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Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 11-20

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let's see.

first off, i made two resoutions to myself.

one was to take better care of myself. i really didn't do too much of that last year.

two was to stop whining and take the intivatve more often on things. instead of wating for things to be done, do it yourself.

and yes, spring training is coming soon, it will be really important to go to orlando, since sean walker, my buddy is going to be there for march. i'm going to have a fun time spring training this year.

tom benson finally ditches haslett...now we can really begin the rebuilding process of this team...6 years of mediocity won't do.

uga lost to west virgina, proving that lsu was the better team to begin with.

and no, usc is not going for three in a row, it's two or 2.5, depending on how you look at it. lsu won in 2003, even though the bcs screwed up again. we need a playoff badly. and i hope usc loses so everyone does not hype them up all the time. sick of usc.

looks like maruice clarett is in trouble again. when will he learn?

i want a car and drivers license before i leave for califorina.

speaking of that, i've had it with the flordia lifestyle. i hate the boonies.

looks like atlanta has turned against vick since he sucked the last three games of the year. it's going to be nasty...

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- Everyone makes too many Resolutions. You are going to be fat this year like last.

- Snow's awesome, shoveling a huge driveway isn't.

- Winter Break kicks ***, Having a career by 2008 won't, but hey that's life.

- Ryan Zimmerman is going to kick ***.

- I am reaping the benefits of giving someone a Sirius Radio for Christmas. With the internet password I was able to listen to 80s hairband music all day. (Sadly the alternative stations suck, the 'Classic Vinyl' Station is good.)

- It makes what, 10 years since music was good? Ever since Alice in Chains broke up and Kobain died.

- MVP 06 (the mod :p) is still going to be awesome.

- The NY Giants made the playoffs, I'm happy but for some reason a regular season Yankees win means much more to me. Hell, I watched only 5 Giants games this year yet I am a 'fan'. No sport like baseball I guess, well, Cricket sucks.

- These 'random thoughts' are two days late.

- For some reason everyone thought January 2nd was a holiday, since when?

- Axis and Allies kicks ***. My friends and I always play that game, best thing is when you have 4 guys then you can have a free for all. I wonder if anyone else here likes that boardgame.

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Updated to January 8th

....I'm sympathetic towards a lot of things but not towards people like Maurice Clarett (attempted armed robbery) and Marcus Vick (confirmed idiot). I mean, take Clarett for example. He screwed up his NFL career and cost himself millions of dollars. All I know is that if I were in a position to have a professional career, be it in the NFL or MLB, I wouldn't screw it up.

...I hate movies that are musicals. I have no patience for them.

...I don't like watching soccer on TV, but I don't mind playing it on the computer. I got Winning Eleven 8 International by Konami last night for $19.99. So far it plays very well.

....I think Denis Leary is a funny guy even though he follows the wrong teams.

...I think the Colts have the best chance to knock of the Patriots because you can't leave it up to the Steelers.

...I'm on vacation next week. That' s a wonderful thing to look forward too.

...I can't seem to stop drinking Gatorade. Every flavor they have I enjoy. Same goes for that Powerade stuff. Tastes similar to me.

...Tomorrow is my wife's birthday. I got her one of those 4 gig Ipods.

...Need a good book to read? Right now I am reading this book called "If I Never Get Back" by Darryl Brock. It's about time travel and the 1869 Cincinnati Reds.

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I forget if i did one or not but anyway here it goes...

-I'm going to see the phantom of the opera today in pittsburgh. my lil bro is really into it and so my parents decided to take him (meaning the family)

-I looked at a folder in my pictures today...in it are a few of the first sigs I made. I am amazed at what I have accomplished...a great flash website (www.jeffphilibin.com), probably first place at the middle school computer fair for designing a website...the list goes on and on...and of course, MANY thanks to this community for helping me with my photoshop skills

-We haven't had a school dance since September. that was the best one we had yet and i cant wait to dance with this really hot girl...(two years older than me in 8th grade)...same with her

-My competitive basketball season ended yesterday afternoon during the seventh period of a basketball game...I realized that there had to be eight periods so everybody has a chance to play all five positions, take turns being a point guard, and sit out a few times. Oh yes, no pressing either. We want kids to have fun...


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city living is better than country living...you don't have to make every trip to the grocery store an extended excursion.

hopefully, i'm in san diego in a year...flordia has no biotech jobs at all, and i'm sick of the state, and besides, the fish will get bad attendance this year.

i think it's about that time to get a new cellphone, but i'm still debating...my current one is great for text messaging..i'll see if i can find a simular type that cingular supports.

some people are computer dimwits (not on this site). they have no clue what's going on with their computers sometimes...what a shame.

i hope orlando is nice, i have to go to both there and tampa during march, courtesy of friends orders (sean walker is at astros camp, and i have a bunch of yankee friends...go figure).

is college just a place to get hitched? seems like it sometimes...i came for an education.

ipods are a waste of money (expect the full blown ones), i can get a mp3 cd player for 30 bucks now and cds can hold up to 700 mb of music, more than a shuffle that costs 100 bucks.

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...Random thoughts from my little part of the world...

- Halfway through the NHL season and I still miss Mark Messier! The Rangers having an exceptional year without him, only makes it that much worse! (Although I am excited by their playoff potential!)

- Being a Jays fan, it has been an exciting off-season...weird to watch them actually make moves on free agents...

- Smallville is all new this week! Missed it! Counting down too the hundreth episode..expecting to see the demise of Jonathan Kent or maybe Chloe Sullivan!

- A little over 2 days until "The Shield"! Michael Chiklis is the best actor on FX. The Shield, if this is it's final season, is going to go out with a BANG!

- Nip/Tuck has officially "jumped the shark"...what a crappy season ender, to an otherwise subpar season.

- Finally downloading Total Classics Four, have never tried any of them.

- The Canadian election up here is a farce...what a bunch of crooks, theives, and deviants.

- A couple of weeks(?) until MVP 06, NCCAA Version, looking forward to trying it out.

- Can't wait until the summer, my pool is calling for me in my dreams...

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You know, it is really the contributions from you other guys in this thread that make this thread great. I really like reading what you others are thinking too. Keep it up and thanks!

Kind of like this:

djeagles11 wrote:

- Can't wait until the summer, my pool is calling for me in my dreams...

The way your pool is calling for you is the same way my central air is calling me. We got that in last year in early August and this year we'll have the whole summer to be cool. Nothing beats the summer for me, I just love it.

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You know, it is really the contributions from you other guys in this thread that make this thread great. I really like reading what you others are thinking too. Keep it up and thanks!

Kind of like this:

djeagles11 wrote:

The way your pool is calling for you is the same way my central air is calling me. We got that in last year in early August and this year we'll have the whole summer to be cool. Nothing beats the summer for me, I just love it.

I hear you, we bought our house in June, moved in the first of July. I am looking forward to a whole summer with my pool. We built a Brick BBQ at the end of last summer, so I only used it twice. Can't wait to try it out!!!!

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Updated to January 15th:

...This month is half over. For someone who hates winter as much as I do, this makes me happy.

...What also makes me happy is that I am on vacation this week and I have nothing planned and nowhere to go and no one will be home with me, except for the dogs. This is so good, this week is going to fly by. :?

...You all know how I feel about the sports teams that reside in New England, but last night I was actually pulling for one of them to win. I wanted the Patriots to beat Denver because I don't like anyone from the AFC West except of course for Oakland.

...Go (Baltimore) Colts. <----- If any of you here remember when they were in Baltimore, you remember the underhanded way that team left town twenty-two years ago.

...You know, with Johnny Damon on the Yankees now, Jeter and A-Rod will almost be ignored when they go to Boston because the boo-birds will be zeroing on him.

....One more bit of Damon: I think it is hilarious to read some of the Sox fans posts about Damon "fading" now. If he had been resigned by Boston like he should have been, they never would have said this.

....Brooke Burke. Brooke Burke. Brooke Burke :hail:

...Rich Gossage should have made the Hall of Fame.

...Speaking of the Hall, I'm going there this summer again. If anyone ever has a chance to go there, I recommend it.

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My turn,

- If you guys aren't in Canada right now, you are lucky. It is absouletly freezing down here. I am scared to go outside. It even snows from time to time.....Well atleast in Toronto.........

- I have so many papers due tommorow, that I just gave up on them. Pray for me.......

- Like djeagles11 said, this have been one great off-season for the Jays. JP(The GM) just has to make sure that his new players didn't waste his time......

- R.I.A. Orlando Hudson. (Rest in Arizona). We will never forget your range on the field........

- I can't wait until MVP 06 comes out. That should be a blast!......

- Get out of Toronto Eric Hinske and take your 2003 ROTY award with you......

- Who has an I-POD video? I can't get my videos to play on that.......

- What would I do without MVPmods? I am on it all day for god sakes.......

- I don't know about you guys, but NBA Live 06 is great! The models are alot better than MVP.......

- That new MLB 2k5 game is a peice of junk. The only thing they updated from the original is 2 worthless game modes. World Series Edition my ***.....the DVD was alright though..........

- I just heard about that 1988 disaster in Oakland at the World Series from watching the MLB 2k5 DVD. That was terrible.

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...And away we go,

...Smallville was back this week...seemed like a filler episode. Two more weeks until the BIG EVENT! Can't wait!

...Thug4Life is right, I hope Hinske is gone from Toronto sooner rather the later...

...Played Texas Hold'Em friday night...won some money, lost some money...got pretty drunk...

...Has to fire someone at work this morning, that is always hard, wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy...

...Bye Bye Patriots, Bye Bye Colts...You heard it here, Pittsburgh or Denver is gonna be your Super Bowl Champ...

...Anyone watch "The Office"? Most underrated show on televison...

...Shed a tear the other night watching Mark Messier have his number retired at MSG! A true gentleman and fantastic hockey player...

...Is it me, or is Peyton Manning a GREAT regular season quarterback, and an average one in the playoffs?

...Andre Dawson should sue Cooperstown, just my opinion...

...and my god, I wish I was "Lost" with Evangeline Lilly...I mean GRRROOOWWWLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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- Peyton Manning's lack of playoff success is becoming a real joke. This team was supposed to go 16-0, win the superbowl...

- It's MLK Day guys. Reminds me of how far we came, but in some cases how little.

- Back up at school. The greats days of spending too many hours on the computer during winter vacation are over.

- Somehow found a piece of Locatelli cheese upstate...

- Will Edwin Jackson finally turn it around with the Devil Rays? Should he be converted into a flame-throwing reliever?

- Speaking of the Rays, they are going to officially take the word 'Devil' out of their name in 2007. Taking a word out has really worked for Toronto so far...

- Yanks are thinking about bringing Jeff Nelson back, again. It was great when it took Benitez off the team but I am bored of this guy and his walks. As long as he's in Columbus, all year long.

- Nomar plays for Mexico in the WBC, another American playing for another country, what a joke. Just to think A-Rod got heat for thinking about playing for the DR. I guess he has 252 million reasons to get so much heat sometimes. Still, A-Rod should have never considered playing for the DR, and Piazza and pals shouldn't be playing for Italy. I wonder if the players will treat the games seriously or just take it easy ST style.

- While the WBC is bad for the teams, this will probably be great for the game. As long as Rivera sits out. :p

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- Speaking of the Rays, they are going to officially take the word 'Devil' out of their name in 2007. Taking a word out has really worked for Toronto so far...

- Yanks are thinking about bringing Jeff Nelson back, again. It was great when it took Benitez off the team but I am bored of this guy and his walks. As long as he's in Columbus, all year long.

I didn't know this about the Devil Rays SwinginSoriano. Is this on their website?

Oh, and we could do much worse than Jeff Nelson. :)

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Top officials are privately talking about ideas that would change the entire look and identity of the team for the 2007 season - from the name to the colors to the logos to the uniforms.

At the least, it seems likely the word "Devil" will be dropped, as it already is in some official team references. Then a decision has to be made whether to continue associating Rays with the sea creatures or to connect with the sun. Or there could be a new name, such as the Tampa Bay Tarpons.

It will be really sad if this happens. Aren't Devil Rays very docile animals or are those Stingrays... Anyway, don't screw around with a name change until the team truly changes it's identity. By 2007, the Devil Rays will probably not be competing for the AL East. They should at least go for .500 before they change their identity.

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Updated to January 22nd

...I don't mind watching women's tennis. Wait, that's not right. I don't mind watching women play tennis especially if they are Martina Hingis or Maria Sharapova.

At the same time, I hate those loud mouth Williams sisters.

...Hey! Theo Epstien is back. This week the drama queen of Boston returned like we all knew he would. Well, we might as well not even play the 2006 season now. He can do no wrong, the Sox gotta win now because he's back.

...Kris Benson went to Baltimore yesterday in a trade. I wonder who the Mets were more glad to get rid of? Him or his wife?

...Smallville 100th episode this week. Something big is supposed to happen. And if you all watched it last week, my favorite on that show (Lex Luthor) will have Lana before this season is done. Just a prediction.

...I realize I did slam the Red Sox with that Theo Epstien comment before( :lol::lol: ) so I'll give them equal time here. If anyone believes the Yankees are going to have a super-offensive lineup in 2006 just because Johnny Damon will be leading off, they're wrong. Damon will help, no doubt about that. But if you have Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada in there as every day players, who in their right mind is going to believe the talk of a modern day "Murderer's Row?" I still say the worst thing the Yankees did was bring back Williams. They brought him back for who he was, not for what he did the past two seasons, which was nothing. Hey, I hope I'm wrong.

...Anyone ever watch a show on the USA Network called "Monk"? Not a bad show.

...Dante Culpepper sucked in 2005, got hurt and will miss part of the next season. And he still asked for a raise? What's wrong here?

...Let's see. Pittsburgh at Denver, I got to pull for Pittsburgh. Carolina at Seattle, I got to pull for Carolina. Reasons? I don't like Denver because they are in Oakland's division. I don't like Seattle teams because of the Mariners.

...What a nice vacation this week. I did a whole lot of nothing, which is in fact, if you saw me at my work you would say I do there. :wink: I read, I played games, I slept, I watched movies. And the time flew. My next one is in two month. Already I can't wait.

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...and away we go....

...Smallville "100" is this week. I have read and saw some spoilers, and from what I have seen....WOW! It is going to redefine the series! Last week's eppy wasn't bad, if Pa Kent dies, I am going to miss him. John Schenider, has taken the role and made it his own!

...On a related Superman note...A little over 5 months until "Superman Returns"! Can't wait...going to be the best movie of the summer! Can't wait to see Kevin Spacey as Lex Luther!

...How about that Ovechkin kid in the NHL...has me saying "Crosby who?", and I am Canadian.

...Have to vote tomorrow...uggh...I fear there is going to be a new government forming...a conservative government, and anyone who follows canadian politics, and knows who Stephen Harper is should be worried.

...Pittsburgh vs. Seattle in the Superbowl...

...Epstein's Back!!! Going to make it all the sweeter when the Jays beat the Red Sox for the Wild Card...

...Two episodes into "The Shield", it has been amazing to say the least...best show on television...

...I love Sundays...

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Dante Culpepper sucked in 2005, got hurt and will miss part of the next season. And he still asked for a raise? What's wrong here?

I think that guy is really overrated.

Anyway, here are some random thoughts:

- Made myself a gravy today, it kicked ***.

- Mutant League Football was an awesome game. The best team was the "Slashers" despite the fact they weren't ranked as high as some other ones.

- Football playoffs are not as important as Sunday Night Baseball to me for some reason...

- dodgerblues.com is an awesome site.

- their forums suck

- Who lost more weight this off-season, Eric Gagne or Barry Bonds?

- Gotta love Theo's godly status when it was the two unnamed GMs who stole Beckett, Mota, and Loretta away.

- The Orioles looks really untalented, but they will compete because Mazzone is a God.

- The Blue Jays may be a really expensive 4th place team, especially if Glaus gets hurt.

- MVP does not rate good defenders/baserunners that highly. It rates starters really highly...

- I miss winter break, reading hours everyday just isn't as fun.

- I hate when people have BS minors like "Urban Studies". Such obvious grade inflators. I'd like to see them actually take classes that force you to write several long papers and actually take out 10+ books for most of them. (History of course.)

- I am the only person in college who wants to be asleep by 11 o'clock

- Leyland, Dombrowski, and Illitch of the Tigers are expecting to compete this year. No acquisitions + lack of minor league talent equals another sucky season for the Tigers. Hell, they can always depend on Bonderman "finally reaching his potential" for the third year in a row. I wonder if Zumaya and Verlander will actually become good pitchers, or just more Bondermans. (If that.)

- Pittsburgh is beating Denver.

- I'd have some rants but I'll spare you guys.

- Supposedly Joe Torre sent phone calls out to Brian Giles, and Cashman aborted a Milton Bradley trade...

- Hairband music is awesome.

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Just found this thread. Seems cool........my turn

- I hate midterms.

- Why do I have to learn 150 vocab words when there's only going to be 50 on the test.

- SOAD new album is great, just got it.

- Pitssburgh beat Denver. What a game. Bettis goin back to Detroit!

- I don't like the mets new slogan "New Year, More Stars". Seems like all they care about is the stars. Just win for once.

- For some reason I started like Seinfeld. Laziness does payoff. If I had found the remote, I would not have watched that episode. Now I'm hooked.

- My dog barks too much.

- Baseball practice started today.

- The Marlins are gona get owned in the NL East this year.

- ESPN predicted Carolina to win the Super Bowl! They might actually be right!!!!! I wish the Jets made it.

- Anyone just feel different on Sunday. It feels like the best day of the week. Besides Friday.

- Monday sucks. Im gona become president of the World and eliminate it from the calendar.

- Italian language > NYM91

- I really hate people who try to act cool.

NYM91's philosophy for Sunday January 22, 2006 : Remember, you can never fail at two subjects, Lunch and Dismissal.

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