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4 hours ago, sabugo said:

Hmm, what?

Exactly what I said. This made no sense to me either.

3 hours ago, Jim825 said:

I sure will!  The Vikings are playing their best football in years.  Like the Yankees, the Vikings are playing better than I or the experts predicted.  I'll enjoy the ride as long as I can.

Should be a good game. They won big yesterday against the Rams.

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Updated to 2-4

...Even though Super Bowl LII features the two worst sports cities in America -more on that in a minute- tonight's game has a few positive things going for it. Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. eastern time and that should give everyone plenty of time to sneak a nice long nap in before you have to look at Tom Brady's face for four hours. You'll also have more than enough time to take a trip to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for a homemade pizza since it's going to be all hands on deck for the pizza shops because everyone is going to have the bright idea of ordering a sheet pizza and if you order it before the game starts you'll have a good chance of getting it by halftime. Finally, the game is on NBC and that means no Joe Buck. His father Jack Buck got all the talent in the family and when poor Joe came around there was none left for him.


   Which brings us to the game. Boston's Patriots vs. Philadelphia's Eagles in the battle of the obnoxious fans and the championship of the National Football League. I think I'd have more fun watching my car get an oil change. It is almost fitting this game is being played in Minneapolis, a city known for nothing worthwhile unless you take pride in bitter cold temperatures. As much as I dislike Philadelphia there is no way I can root for Boston. My reasoning is if the Eagles win or lose their fans are going to tear up Philadelphia anyway and then after a few million dollars worth of damage they will get it out of their system. Not Boston. They'll show Philly they can start fires and break windows with the best of them but when they're done they'll be bragging about their win all the way up to week one of the 2018 NFL season. So, go Eagles.


...A windbag group called the Fritz Pollard Alliance complained that the Oakland Raiders did not follow the Rooney Rule when they hired Jon Gruden. It basically means that a team that is looking to hire a head coach must consider at least one minority candidate before offering the job to someone. I don't believe in that rule because I think you should hire the best coach possible. I don't recall complaints from anyone when men like Art Shell, Hue Jackson, Marvin Lewis or Mike Tomlin to name a few were hired. So why make a big deal when a minority is not hired? It just makes what they stand for look ridiculous.


...Right now the country of Mexico must be sitting back smiling and saying "I told you we weren't going to pay for that wall." :D


...This bit of news should make anyone who is as tired of winter as I am feel a little bit better. In exactly eight days on Monday the 12th, the pitchers and catchers for the Mets and Pirates report to spring training. Most teams report on the 13th while a few stragglers open up on the 14th. That right there should give every baseball fan something to look forward to. And if you are one of the impatient ones just consider this for a moment: Opening Day has been moved up to late March-Thursday, March 29, to be exact-making it the earliest season opener in baseball history (leaving aside seasons with international openers in Japan or Australia). And if you're wondering when opening day is for your favorite squad the answer is also March 29th. That's because every major league team opens up on the same day this year. Here we go!


...About two weeks ago I read a story about a twelve-year-old girl named Gabriella Green who lived in Panama City Beach, Florida. This girl was cyber bullied and harassed so much that she committed suicide and hung herself in her closet with a dog leash. Two children were arrested for the cyberbullying that lead to this little girl's death and some of the things they told this girl was not pretty. They found out that one of the suspects had started rumors about Green in person, and online. The rumors were that Green had sexually transmitted diseases and she constantly called her vulgar names and then threatened to 'expose' personal and sensitive details her life. Text messages, phone calls and in-your-face confrontations slowly built up around this girl that made her think that the only way out was to take her life. Again, she was only twelve. So were the kids that were arrested. They'll get off if they cry and say they were sorry when their lawyers tell them too but then again that may prove to be tough because the girl's family has hired Jose Baez to represent them ahead of a possible civil suit. Baez is the same guy who defended Casey Anthony and Aaron Hernandez. This will be the first case that I hope this guy wins. Nearly 43% of kids have been cyber bullied. Why so much? Because I believe that kids know how to be sneaky. I say this because the girl's mother said while the arrests "were gratifying," she blames parents and the school system. Maybe. But if these kids have their heart set on going after someone and giving them hell nothing is going to stop them. And nothing did. I hope these two kids pay dearly.


...The line forms to the left, Dept: It seems that every day there is another woman who comes forward accusing a celebrity of some kind of sexual harassment or misconduct. While I believe that some of these stories may be true I don't consider that they all are and that right there is the root of the entire problem. We just don't know which ones to give credence to. If you will, look at it like this.  Of all the times you have seen or read the news have you always accepted everything you have just learned without question? Not a lot I'd say. No one does because mistakes are made and stories change all the time. So why take all these women at their word when they come out in front of the cameras with a tissue in their hand crying about something that happened decades ago? That's what happened to actor Michael Douglas when he was informed in late December of last year that a woman who worked for him all those years ago has come forward and accused him of using colorful language in front of her and masturbating in front of her. To his credit Douglas did not hide from reporters when he was asked about this because he had nothing to hide. That's all well and good but as soon as a woman opens her mouth to accuse you of something like this you're guilty in many people's minds, damned the facts as they may be. Over thirty years and this woman doesn't say one word about this but as soon as she sees others come forward getting their fifteen minutes of self pity with the spotlight on them she couldn't start talking fast enough. This is the reason why I don't believe everything about Bill Cosby. From as far back as the 1960's women who have know Cosby have accused him of just about anything inappropriate you can think of. Why now and why all of them at once? Why wait all this time and not report a crime like this after it happens if indeed it did happen? And I'm not talking about doctor Larry Nassar here. He's had his day in court and it was proven that he did molest all those female Olympic athletes. A lot of what is facing these men as they go forward are nothing but accusations and slander.


          I only bring up Cosby because his story has been out there longer than the others and accountable or not his career is done. No networks, no advertisers, no one wants to collaborate with him and it is all because he might have done it. That's what many of these actors, athletes and public figures are now facing. Someone said you did it so that means you did. End of story.


         All of this reminds me of an article I once read about Wayne Gretzky. One of his close friends was being interviewed about him and he said that Gretzky will not allow himself to be in a room with a woman without someone else there and he won't even get in an elevator with a woman alone without having someone else with him.  As I read this many years ago my first thought was that he was being overly cautious. But not now. It seems that Gretzky was on to something.


...Last Thursday a twelve-year-old girl brought a loaded semiautomatic handgun into her middle school that she claims she thought was a fake gun. This fake gun had real bullets in it and it ended up injuring five people, including one boy who was shot in the temple by one of them. Luckily for him he is expected to make a full recovery, which is a miracle. What's even more of a miracle is that the police believe this all was an accident. Really? How? In what way? Schools are super-sensitive these days about any kind of violence both real and perceived so taking that into consideration how does anyone "accidentally" bring a gun to school even if they believed it to be a fake one? And how do you accidentally shoot four times at four different kids? At least the police did one thing right. They arrested her and brought her to the L.A. County Central Juvenile Hall for the negligent discharge of a firearm and is being held without bail. Of course, considering it was an accident she's probably already home by now.


...Last week a new reality show premiered on the Fusion Network called Big Papi needs a job. Now that he's retired from baseball David Ortiz needs to get a new job because having tens of millions of dollars in the bank just does not go as far as it used to. As I said it's on the Fusion Network but I'll be damned if I can find that anywhere on my Playstation Vue account. Up to a couple of days ago I never even heard of it. But since Ortiz is intent on finding gainful employment I thought I'd help him out with these suggestions so that maybe he can begin to receive a regular paycheck again.


1. He can get a job at the Everglades Alligator farm down in Florida. They have over 2,000 alligators there and he can be in charge of feeding every one of them as he goes out on the water with his motorboat so he can feed them as fast as he can before the food or the gas runs out.


2. Police academies are hiring people for top dollar as test subjects to teach the new recruits the differences between a stun gun and a taser when used on a live subject. Four or five times being jolted by these things Ortiz can clear five grand easy.


3. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus may be gone now but clowns are still in high demand in bull riding competitions in rodeos across the country. Papi can dress as a clown and run out there to protect the riders when they are thrown from the bull. These clowns must have speed and agility and Ortiz has neither of these qualities. But at least he's a clown.


4. He can get a job at the San Diego Zoo picking up after animals like the elephants, zebras and lions after they answer the call of nature. This zoo is one of the best ones in the United States and is well known for its 3,700 animals of more than 650 species and subspecies. So with all those animals around his shovel will always be moving. This job may be perfect for him. For his entire career all this guy did was talk shit. Now he'll get to pick it up.


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Let's see. You hate New England, you hate Philadelphia, you hate Minneapolis. The list keeps growing . . .

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1 minute ago, Jim825 said:

Let's see. You hate New England, you hate Philadelphia, you hate Minneapolis. The list keeps growing . . .

Is that all you took out of this latest posting?

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Updated to 3-25


...Even though the calendar says it is the last week of March, baseball in their inexhaustible wisdom has decided to begin the 2018 season this Thursday with a full slate of games while completely ignoring the fact that five cities have a very good chance of playing in temperatures in the thirties or not at all.  Kansas City, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Detroit and the New York Mets all must be wishing they can be opening up on the road instead of at home because of this. And considering that a few days ago New York City got hit by another bad snowstorm it's going to be a minor miracle that they get the Mets game played. It's kind of hard to play baseball when your playing field is the same color as the ball. If the fans approach these games as if they are going ice fishing in Minnesota and not drink too much coffee I don't see any reason why they can't sit through four innings of baseball with no problem. Five at the most.


...Good news for Marlins fans. Their team opens up at home and there are a lot of good seats available. All of them, actually.


...I did not watch one Yankee spring training game because it is too early for me to listen to Michael Kay's voice and with Ken Singleton retiring at the end of the season it is only going to get worse.


...The Red Sox could not resist making head shaking news over the off season because that's just how things are done with them. These are the kind of people that can screw up a free lunch by complaining that they didn't get enough bread before the meal. Now they want to rename Yawkey Way, the street in front of Fenway Park, back to its original name which was Jersey Street. The reason why they want to do this is because current Red Sox owner John Henry said he was “haunted” over the racial past of the team. The Red Sox were the last team to integrate in 1959 when they had their first black player. Oh, I get it now. Change the name of the street and by magic people will forget this. What John Henry really needs besides a slap in the head is an exhaustive history lesson of Tom Yawkey and how he saved the Red Sox. Yawkey bought the Red Sox in 1933 after the worst period in their history. From 1920 (the year after Babe Ruth was sold) to 1932 (the season before he bought the team) the Red Sox finished in fifth place twice, sixth place once and dead last nine times. Once Yawkey took over the Red Sox started to improve and in 1937 posted their first winning season in years and in 1938 finished in second place behind the Yankees. Yawkey's money and willingness to spend it (buying Jimmie Foxx and Lefty Grove for example) made the Red Sox fun to watch again. Nothing like that was mentioned in their petition to rename the street.


But since he was unable to resist sounding like an idiot by bringing this up to begin with what he said next confirmed it, at least for me. Asked if the decision were only up to him, he would rename the street "David Ortiz Way" or "Big Papi Way" after David Ortiz. He sure would. And I bet he never heard of someone named Ted Williams. But to know that meant reading more history about the team he owns.


...For a long time now it was my opinion that today's high school and college kids were only concerned about their phones, the latest on Facebook and themselves - not necessarily in that order. But after watching what those kids down in Florida have been doing after the latest school shooting my opinion has changed about them because of their stand against guns. They made Marco Rubio and the mouthpiece of the NRA look stupid because they did not accept their unabashed attempts to avoid answering their well thought out questions about what should be done to keep assault weapons out of the hands of people that have no business having them. The way I see it the only people who should have access to these kind of weapons are the people in the military or the police. If you don't fall into those two categories then you don't get one. I am a private citizen and I have no need for one and neither should anyone else. What business do I have owning something like that?


I think the NRA is underestimating these kids because I don't think they are going to go away and if that's the case all I can say is thank God. What happened when something like this occurred in the past? Tears were shed, people got angry at the politicians and the NRA, new gun laws were demanded and then the lawmakers bided their time and shuffled their feet until the public stopped talking about it. It happened with Columbine and Sandy Hook and especially with Sandy Hook  I still can not believe that no laws were passed that made owning a gun harder to have after what happened there. And then before long you'll hear that tired, stock cliche when one of them says they are sending their "thoughts and prayers" to the surviving family members and students. These people have turned what on the surface is a nice gesture into a dismissive, empty and callous statement, something that was not lost on those Parkland students.


One comment that stood out to me was from a politician who I believe was from Florida. He said that the students who were demanding changes with the gun laws were just kids and not registered voters. In other words their opinions didn't matter. It was my hope that every one of those kids heard that or read about it because while it is true that they may not be voting this year some of them who are high school seniors will be as soon as next year and more and more of them will be when the 2020's arrive. Time has a way of sneaking up on you and before we all know it that generation will be the ones in charge and I just hope the NRA is unable to buy off those politicians like they have been for all these years now.


...I don't know why but I get a kick out of these waitress stories that I read on the internet where they try to get people to feel sorry for them for something that happened while they were at work. The latest one is from Florida and involves a poor, abused young thing who complained that she did not receive a tip on a takeout order when a nearby church called to order $735 worth of food from the Outback Steakhouse where she worked. According to this waitress they “take the order over the phone, put the order together, take payment and then take order to the car.” Then I gather that once this is finished they all have to go in the employee break room to sit down for forty-five minutes before someone passes out from this amount of work to avoid a trip to the emergency room.


Before they had a chance to pull out of the parking lot and return to the church with their dinners this waitress jumped on Facebook to complain that she didn't get a tip because she really could have broken a nail putting the orders in the car and then where would she be then? Her weekend would have been ruined. A friend of hers told her to delete the post but it was too late, it was already viewed. The church called the next day to apologize to the Outback because they had a volunteer pick up their order because Outback’s delivery service was delayed and the person didn’t realize that a tip is customary on takeout orders. When the waitress came into work the next day she learned two things. First, the church was given a full refund of their order because of the post she made and in addition her services were no longer required. She found out the hard way that freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. I don't know why anyone thinks whining on Facebook is a good idea. The funny part is that the church called the following day to try and straighten things out and leave a tip and not to get the waitress in trouble. Little did they know she took care of that herself.


...Like most people I am interested in seeing how this Stormy Daniels story ends up but when the subject turns to Melania Trump and how she is dealing with this scandal I can't help but wondering this. How is this a surprise to her considering this guy cheated on his previous two wives and what made her think that it wouldn't happen to her?


...How to be popular, Dept: A fourteen-year-old Vancouver girl threw a house party last week that she somehow paid for by using her parents credit card without their permission. When the police responded to a call that reported an “uncontrolled party” at a neighborhood home they witnessed nearly two hundred teens running away once they arrived. It was if someone made an announcement that a store in the mall was giving away free laptops but only for the first few hundred people. That's how fast the house emptied. Left behind was evidence of the destruction they caused to the house -  to walls, furniture, and artwork all of which the girl's parents will be held accountable for to a tune of $20,000. That is where I would have lost it. If there was a military school for girls somewhere I would have sent her there.  I would have called the police and had her taken away for theft of my credit cards. No amount of crying would fix this. She may as well apply at Burger King or McDonalds when she becomes working age because her college fund just got spent on one party.  I hope they have the money to cover this or else their refrigerator and pantry will be pretty scarce for the next ten years or so.


...Goodbye Toys-R-US. I'm going to miss you like I miss Christmas movies. The last time I was in one of their stores was when my niece was very little and I bought her a toy that she was asking for. I can still hear the screaming of the kids while I was trying to find the damned thing. I don't know how much it cost but I would have paid anything to get out of there. :D


...It's been slow in the airline industry lately. No one's been kicked off a plane in awhile and the TSA people haven't been harassing any old people. Like a noisy child who's been too quiet for too long, I can't help but thinking something is going to happen.


...What the hell, Dept: Singer Katy Perry playfully gave a contestant on American Idol his first-ever kiss after she found out he had never kissed a girl before and because of that is facing some backlash because the guy said he was "uncomfortable" because he was saving it for "someone special." Just when you think you heard it all you discover that you haven't. As far as first kisses go getting one from Katy Perry is not going to keep you up at night tossing and turning. I personally like her as a brunette with longer hair instead of the short blond look but that doesn't mean you'd hear me complain if she decided to kiss me. Instead of crying about it I'd kiss her back. Maybe the guy was hoping for Justin Bieber instead. Who knows?


...Did you read where Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett, who at 6'4'' and 274 pounds, someone who certainly is no pushover but did just that to a sixty-six-year-old paraplegic woman in a wheelchair during last year's Super Bowl all because he wanted to run on the field when the game ended to congratulate his brother Martellus Bennett, who was a member of the victorious New England Patriots team who defeated the Atlanta Falcons in last year's NFL Championship game? The woman ended up suffering a sprained shoulder as Bennett shoved her aside just so he could be close to his brother. Bennett stated that he saw that the old woman had an autograph book in her hand and he was worried that she would ask him to sign it so he got away from her as fast as he could and it was just a reflex reaction that he tackled her like he would a quarterback. :huh:

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Updated to 7-29


...While many people in here have told me more times then I can remember how happy I should be because of the Yankees start to this season I just can't buy it. If one looks close you can find underachievers all over the roster. Forget Gary Sanchez for a second. I've been pointing out how worthless this guy's been since opening day. And you know what? I was right. The most he ever hustled was his half-ass run to first base in Tampa last month that landed him on the disabled list. When Greg Bird got injured again in spring training I said to myself that I wouldn't have been shocked to find out he wasn't coming back until next year. I got a laugh when Mark Teixeira said that the Yankees  should be “very concerned” about Greg Bird’s inability to stay healthy. This is a guy who couldn't stay healthy if his kids lives depended on it and he's the one who talks about Bird? This team gets hurt so much that sometimes I am afraid to read the papers the next day.


It hasn't been all bad, I'll even admit that. It's been nice watching Luis Severino and rookies Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar play but I can't say the same about Aaron Judge. I have seen the guy go games without getting close to hitting the ball but as soon as he hits a home run it's all forgotten. Since I have been watching baseball I have watched players before him that I thought were strikeout machines, for example Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson, Alfonso Soriano and Adam Dunn to name a few but Judge in his second year has a better than average chance to pass them all up. He's one of the most inconsistent hitters I have ever seen but the hype on this guy is what saves him. And that right there is the problem with this year's Yankee team. They are inconsistent because they are not good enough.


...Not that it means anything to me, well maybe it does a little because I respect baseball history but not to long ago the Boston Red Sox renamed Yawkey Way outside the ballpark back to its original name of Jersey Street because of allegations of racism in the namesake’s past. Red Sox owner John Henry asked to change the name of the street, which before games becomes a pedestrian walkway, to distance the franchise for Yawkey’s racist reputation. I feel he is doing this as a publicity ploy because besides him and a few others that think like him most people could care less. That's the problem I have with this.Yawkey turned around that horses*** franchise when he bought it but that didn't matter. To their credit a lot of Red Sox fans are upset about this because Yawkey was a beloved figure around Boston and the foundation that was founded a year after his death in 1976 has given away $453 million in grants since it started. Not bad for a man they want to sweep under the rug now. If they had to go as far as changing back the name of the street because of cries of racism then maybe then the charities should give back the millions he donated and call it even.


...I've heard of bullpen miscommunications before but what the Indians pulled right before the All-Star break was simply stupid and borderline lazy. During a game against the Reds Terry Francona got on the phone to Cleveland pitching coach Carl Willis and he asked him to warm up “O.P.” in the bullpen, meaning lefthander Oliver Perez because that is who he wanted to match up against lefty hitting Joey Votto. Instead, Willis heard “O.T.,” which meant that right hander Dan Otero was to warm up. So Otero said sure, why not? And when Francona made the pitching change in trotted a puzzled Otero while Perez remained in the pen as an interested observer. When Votto saw that a righty was coming in he smiled and said to himself that he was going to make the Indians pay and that's exactly what he did when his bases clearing double helped Cincinnati to come from behind and win. I don't know if this will happen again, at least not in Cleveland. It would have taken Francona an extra millimeter of a second to saying the player's full name instead of his initials. Maybe he can get one of his coaches to call down for him just in case one of his players is batting out of order again.


...Last Friday I went to see Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom and not that I am going to give any spoilers away for those of you who have not seen it yet but I am very, very happy that this was just a movie because if those dinosaurs went after me I'd have no chance. :D


...No pictures please, Dept: I guess if you really had to you can file this one under the category of "thinning the herd." A man in India was driving people home from a wedding when he suddenly realized that having a lot to drink at the reception would eventually catch up to him and if he didn't find a restroom soon the pants he was wearing would become soaked in one certain area. With no port-a-pottys around he then decided to pull over to the side and take care of business. While he was doing that he looked around and saw a bear not to far away from him that was obviously injured in some way. Stupid is as stupid does, he got the idea of walking over to the bear to try and take a selfie with it. It was his bad luck that this was an extremely shy bear because the bear gave him one warning in the form of a growl and when that didn't work the bear mauled him to death. The people that were with him tried to get the bear off of the guy but the bear wasn't having any of it. Not even the picture that the guy was able to take before the bear swatted his big paw at him was clear enough to post on Facebook. That got them madder because it would have got a lot of likes.


...Ok, ok. Just one more selfie story and that's it. A British woman and Australian man fell one hundred feet to their death when they were attempting to take a selfie at beautiful Pescadores beach in Portugal. They probably wouldn't have had a problem with it but they tried to take the picture at night and then at one point they dropped their phone. As they bent down to get it they both fell over the side straight down to the beach below. It's anyone's guess as to who hit the ground first. Maybe the man. He weighed more. It would not be a mistake on anyone's part to assume alcohol was involved here but it would certainly answer some questions. Like why are you taking a selfie at the edge of a cliff in the dark and why lean over that same cliff trying to retrieve a phone? Anyways, it's good to know that Australian and British tourists don't have any more good sense than American ones.


...A kid's meal, literally Dept: A leopard at the Queen Elizabeth National park in Uganda snatched and ate a park ranger's three-year-old son recently when the kid wandered out to the unfenced staff quarters in the safari lodge at the park. The child was under the care of his nanny and she was unaware that he followed her outside until she heard him scream and by then it was much too late to do anything. Leopards, like most good predators are fast and this one was no different because it disappeared back into the wild as fast as he came out of it. This was a terrible tragedy and I feel for the family but I can't help wondering one thing. Why were the staff quarters unfenced? Something tells me they are now. I read about this park. People come here from all over to watch leopards roam around and after this if I were one of those tourists I'd ask myself while I was watching those animals walk around, thrilling as that may be, could it be that they are watching you too at the same time?


The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles vs. Yankee4Life: A spoiler alert for everyone. I lose and I lose big. I had no chance here. On Wednesday on the 11th of this month I went to the DMV to apply for the enhanced driver's license because I heard that after October of 2020 you could not board a plane without one. In New York you need four things to accomplish this. (1) Your current driver's license (2) your social security card (3) a utility bill and (4) your birth certificate. I also had my DD-214 with me so they can put a veteran's status on the licence for me.


Anyhow, I am in line that day with all of my paperwork and I was confident that, because I had everything required, I would be able to complete my business there that day. After waiting in line just to be seen for almost a half hour I was able to talk to an employee there. She had a new employee by her side as she was giving her on-the-job training, presumably teaching her ways to look for things to screw the customer. Well, everything I had was perfect and I had a feeling that this was bothering her because of her intent to impress the new trainee.


Then it happened. Her frown was immediately erased by a look of self satisfaction as she told me that my birth certificate was not acceptable. When I tried to explain that this was the one issued to me when I was born she said that she was sorry but my paperwork did not have an official stamp on it and if I wanted to get one with the required stamp I would have to go to the Vital Records office to get one. Oh and by the way that will only cost me thirty dollars. She was done with me as I left and went home. But I had to wait another day for round two.


Thursday morning I went to the Vital Records building and sure enough I had to pay thirty dollars for a Xeroxed piece of paper with a stamp on it. These people who work here obviously have nothing to do with the DMV because I was in and out of there in less than ten minutes.


After that it was back to the DMV and this time I only had to wait about twenty minutes before I was helped and unlike the day before everything I showed them was in perfect order and for my reward they gave me a ticket and I sat down and waited to be called. And I sat and sat and sat. Any one of you guys who have had to wait at your DMV will agree that these are not the most motivated people holding down a job. One guy in particular that caught my eye would help someone and then when they were done he would look or walk around for about five minutes before calling on the next customer. Everyone else who worked behind the counter with him also did some form of this song and dance but this guy did it after every person and he did it longer than anyone else. He must have been the one with the highest seniority.


It took me over two hours of waiting that day but finally I got everything done, or rather they did. The good thing about all this is the the licenses last for eight years. The bad thing was having to go through all this for two days which took over three hours of my time. The next time I feel the need to be tortured for that long I'll tune into a Yankee game.


...Lately it seems that black people and other minorities across the country have been getting in a lot of trouble for simply living their lives and minding their own business. Each time these incidents have taken place the police have been involved and each time no charges were brought against the person or persons in question. Keep in mind these are all recent occurrences and have nothing to do with each other except for the fact that none of the people were white and if they were white the police would have never been called.


           In Rialto, California, a group of four women, three of them who were black, were met by seven police cars as they checked out of their Airbnb that they were renting. An elderly white woman alerted the police because the departing guests didn't wave or smile at her. They were kind of busy as they were dragging their luggage to their car when police showed up and the next thing they knew they had their hands in the air and by then it was too late to wave. The old busybody only called the police on the "three suspicious black people" and didn't bother mentioning the white girl. The three women are suing the Rialto police and the old woman later said that she'd have never reported them if they'd only waved and done a little dance for her and taken out her garbage.


         Two Chicago CVS employees found themselves out of a job after one of them called the police on a black woman who presented a coupon they suspected was fraudulent. They refused to accept the coupon and told the woman to leave before they call the police. She told them to go right ahead and she'll wait for them to arrive. The man wasn't joking either because the Chicago Police Department confirmed the call saying it was reported as an “assault in progress.” CVS backtracked faster than you could have imagined. Besides firing the two employees they apologized to the woman for what happened and just to show that they are really nice people once you get to know them, they honored her coupon. Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?


         In another example of wasting the police department's time the Grandview Golf Club in York, Pennsylvania called the police on and then later apologized to a group of five black women that they said were playing too slowly and refused to leave the course. The women, who were all members of the club were told they were not keeping the pace of play on just the second hole by the owner of the club. They told the owner that they were keeping pace with the group ahead of them and they didn't understand what the problem was. After they finished the front nine three of the women left because they were upset about what went on and before they started the tenth hole they were once again met by the owner and also by some of employees. This time they gave the women five minutes to leave the club and that police had been called. The reasoning, they said, was that they had taken too long of a break on the turn. The police arrived, asked questions, conducted interviews and when it was all done no arrests were made and the only damage that was done was by the officers when they attacked the buffet table at the club.


         In California recently a woman brought out her inner Donald Trump as she chided a Mexican landscaper for being a "rapist and a drug dealer." Showing amazing restraint this man asked her who he raped and what drugs has he sold. She said that the president said that is how Mexicans are and that was good enough for her because as everyone knows Donald Trump never lies and is never caught in one either. Caught in dozens of them, sure. But that's another topic. The woman was attacking the wrong guy here because this so-called rapist and drug dealer has a full-time job Monday through Friday and on weekends he does landscaping and construction. What the hell, if that guy did either one of those things maybe he'd get a day off once in awhile. One day one of these Trump worshippers are going to go up against someone that is not going to show remarkable self-control that this man displayed and is going to get his nose broke over even worse. Their hero is protected and can say what he wants. They're not.


        This one was pretty recent and it involves a dangerous criminal disguised as an eight-year-old girl selling bottled water near AT&T park in San Francisco. The girl, who is black, was running her con out in front of her apartment building when the eagle eye of a woman named Alison Ettel caught what was going on and immediately called the police on her because she told her she did not have a permit to sell water. The backlash was strong with this one because as it turned out this woman owned her own cannabis company and after the video of her calling the police on the child went viral stores all over the San Francisco area stopped carrying her products. A few days later she got herself all dolled up, well at least as much as she could, and went on TV to apologize for her actions and that she was embarrassed by it and as if she were following a set script, she cried at exactly the right time. For the little girl it ended very well. She's still able to sell her water and the lady who turned her in got all wet.


        Finally at Yale University a graduate student was writing a paper and while she was preparing it she got tired and fell asleep on the couch in the common room of their dorm. When another student came in the room and saw her sleeping she woke her up and told her she didn't belong there and was going to call the police. True to her word the cops showed up and it took them around twenty minutes to come to the conclusion that the woman did belong there and did live there. They went as far as having her prove that she lived there because a black woman going to college is something they weren't familiar with. She opened her dorm room with her key and showed them her student ID. Even after she did that the police told her that they were in a Yale building and they just wanted to make sure she belonged there. What else could she have showed them, her tuition bill? Yale's response was as you would expect from a stuffed shirt institution like theirs. They said they were going to be putting into action "listening sessions" so students can talk about these problems when they arise and they lightly scolded themselves to become "truly inclusive" for all students. I would think a place of higher learning should have been that way already. We’ve turned into a selfish society where common decency and courtesy no longer exist. When that student saw that woman sleeping she should have just left her alone. How hard would that have been?


         In all these examples I believe what we are seeing right now in the way people of color are being treated is tied to the rise of white supremacy. And it's not just black people. Mexicans and other Latin Americans are included here also. White supremacy is erupting, in part, because of Trump's words and actions — his seal of approval. There’s renewed energy in racist behavior — and it’s showing up in everyday life. Just ask Starbucks. This hit them were it hurt the most - their pocketbook. They closed the doors of more than 8,000 company-owned stores for racial bias training that cost them twelve million dollars in lost profit. A steep price to pay for calling the cops on two black men who were waiting patiently and quietly for another man to show up at one of their Philadelphia locations. If it was a white guy who was talking really loud on his cell phone for a half hour they'd of never said a word. Serves them right.


...Last week MTV announced that Bristol Palin was going to be the newest member of the reality show Teen Mom OG. The OG is short for Oh God, I'm pregnant! Palin is a very odd choice to join this show since she is twenty-seven, has three kids and has yet to master birth control. Her mother Sarah is very excited for her daughter to have this opportunity because she said that she is going to become a great messenger for overcoming a little bit of challenge and doing well in life. Well that's true. The challenge was so little for Bristol that she met it head on three times as she popped out three kids with two different guys and she did well because she had a mother rich enough to help take care of them. Not everyone that has an unexpected pregnancy can say the same thing. Of course Sarah is ok with her daughter being on this show. She's a publicity seeker herself, and has trained her daughter well. The only thing Bristol can say to these other girls on the show that will help them is that the next time they are getting it on with their boyfriends is to make sure to tell them to pull out. :D


...A waitress from Missouri lost her job and was kicked out of the Air Force reserve just days after her enlistment after a Snapchat video was released when she and some friends of hers had rifles and were laughing amongst themselves because they were going out “n----- hunting.” Her excuse was that she was drunk at the time and that she was really sorry and besides she had black friends and didn't mean what she said. Well, she used to have black friends. Not anymore. Maybe she was telling the truth and she was drunk but when you record yourselves when you are intoxicated you're eventually going to say or do something you regret. It seems you can say anything nowadays as long as you say you're sorry. You can fluff it up if you want and say you went a bit too far or that you were taken out of context but that won't cumulate a lot of sympathy for you. Every word you write on social media and everything you say in a video you are answerable for these days. For a twenty-year-old woman who was raised on the rules of social media she should have known better. She knows now. All it did was cost her her job and military career.


...I compare social media to the dog that people warn you to stay away from but because the dog looks so nice and friendly you find yourself reaching out to pet it and the next thing you know the dog has made a meal out of your hand. I'm not on social media myself but from what I have noticed and read about it over the years is that there is very little room for error on it. One mistake, one lapse in judgment on your part and you are looking at a lot of unwanted attention directed at you and it won't go away until the next person messes up. The good news is that this usually takes place the next day or the day after. That's why no one cares about this woman from Missouri anymore. She's still not getting her job back but no one cares about her.


But then there are cases where I believe people use social media to scrutinize people needlessly. Take Josh Hader of the Milwaukee Brewers. In only his second year in the major leagues Hader made the National League All-Star team. He didn't enjoy it as much as he should of because someone uncovered some "racist" tweets that he made seven years ago when he was seventeen. This is what it comes down to? People reading and pouring over old tweets from a seventeen-year-old kid? I don't know what Hader said and I don't care because I don't care what any seventeen-year-old has to say whether he is saying it on Twitter or not. If I were Hader I would want to find out who had it in for him because these tweets were brought out into the open at just the right time so the entire country would find out.


...And finally I have one question to the mother from Texas who sent her kid to school wearing this shirt. Where did you get it? :D


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Praia dos Pescadores is about a 20 minute drive from where I live. That story was all over the news. People were asking 'was it an accident?', 'was it a crime?', 'were these people stupid or just careless?'
Truth is, we'll never know. Ever since I read that story about the woman who fell to her death while searching for the newest pokemon, I'll believe anything.

Speaking of race relations, I did notice there were very few interracial couples while I was in the US. Maybe it was just the places I visited, but there's definitely more here in Portugal. 


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Updated to 11-18


...For those of you who have thought I have been bemoaning the Yankees loss in the A.L.D.S. last month you must not have been reading my shoutbox posts since the start of Opening Day. There wasn't one day that I was sold on this team. Sure, they had that hot streak in May but that ended and so did the last time they played consistently for the rest of the 2018 campaign. When other people saw nothing but all those home runs I saw weak starting pitching, inconsistent hitting with runners on base along with too many strikeouts game in and game out. It's like the entire team didn't know what the hit-and-run play was about. All they knew was the hit a homer and trot play and when that didn't happen that's when the strikeouts became a problem. The Yankees struck out 1,421 times. Only the White Sox and Rangers were worse. Giancarlo Stanton struck out 211 times all by himself. Just knowing that the Yankees have this guy under contract for the next nine seasons should cause a sleepless night or two during the off-season for their fans especially with rumors that Manny Machado may or may not be Bronx-bound. Pitching should be the main focus from now until pitchers and catchers report in February. The Yankees employ enough people that spend most of their time striking out and they don't need Machado to make one more. At the end of the end of the 2000 season Baltimore's Mike Mussina and Cleveland's Manny Ramirez were free agents. The Yankees knew Ramirez could hit but they went after pitching because they felt in the long run it would make them a stronger team. They need to do the same thing this off-season.


You stay, you go and get lost Dept: It didn't take long for the Yankees to make their first questionable move as the Hot Stove League season approaches. Before the calendar turned into November they brought back outfielder Brett Gardner on a one-year deal. Gardner's a guy who plays well up until the middle of July and as soon as the All-Star game is done it's like his bats immediately stop working until spring training the following year. Now if I had my way (and I don't and I am not going to pretend that I do) I would have bought out his contract and told him to scram. Same goes for C.C. Sabathia. The Yankees brought him back too so maybe after these two klunkers they'll stop resigning guys that were past their prime six years ago. I'd get rid of Gary Sanchez too but who the hell is going to take him? Sanchez is the typical Yankee prospect who is full of hype and unlimited potential until you let him play and you see for yourself that he's not the second coming of Yogi Berra but rather Yogi Bear.


I would keep Greg Bird around another year just out of curiosity. I'd like to see what injury he can come up with next to keep him out for two months. I liked Jacoby Ellsbury but if the Red Sox had the sense to release Hanley Ramirez back in May then the Yankees can do the same with Ellsbury. The other guys on the team I can see keeping around but who knows who is going to be used as trade bait?  Pitching should be the first concern for them.


If they don't get the pitching before Opening Day next year I can only see them having more of the same kind of year they had this season. 100 wins was good but it didn't measure up to a Boston team that had career years out of everyone including the ushers. They are already going into 2019 worse than they did this year because Didi Gregorius will be out half the year and his glove and bat will be missed.


...One thing I forgot to mention in the last random thoughts I posted in here was something that I kept on noticing when Masahiro Tanaka is on the mound and Gary Sanchez is catching him. Have you seen these two guys be interviewed by the press? Both of them have to have interpreters next to them to translate but when Sanchez goes out to the mound to talk to Tanaka they both have no problem understanding each other. I am sure that they can understand some English words like "fastball" "curve" or "passed ball" but Sanchez is yapping away at Tanaka and he seems to discern every word. Just something I was wondering.


...The only thing I am going to miss about Mike Scioscia retiring is the confused look he has on his face when he throws his hands in the air after a call goes against the Angels. Other than that, no.


...Thanks to Boston being there and having the games on FOX I did not watch a lot of the World Series. I just couldn't take long periods of Joe Buck praising the Red Sox for everything they did. I don't know if he is intentionally annoying or that it just comes natural to him. Either way he's Joe Buck and as long as he and FOX are around October baseball will be hard to watch.


...Oh, and did you happen to catch the new thing that they did during the series? As the catcher threw the ball back to the pitcher they showed a commercial while at the same time allowing us to keep our eyes on the game. They did the same thing when a batter was walking up to the plate for his turn at bat. Instead of these people trying to somehow improve the telecasts of the games they had the idea to add more commercials.


...I don't know who the Red Sox fan was that hit Alex Cora with a beer can when the team had their victory parade but whoever it was I wish they had a better aim and would have hit him right in the head.


...Doesn't it seem that the Christmas season gets longer and longer every year? To me it does especially back on November 2nd when I saw a lady wear a red Santa hat when I was driving home.


...Gravity always wins, Dept. An Indian couple who lived here in the United States fell to their deaths recently in California's Yosemite National Park when they were trying to take a selfie. Their family said that the couple was known for taking risks when they took photos from dangerous locations. The couple fell almost 800 feet in an area surrounded by steep terrain and rescuers had to use a helicopter to recover the bodies. Their phones were also found near the area where they fell and after a quick inspection were given the last rites also.


       This is not the first time this year that an accident like this happened at Yosemite. Not too long ago an eighteen-year-old kid from Israel was hiking in the park and decided to take a break because he had the bright idea of taking a selfie at the edge of Nevada Fall, a place that has an 820 foot drop, which was 819 more than this kid bargained for.  There are signs all over the park that tell visitors to watch their step. They're not to be taken as suggestions. They should be taken as serious as a sign that tells you to not walk on train tracks or not to drive the wrong way on a one way street. One thing is for sure though. These three people are not going to make the same mistake twice.


...The happiest people in the world have to be Ariana Grande's parents after she told them that she would not be marrying Pete Davidson. Watching those two has been like watching a couple of high school freshman. I've had head colds that lasted longer then those two were together.


...A little boy from Arizona was going to be turning six years old and his parents invited his entire class to a pizza party to celebrate. As it turned out only he, his mother and father and a waitress bothered to show up. His mother took the opportunity to take a picture of him sitting alone at a table with a sad look on his face and then she promptly posted it to Facebook so everyone could see what took place. And they did. This story got a lot of attention and soon people from all over the world were sending this boy gifts to help cheer him up. Now the mother is saying that she wishes she had never shared the picture and in no way wanted all the attention it received or the gifts that were sent to her son. Wait a second. Now she didn't want the attention? Then who gave the media her address to send the things to? I am sure that Good Morning America and the Today Show had to have her blessing to give out their address on the air. Good going Mom! At the expense of your young son you got your fifteen minutes of fame.


...Of all the things that I did not need to happen to me, having additional knee pain would be near the top of the list but, like having to sit next to a person on a plane that insists on telling you their life story, sometimes your luck is so bad you can't figure out what you did to deserve it. It all started with a pile of leaves that the wind blows up to my garage and for the past week or so I have been looking at it as it sat by the mailbox waiting patiently for me to pick them up. I took the bait on Monday and twenty minutes later I had them bagged up and thrown away. After patting myself on the back for five whole minutes I discovered that there was something seriously wrong with my left knee. Laying down for a few hours did not help and it didn't get any better the next day or as the week went on. The longer I have had this pain the more terrified I have been. I've had knee surgeries before and I have another one scheduled in February on my right knee but this pain is something I've never experienced. I am not walking but I am rather limping along holding on to chairs or walls or tables just so I can get from one place to the other in my home. I never appreciated the gift of walking without pain until the right one started acting up and now with this one I am afraid I am not going to be able to ever again. I called on Friday to try to see my knee doctor but I won't be able to get in until November 28th. I ended up going to an Urgent Care place and I did get urgent care since I was the only one there. X-rays were taken and it showed that I have a left knee strain and a knee effusion, whatever that is. My hope is that it heals up and I don't need surgery. I already have one of those on my calendar and I don't need another.


...The story of actor Geoffrey Owens is a rare as far as social media is concerned. Usually when an actor or well-known person finds him or herself displayed on celebrity websites without their knowledge or consent it is because they did something that they shouldn't have done and usually it's pretty embarrassing. Owens was on the Cosby Show in the 1980's but when that show ended he was not receiving steady work. Which in turn brings him to a few short months ago. To make ends meet for his family he took a job at Trader Joe's, a national grocery store chain. It helped pay the bills as he continued to get some acting jobs on the side. And that is how it was for him until one day a woman came into the store and saw Owens bagging groceries and snuck a picture of him as she was cashing out. She said later on that she used to watch Cosby when she was younger and she looked up to him when he was on the show. It's a good thing she thought so highly of him because if she hadn't there would have been no telling what she would have done.


Her excuse for doing this was that "everybody does it." Quite a thing to say for someone who is fifty-years-old and should know better. If this woman has kids all I can say is God help them. Or us. This woman was denounced on social media, the same place she wanted the attention of being the one who took his photo. She began to get hate mail to her own social media accounts from both normal people and celebrities, accusing her of “job shaming.” As for Owens things took a turn for the better. Acting gigs have become more steady now. Recently he did a guest spot on NCIS and is finishing up working on two movies.  I have nothing but respect for a man who doesn't think himself above any job. Working at that grocery store just showed that he has his priorities straight. As for that woman, maybe next time she'll think twice about taking someone's picture because the only one she made look bad was herself.


...Every time it's time for me to think about the Thanksgiving football games on TV I am always reminded about a guy I used to work with. His wife would not let him watch any game all day long. And he never said a word year after year. I don't know if they are still married but if they aren't I don't blame him. Anyway, for the rest of us who are allowed to look at the TV here is the schedule for Thursday the 22nd. The first game is the Chicago Bears at the Detroit Lions. The NFL should give their fans a gift next year by removing the Lions from the Thanksgiving schedule until they become serious contenders in the NFC North, something that won't happen until at least 2026. The next one is in Dallas as the Cowboys host the Washington Redskins. This one is going to be on FOX and while this game sounds good because it brings back memories of some classic games between these two teams don't be fooled. The Redskins are the only team in the division with a winning record and they are to put it mildly, a mediocre team. The Cowboys at 4 - 5 still can go on a run but they don't have it in them. Finally the evening game will be the Atlanta Falcons visiting the New Orleans Saints. It's going to be on NBC and they are going to be taking a financial bath on this one because no one outside of those two states will be paying any attention five minutes into it. Football on Thanksgiving is a great way to pass the time or take a nap. It sure beats watching Christmas movies on Hallmark.


...As I close I would like to wish everyone here at Mvpmods a very happy Thanksgiving. And that goes for everyone around the world even if you don't celebrate it yourself. Wherever Trues is I wish him and his family a wonderful day and also to the rest of the staff here. And I have a request to the people who have kidnapped KcCityStar. Just let him go so he can come back here. Have a good holiday and a good weekend everyone. Take care!

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Wow, the Lions AND the Cowboys on Thanksgiving day ..... I am shocked and amazed!  😏

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12 hours ago, Yankee4Life said:

Sanchez is the typical Yankee prospect who is full of hype and unlimited potential until you let him play and you see for yourself that he's not the second coming of Yogi Berra but rather Yogi Bear.

This line man, you nail it...

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Updated to 12-23


...Well today's the 23rd and that means Christmas is almost over and not a moment too soon if you ask me. I am not someone who hates Christmas but I sure as hell don't embrace it anymore. Over time this holiday has somehow taken over the last two months of the year in preparation for the big day. And if by any chance that anyone needs a reminder that there are only two shopping days until Christmas each store and restaurant you go into until the 25th will be playing holiday music. You'll be so fed up with listening to favorites like Jingle Bells and Winter Wonderland even listening to the best of  Taylor Swift would be a better option. Same for the Christmas movies. How many times can you watch the same ones over and over again? In my case I reached my limit five years ago. That was the last time I watched White Christmas and I don't miss it one bit. It snows at the end and Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby get back together. Sorry if I spoiled it for the remaining three people in the world who haven't seen it yet. Christmas for me is all about family and friends and not about a Walmart special. It's not going to be a good one for me because this will be the first one for me without my mother. It's going to take me quite some time to get that Christmas spirit back again but every so often I can still feel it inside me. I just wish she was still here.


...Ramsey Bearse, the former Miss Kentucky pageant winner in 2014 was recently arrested and charged with sending nude photographs of herself to a fifteen-year-old boy who happened to be a former student of hers when she was teaching at a Charleston, West Virginia middle school. She admitted sending four topless photos of herself via Snapchat to him from August to October of this year. The boy's parents found the photos on his phone and told police about them last week. Now as soon as I found out how the parents found these pictures I had a good idea what went down. This kid gets a set of topless pictures dropped in his lap from one of the hottest teachers he is ever going to hope to have for his entire school career and he couldn't keep his mouth shut about it. Chances are he told one or two kids who were jealous of his good luck and they told their parents until word got back to his folks who then found the pictures on his phone. Bearse was charged with four counts of distributing obscene materials to a minor, which is a felony. If I were her I would object to the word "obscene" because one look at her in a swimsuit will prove to anyone that there is absolutely nothing offensive with this woman's body. Trust me, I looked. 😉


...That SOB Manny Machado let everyone know that he is not going to make his decision on where he wants to play until the new year arrives. This means for the entire Christmas week it will be in the back of mind that he could be a Yankee next year. I just hoped that the meeting that the Yankees had with him did not go well and that there was something, however small that it was, that will influence the Yankees not to sign him. I just keep going back to what the Orioles have said and not said about him. Above anyone else Baltimore should know best on what kind of person Machado is. However noteworthy his talent is on the field off the field he seems to be the complete opposite. I feel that the Yankees have a good chemistry right now and their future will be even better without someone like Machado. Sure he'll win some games but at what cost? Didi Gregorius will be back sooner than we realize. So let Machado make a big announcement after the new year. I think he will look wonderful in a Phillie or White Sox uniform.


...Now for the other selfish SOB who has been rumored to be going to the Yankees just because they are the Yankees. Even though the Yankees have enough outfielders; in fact they have so many that one of them didn't play at all last year and he wasn't even missed. Despite that Bryce Harper has been rumored to be going to New York to play first base notwithstanding that he has only played one game at first during his entire seven year career. Whomever came up with that little scenario should next time be sure to sleep it off before coming up with something like this. Harper is another guy that I have never heard say he was a good teammate. It's easy to see his talent out on the ball field. Even his fiercest detractors will grudgingly admit that. But like Machado he gives off the feeling of aloofness that many fans do not like.


But thanks to the Dodgers and the Reds the "you never knows" about Harper going to the Yankees may finally have been put to rest due to that seven-player deal two days ago. The Dodgers traded Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig and two others to the Reds for Homer Bailey and some prospects. Bailey will take his 1 - 14 record and a 6.09 ERA to the west coast where his goal will be to win at least five games. Kemp and Puig are talented but could be used as trade chips by the Reds to get younger and cheaper players. Besides, Puig would never fit in in Cincinnati. As a Dodger he can lick his bat all he wants because no one cared. In Cincinnati they expect you to act professionally which is something Puig has never done since he joined the Dodgers back in 2013.


...I have not missed one episode of the reboot edition of Magnum, P.I. that started back in September. I like this one as much as the Tom Selleck version as I saw all those shows during the eight years they were on. It  also doesn't hurt that the show is filmed on location in Hawaii because if there is any place in the world that is meant to be seen on an HDTV it's Hawaii. While the new show is faithful to the original there is one very big difference. On the first one the role of Higgins was played by a man, English aristocrat Jonathan Higgins. In the reboot Higgins is still English but then things take a big turn. It's Juliet Higgins now instead of Jonathan as the role has been taken over by a woman (Perdita Weeks) and she is just as resourceful and perceptive as John Hillerman was in the part. It's not a bad show and I hope it stays on for a few years. The big difference for me occurred in the first few minutes of the pilot episode when I first laid eyes on the new Higgins. This Higgins was hot, and if  I would have said this when the 80's show was on people would've looked at me like I was nuts.


...Is there any woman that Cubs shortstop Addison Russell has been with that he hasn't beat up? If he doesn't watch out he will out of a job and probably out of the league too. His one saving grace could be in Boston where players like him are appreciated by the fans because their actions mirror themselves.


...I don't think I have seen anyone more resolved and relieved to be going to prison than Michael Cohen. And he's going away for three years! When prison life is more appealing than working for that guy that is really saying something. I don't feel sorry for the guy at all since he put the gun in his hand, so to speak, but I got to admire the way he came clean.


...I read a lot of funny comments about my blood pressure during the baseball season because of my lack of patience towards the Yankees when they do something stupid, which for them begins on the first day of spring training. The truth is my blood pressure holds up pretty well despite the workout that you all seem to think I give it for six months. Baseball is a wonderful game that draws you in each spring and holds on to you until the last out in the World Series is made. That's what it does to me because I pay more attention to this sport then all the others combined. At the same time I welcome the break because while I still enjoy spending time watching it like I always have I don't love it as much as I had in the past. I blame it on rule changes and FOX. Those two combined make it painless for me each winter to take a break and walk away from baseball and what gets me really worried is this is getting easier and easier for me to do. Pretty soon after they add more teams and extend the season and post season I won't recognize one name on the Yankee roster. That is of course if I bother to look.


...Laugh instead of crying, Dept: Its been another dispiriting season if you are a fan of the Oakland Raiders. People sometimes laugh when I tell them I am an Oakland fan because most of the ones who do the laughing were not even born when the Raiders were the class of the NFL. These days I have to settle with the rare win that they get on Sundays and rejoicing in the failures of teams that I can't stand. So far this year there's been two games whose endings were so shocking mainly because they both ended up in last-second defeats for two teams that in my opinion have been overrated for years. The first one I am talking about was when the San Diego Chargers made that two point conversion with four seconds remaining in the game at Kansas City to beat the Chiefs. What a fearless call that was especially in Arrowhead where all the calls go the Chiefs way. Those farmers were so mad at the end of that game that they were shooting at street signs and knocking over mailboxes until the early hours of the morning.


The next game was down in Miami where the Dolphins executed a perfect double lateral sixty-nine-yard touchdown with no time remaining to beat the New England Patriots 34 - 33. Any time a Boston team loses is cause for a celebration for me but this one was special. It was just as good as the catch David Tyree made against them in Super Bowl XLII. That catch and Plaxico Burress’ wide open thirteen-yard touchdown reception that won the game for the Giants compare to what Miami did to the darlings of the NFL back on December 9th.


I realize these are just minor victories for me to appreciate and it is no substitute for a Raider season to be proud of but I'll take what I can get, especially when with tomorrow's Monday Night game against Denver it could be the last time the Raiders play in Oakland, which is a tragedy in itself.


...Before I sign off for another year I want to wish everyone here at this wonderful website a very Merry Christmas. I think we had another good year and a lot of mods were released for two games that have been out of circulation for a while now. It's the credit to our modders that if you want to buy Mvp '05 or MLB 2k12 you are going to have to pay a lot for it from eBay or Amazon.


I hope you all have a relaxing Christmas with your family and friends and that you are where you want to be. A great many of our service people are all over the world and won't be able to make it home so if any of you know of someone who is in the armed forces let's salute their service and appreciate what they do for us all. Christmas, and I mean the real Christmas, is not a gift you can order online or pick up at a store. The real Christmas is still something that the commercialization of it that we see all around us can not touch. That is what I wish for you and your families. Merry Christmas and also have a safe and healthy 2019.

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Updated to 4-28


...Many years ago but then again not that long ago players like George Brett, Eddie Murray, Reggie Jackson, Alan Trammell, etc, would play in the majority of their games year after year. No one was surprised when they did because it was to be expected. These days and especially with the Yankees it's a cause for celebration when they can go two games without adding someone to the disabled list. I have never seen anything like it and I am hard-pressed to come up with an answer. Part of it has to be with getting limbered up and training down in the Florida sunshine and then going up north to play games in weather forty degrees colder than you've been used to. But looking at it closer that's only part of the problem because why don't other teams who train in Florida and Arizona have the same problems? They've played in just as cold weather as the Yankees.


The injury that is really going to hurt the most is Aaron Judge's oblique injury. The Yankees said it was such a significant injury that there is no timetable for his return. In other words if you want to see Judge swing a bat in the coming months watch videos of him online. Same for Aaron Hicks. I think if he wasn't given that new multi-million dollar contract his back wouldn't be hurting right now. And if Greg Bird were a horse they'd have taken him behind the barn and shot him by now. If these guys would spend as much time preparing themselves for the long season as they do remembering the hundreds of different ways it takes to shake hands they would be better off.


So far Brian Cashman has been defending his medical and training staff but if you know anything about the Yankees something's got to give. They always find a way to reprimand someone because they are masters at delegating blame.. I'd start with the strength and conditioning coach because it seems to me that he forgot the "conditioning" part of his job title. Something needs to be done. The Yankees have put too much time and money in this team to watch them fall apart this fast after less than three weeks into the season.


...Yeah, but can she cook, Dept: A thirty-five-year-old   Japanese man married a cyber celebrity named Hatsune Miku in probably the oddest wedding ceremony that I have ever heard of. You may not have heard of Hatsune Miku but she is very popular in Japan. She also happens to be a hologram. The guy first fell for her about ten years ago when he first heard her sing and then it was love at first pixel. The couple got married in front of thirty-nine friends and relatives, none from the brides side of the family. Your first reaction probably would be to have a good laugh at this guy but I think he's crazy like a fox. Say he and his wife are having an argument. All he's got to do is unplug her and just like that the fight's over. And maybe they're watching TV and he sees another hot looking hologram that he wants on the side. All he has to do is put a blanket over her and she won't know what's going on. To each his own they say but this is really stretching it. I wonder how this guy would cope if the power went out in his neighborhood and he couldn't talk to his wife? He may have to resort to talking to someone with a pulse for awhile.


...The people running the Royal Caribbean Cruise line must have seen all kinds of people come and go over the years and the stories they must have would make for some fascinating reading but I don't know if anything could top what happened on one of their trips recently. A group of men were banned for life when one of them decided to jump from the eleventh floor of the ship while it was docked in the Bahamas. The man was not suicidal nor was he jumping into the water to save someone else who had fallen in. He jumped because he wanted to become a viral hit and be famous and jumping off an ocean liner sounded like a good idea at the time. After the cops picked him and was brought back on the ship to gather his things to leave he was asked about his fall. He told a reporter that his feet felt pretty good but it was his neck and tailbone that really hurt. He was barely able to walk for three days and was hardly able to sleep from the pain. That's a shame. Maybe after some time passes he can book passage on another cruise line company and try for another jump. Maybe that time he'll get it right. 😶


...Things people do just to post on social media, Dept: Sadly the woman known as the "Bikini Climber" is no more thanks to a sixty-five foot drop down a ravine and a discernible lack of common sense. GiGi Wu, a thirty-six-year-old Taiwanese woman, better known as the Bikini Climber because she was known for sharing photos of herself on mountaintops in bikinis, fell to her death in Central Taiwan’s Yushan Mountain when she stumbled down a ravine and injured her leg and was unable to move. Despite her calls for help the emergency responders were not able to immediately reach her due to the dangerous weather conditions. Finally after twenty-eight hours she was air lifted out but by that time she was pronounced dead. The cause of death was over exposure to the elements brought on by a terminal case of attention seeking disorder. Not many people can say they died freezing to death on a mountain in a bikini. GiGi Wu had a big following on social media as she chronicled her bikini climbing adventures and it isn't hard to understand why. Who wouldn't want to see a young, attractive woman take photos of herself wearing skimpy bikinis mixed in with an element of danger? That's why she was a big hit. People were waiting for this to happen. Well, they got it. And she got it too.It is amazing in this day and age of knowledge and warning labels that natural selection continues finds a way.


...I hope that whatever NFL team you happen to follow had a very good draft except of course if your favorite team happens to play in the AFC West and is anyone except the Oakland Raiders. I didn't watch any of the draft because I don't think waiting around for teams to make their selections makes for riveting television. However there are many people who would disagree with me and who find the draft one of the most exciting and suspenseful events of the year. This year the draft was held in Nashville and that meant that the city was invaded by over two hundred thousand fans hoping to get a glimpse of some of the new NFL draftees and hobnob with the NFL greats that show up. That's all well and good but recently Nashville has gained the reputation of being a go-to place for bachelorette parties and when the football guys showed up they were not too happy about it. Some of them accused the NFL of swooping in at the last minute to hold their draft there and ruining their ability to have fun. The NFL announces a year in advance where the next draft is held and that is news that is hardly on a need-to-know basis. One lady was so furious she threatened to take out her frustration on her husband when she said she was not going to watch any football with him this coming season including the Super Bowl. That's right, hit him where it hurts. Make him watch the game alone so he can really concentrate on it and maybe even enjoy it since you won't be there running your mouth the entire game. That's the best gift she could ever give him but she thinks she's really sticking it to him. One bride-to-be had similar feelings. She didn't want to "hang out with a bunch of football guys" because she already has to watch football on Sundays. Really? I don't know of any man that tells his wife or girlfriend that she has to sit with him all day on Sunday watching football. Maybe the reason why she is mad at the NFL and all of the "football guys" that were there was they ruined her chances of hooking up with as many musicians as possible before getting married. 😄


...When a parenting blogger (yes, there is such a thing. That's a woman who has a kid and then thinks she has to go to social media and let other women know how to raise their own child because no one knows how to do it better than her.) was on a cross-country flight with her two-year-old daughter, she noticed a passenger sitting nearby getting upset when the child started getting tired and began to act up by fussing and crying. The man, who was under the assumption that he paid for a quiet flight began to lose his patience when the child, who was sitting behind him, began screaming in his ear. The woman wrote later that the man turned around a few times to express his annoyance but that did not stop the toddler because as anyone knows who has been around an exhausted child once they start crying it's almost hard to stop them. Luckily a flight attendant stepped in and saved the day much to the appreciation of the man whose ears were beginning to hurt and to the other people who also had the bad luck to sit near this mother and daughter. Immediately after the flight attendant gave the child a cup and a straw to play with she calmed down and stopped crying for the remainder of the flight. It appears to me that this flight attendant that came to the rescue to give the little girl something to play with is a better parent than her mother the blogger because she provided activities for the kid while her mother brought her on a cross-country trip with nothing to keep her engaged. Maybe in the future if she spent less time on social media and more time looking after her kid, she would find that she doesn't have as much to "blog" about.


...For a few days I was confused as to why people were talking about Nipsey Russell again because from what I had remembered he had been dead for years. Then I found out they were talking about some guy I never heard of named Nipsey Hussle and I thought he was a relative of his, but he wasn't. Anyway, R.I.P. whomever you were.


...All I can say is leave it to the Red Sox. Last Tuesday night baseball's first all-female radio broadcast team took to the airwaves to announce Boston's class A Salem Red Sox game. I would have loved to been a fly on the wall between innings of the game to hear what they were talking about. Where'd you get your shoes?...Don't  you just love Amazon Prime?...That third baseman's cute. What team does he play for?...Can we leave after nine innings? 😄


...When this year began I had no idea who Jussie Smollett was nor did I care. It was a pretty stupid thing that he did and yet he had a lot of people coming out to support him which I could not understand. Aesop's Fables had a famous story called The boy who cried wolf and I'm guessing Smollett never heard of it or never got around to read it. If this ever happens to him again and this time without it being set up he'll know first hand what that story was about.


...Finally, this. Political correctness struck again last week and this time they targeted a woman who has been dead for thirty-three years. An unidentified person discovered two recordings done by singer Kate Smith back in 1931 and proceeded to waste no time reporting it to the media so they could have their fifteen minutes of fame. Well they got it but it cost the reputation of a woman who up to recently was highly regarded and respected. Her recording of “God Bless America” has been used by the New York Yankees during the seventh inning stretch at Yankee Stadium since 2001 but when the news came out about the recordings she made so long ago the song was removed faster than another Yankee player joining the disabled list.


When the Philadelphia Flyers saw what the Yankees had done they said to themselves that they could do even better and sure enough they did. The Flyers used her version of the song as an almost unbeatable good luck charm when it was played before their games but they stopped playing it too. Smith also had a statue of herself that the Flyers covered up and then had taken away. That'll teach her!


I did not hear these songs nor did I ever hear of them until now but just based on the titles of the two songs (“That’s Why Darkies Were Born” and “Pickaninnies’ Heaven”) you can immediately tell that they would not make America's top 40 playlist in the past fifty or sixty years. And that's my point. These songs were recorded back in 1931, eighty-eight years ago. Most people alive now that were around back then were only new borns. They had no idea what it was like then just like us. The songs that Kate Smith is taking flack for were also recorded by a black man named Paul Robeson. Robeson was far from an "Uncle Tom" character. This man was a famous singer, athlete, lawyer and social activist. Robeson also played an important part in bringing black baseball players, including Jackie Robinson, into the major leagues when he headed a delegation of blacks who met with commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis and the major league owners in 1943 to bring black players into baseball.  In attendance that day was Branch Rickey, who was there listening to Robeson and he left determined to make his plea come true.


It should be noted that while it was brought out that Robeson did record these songs in question he is not being denounced by any leader of the black community. The reason could be because it's been eighty-eight years and things have changed for the better since then and there is no sense in going back that far to find something to be offended by because there is more than enough things today going on to keep you occupied for quite some time.

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Updated to 6-30


...The Yankees have a way of ruining the month of July for me every year despite my attempts of trying to remain positive which, for me, can sometimes be too much to ask for. For me July has it all. There is nothing like baseball in the summertime. So's a picnic on the Fourth and lemonade and iced tea and catching a game on the radio in my backyard at night when the weather cools down some from the heat of the day. But then, as I said, I am a Yankee fan and that means for the entire month you have to worry that they will trade away a valuable piece of their future to get a quick return on the present. This year Clint Frazier is the player I am concerned about the most. All he did when Stanton and Judge were out step up and play well while delivering key hits. He's a good young player that I don't want to see wear the uniform of any of the team. If Frazier survives not being traded I can see him returning in September when the rosters are expanded and having a permanent role on the Yankees next year after Brett Gardner is gone. Gardner is someone that I don't understand was brought back this year. His bat disappears after the return from the break and the Yankees are fooling themselves if they think this year will be any different. He's about a .230 hitter now and for someone as fast as he is he hardly steals any bases. I get that he has had a good career with the Yankees but they can't keep on bringing him back on one-year contracts. Jeter was a good player too but you wouldn't want to see him play shortstop now. Pitchers didn't want to see him play shortstop five years before he retired. I just want Frazier to get a chance and until the trade deadline ends July 31st that's what I'm mostly going to be worried about. I know I can't control it and I shouldn't worry about it but without fail the Yankees do this to me every July. They almost make the hot dog I am going to have not worth it.


...For whatever reason the Nominating Committee of the National Radio Hall of Fame has decided to nominate New York Yankees color commentator Suzyn Waldman for membership in their Hall of Fame. It's obvious that the twenty-four person committee has never heard her screech during Yankee broadcasts or else her name would have never been considered. This is the same Hall of Fame that has already admitted people such as Mel Allen, Red Barber and Vin Scully. If Waldman somehow gets in it should be fair to say that anyone who has ever spoken over the airwaves at any time should at least be nominated also. If any of you who have never heard her and have the MLB package give her a listen one day. I promise you you won't even last an inning.


... Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Tommy Pham brought up a very good point recently about big market teams having an advantage in All-Star voting. And for those of you who think he's just complaining about nothing you don't have to look any further than the Yankees Aaron Judge. Judge has played in less than thirty games this year and yet he finished fourth in voting for American League outfielders. The names may change but each year one thing remains constant and that's the fans have no idea what they're doing. Pham is having a better year than the Yankees Brett Gardner and Boston's Jackie Bradley Jr. and yet he is way behind in the All-Star voting simply because he plays for a small market team. What Pham is saying has been said before by other players in the past who's home address was not New York, Boston or Los Angeles. Toward the end of his career Derek Jeter made the All-Star team on his name alone and not for what he did on the field. Most of the blame for this lays at the feet of ESPN and Fox because of their willingness to broadcast Yankee- Red Sox games as much as they can get away with. It's always been a popularity contest. Pham's just reminding everyone of this again.


... In Denver recently police were called to break up a fight between parents at a youth baseball game played between seven-year-olds because they were unhappy with the calls made by the umpire who at thirteen was not that much older than the players on both teams. The police said that several people have already been cited for disorderly conduct. There's a video of this online and in it the children are seen running off the field when the fight broke out. You can only imagine what was going through their heads when this was going on. Billy Martin has been gone for thirty years now and I don't even think that he would approve of what those parents did. Then again, maybe he would. One thing is certain and that's if that thirteen-year-old kid wants to continue being umpire he already has the experience of dealing with a rioting crowd. Grab his mask, run and let the crazies fight it out among themselves.


...If I were the city of Montréal I would tell the people who run the Tampa Bay Rays thanks but no thanks even if it means hosting major league baseball in Québec again. The Rays said that they received permission from the commissioner to explore a plan in which they would play home games in both the Tampa Bay area and Montreal and they went on to say that this is the most feasible way to save baseball in the Tampa Bay area. If this plan is approved the Rays would play early season home games in the Tampa Bay area and the remainder of the year in Montreal. To sweeten the pot both cities would get new stadiums. Why? If that happens one city is ultimately going to have a new stadium and no team. No matter how you look at it this plan makes no sense at all for Tampa and Montréal. What do the Rays consider early-season games? April and May? How does this supposed to help save baseball in Florida?


Montréal was a good baseball town and after their growing pains years of the 1970s they built themselves a pretty good team. While hockey is number one sport there and always will be baseball has had a long and proud history there also. I understand that Montréal wants to return to the major leagues and honestly they should of never left but if they allow Tampa to do this they are just going to be taken advantage of again. My guess is that the Rays are doing this to gain an advantage in the stadium talks or they are indirectly saying that no matter what the city of Tampa does they are eventually going to leave no matter what. Let Tampa deal with their own mess. Montréal is too good of a city to have baseball walk on them again.


...For as much as I like him sometimes Paul O'Neill drives me crazy when he's in the Yankees broadcasting booth. The next time he's doing a game listen to how many times he says "I'll tell you what" when he has something to say. He does a good enough job but if if he can get out of that habit he'd be so much better.


...So sorry, but we shot the wrong guy, Dept.:A lot of people in the Dominican Republic are not accepting that the reason why David Ortiz was shot back on June 9 was because he was mistaken for somebody else. At 6'3'' and 240 pounds it's hard to mistake him for anyone. Eleven people were arrested in this murder-for-hire plot. The gun man's story was that the man sitting with Ortiz that day was the original target. He said he got confused because the two of them were dressed similarly but even that explanation makes no sense because the intended target is smaller and thinner than Ortiz and also has a lighter complexion. Try to picture Ortiz standing next to someone with the same build as Dustin Pedroia. This is the story that the Dominican authorities want everyone to believe and I think it's because they don't want to make other Dominican players nervous when they come home. It's too late for that because if a hit was put on someone is popular as Ortiz it could happen to anyone.


Ortiz is doing better now and is out of intensive care at Massachusetts General Hospital after being flown up from the Dominican for additional surgery. It's worth mentioning that the doctors down there were the ones to initially work on him. They saved his life and made him stable to be flown to Boston.I'm sure he's grateful to the doctors in his country who helped him out but at the same time I'm wondering what he thinks of those officials who are trying to tell him that the other guy was supposed to get shot and not him?


...Tourism represents more than 17% of the Dominican Republic's economy and officials there are beginning to get concerned that travelers may become very reluctant to book their vacations because there have been at least ten American citizens who have died from apparent sudden health issues since June of last year. The United States Embassy in Santo Domingo has been actively working with Dominican authorities to ensure that American citizens are safe but it still makes you wonder if it's actually worth to go down there to begin with. Some people who have visited the Dominican Republic and returned home to tell about it brought home more than souvenirs and pictures when they got off the plane. Stomach cramps, diarrhea and other illnesses that lasted a long time after they returned home have been reported. What no one can explain is why many of the tourists died while they were in their hotel rooms. While the Dominican may be a very beautiful area with some of the nicest beaches in the world it's still a very poor country with a high crime rate. Not even David Ortiz who is a living legend down there is safe so I wouldn't want to gamble with my life there in or out of my hotel room. But this concern about traveling to the Dominican will soon be forgotten as soon as the travel prices to visit there are cut in half. Just like in a lot of cases money can clean up and fix just about anything.


...Sure I watched the FIFA women's World Cup games. Right after I watched a few Lifetime movies, read a romance novel and viewed Boston's World Series highlights from last year. Then I made sure to tune in.


...Last week Andrew Dice Clay and Roseanne Barr announced a new comedy tour called "Mr. and Mrs. America". What a combination those two are for a comedy duo. Barr, who thinks she is funny except when she is telling a joke and Clay who is famous mostly for pornographic nursery rhymes. Before hearing about this I didn't even know if Andrew Dice Clay was still alive since his last hit was the Adventures of Ford Fairlane which was almost thirty years ago. Clay said that the reason why they decided to start this tour was because of the current national obsession with political discourse in addition to the alleged policing of comedians’ language. I don't know if any comics have their language policed but I'm sure that Clay knows better about it than I do. He was funny at one time but that was a long time ago but having Barr around means that this little tour that they're going on is not going to last long because it's going to be hard to be funny to a bunch of empty seats.


...Amazon's highly successful Prime Day promotion will be running for two days this year starting at midnight on July 15 and will last for forty-eight hours. Amazon says the event will include more than a million deals around the world, such as steep discounts on Alexa-enabled devices. Prime day is used by Amazon to spotlight their own products and to get more people to subscribe to their prime service which costs $119 a year. This will be the fifth year that they have promoted this discount holiday and while they will have a lot of things for sale I have noticed that the things that they have marked down aren't really worth buying to begin with. I've been a prime member longer than five years now and I still have not purchased anything on Prime Day. The chances that you do find something to buy they only have twenty of and they're already sold out before you get there. But if you want a Kindle fire or a reader or an Amazon Echo wait until the middle of next month. Anything else I found it to be a waste of time.


...I am a baseball traditionalist and in being so it leaves me open to criticism that the game has passed me by. Maybe it has. While I still love baseball at the same time I can't help but think that they are changing the rules just because they can and not for the better. For as long as I can remember the rule above all others was no association with gambling. There was no way around it. Gambling was verboten. Ever since the 1919 World Series scandal the word "gambling" has always made baseball executives nervous. Not so much now it seems. In exchange for a cut of fans’ guaranteed gambling losses, MLB is requiring teams to submit their starting lineups fifteen minutes before game time for betting purposes. And to push it a little further the Chicago Cubs are considering adding betting kiosks inside and just outside Wrigley Field for easy and added in game action. If this is a big success in Wrigley it won't be long before you see them in every other major league park.It didn't take much for baseball to change their mind about gambling. All the game needed was a big cut out of their fans wallets and suddenly the over and under on the Atlanta - Milwaukee game for instance is not a big deal. Hey, who's it going to hurt? Just the game itself but don't listen to me. I'm just a traditionalist.

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On 6/30/2019 at 12:07 AM, Yankee4Life said:

...Sure I watched the FIFA women's World Cup games. Right after I watched a few Lifetime movies, read a romance novel and viewed Boston's World Series highlights from last year. Then I made sure to tune in.



That's too bad.  You've missed some good games.  They were certainly more entertaining than the Yankees / Red Sox beer league softball games in London this past weekend.  Don't get me wrong -- I am very happy when the Yankees win, especially against the Red Sox, but those two games were painful.

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