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A's Run @ The Title!! (updated monthly)


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I will only update this dynasty monthly (in season, so probably like every 2 or 3 weeks in real time)


SLIDERS = NONE, Just a +5 for user steal speed cause i was getting thrown out every time on curveballs


As of April 30th

Budget = 91.6M

Payroll = 80.7M

Penalties = 800k

Bank = 10.9M

Record = 15-8 (1st place with a 2 game lead over Anaheim in AL 1WEST)

Key Roster Moves

1. Traded Frank Thomas, Jay Payton, and #2 Pitching Prospect to Cincy for Ken Griffey Jr.

2. Signed FA Billy Koch to help a struggling bullpen

Big Injuries

1. Huston Street (has only had 3 appearances because of injury!)

2. Jason Kendall (missed about two weeks)

Players On The Trading Block

1. Mark Ellis

2. Joe Kennedy

(probably won't trade neither)



1. Barry Zito... 39.2IP...4w-1l...0.91era...19k's..1CGSHO

2. Rich Harden...34.1IP..1W-2L...3.41era...10K's

3. Joe Kennedy...34.1IP...4W-1L...2.62ERA...1CGSHO

4. Joe Blanton...24.1IP....1W-0L....1.85ERA

5. Esteban Loiza....33.2IP...3W-1L...3.21ERA


1. Danny Haren...9.2IP...1.86ERA...5k's

2. Kirk Saarloos....14.1IP...2W-1L...1.26ERA...2 sv's

3. Juan Cruz....6.2IP...4.05ERA....1 SV...5 k's

4. Mike Hawkins....4IP...2.25ERA

5. (SU) Billy Koch (just signed) .... 3.2IP...0 ERA

6. (Closer) Huston Street .... 2.1IP....0 ERA... 2 Sv's (just off the disabled list TODAY!)


1. Mark Kotsay...BA=.311..2HR..11SB

2. Bobby Crosby...BA=.283...5HR...12RBI

3. Ken Griffey Jr....BA=.305...4HR...9RBI

4. Eric Chavez...BA=.307...7HR...17RBI

5. Jason Kendall...264..

6. Marco Scutaro..242

7. Dan Johnson...288

8. Milton Bradley...240

9. Adam Melhuse...BA=.300..2HR..9RBI


1. Nick Swisher...BA=.192....0HR...1RBI (52AB..17 of 23 games..moved to bench!)

2. Mark Ellis...BA=.167 (but he's taggin the ball just hittin right at everyone)

3. Bobby Kielty....great defensive replacement

4. Charles Thomas....BA=.385 (has been clutch in pinch hitting appearances)


My starting pitching is doing okay. Rich Harden is struggling despite his decent ERA. The Chicago White Sox blew me out one game but all 7 of my other losses have been by 1 RUN! The bullpen is where I've had the most trouble. Huston Street's injury hurt me in a few games, but two days ago I signed Billy Koch which should give me a very strong setup man, and Huston Street is finally back from his injury. I was having to do closer by committee for a while.

Eric Chavez has been the MVP for the A's, very clutch. Nick Swisher has been a huge dissapointment, I've let him play most of the first month yet his batting average is now below .200 so I've got to get him out of the lineup. Adam Melhuse has stepped in as the DH with a .300 batting average and 2 big HR's. Bobby Crosby has also been a nice power surprise with 5 HR's in the first month, one a 3 run walk off off Bobby Jenks to beat the White Sox in 13 innings.

Mark Kotsay looks to obtain a team goal by leading the league in SB's...so far he's succeeding with 11SB in the first month

On a side note the division rival Anaheim Angels have taken 4 of the 6 games we've played and the Rangers split a two game series with the A's. So that's a 3-5 division record right now which we must improve on.

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eric chavez ended up being out most of last season, I ended up winning the world series tho and Dan Johnson was my MVP for the series

I'm now in year 2 at the All Star break, so i think i'm gonna post the stats at the all star break for year two....i'm pretty dominant once again :) but despite my record most of the games are competitive

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I won the World Series last year.....

Dan Johnson won the World Series MVP

Barry Zito won the CY Young pitching 242 innings, 1.92 ERA, 22-6 record, 185 strikeouts

Ken Griffey JR won a Gold Glove in LF


Lots of my players were in contract years last year and simply were not going to be affordable. Joe Blanton and Joe Kennedy especially wanted a big pay increase, so I gave Blanton the money hoping ot trade him later and I then made a big splash in the free agent market of young pitching talent. Unfortuneatly I didn't keep up with all that and every trade, but I assure you if I traded for talent I let go of my best prospects. I think my only trade was for Francisco Liriano though. I also made a trade for Juan Encarnacion after some injuries occured, which i traded pokey reese and a pitching prospect for.

It's now the All Star Break of year 2 and that's where I will begin


as of July 13th

BUDGET = $102M

Payroll = $95M

Penalties = 500k

Bank = $5.90M

Record = 73-16 (14 games ahead of seattle)

Key Roster Moves

-Offensively, I called up some prospects and I signed Jeremy Hermedia to play RF.

-Pitching I had to make some big moves. I called up top pitching prospect Dan Meyer. I traded a ton for Francisco Liriano. I also traded for the #1 pick in the draft J.C. Piersoll from the Baltimore Orioles. I traded Joe Blanton, J Kubel (top 100 RF prospect, signed as FA), and one of my AAA pitchers. Right before the all star break I traded Danny Haren and a 5 star 2nd basemen to the Yankees for Chien Ming Wang (i edited Wang to 4 star potential making the sinker his dominant pitch)

Big Injuries

my young players

-J Reynolds (catcher of the future...a seperated shoulder)

-Jeremy Hermedia (starting RF, torn PCL)

-Chris Haney (Situational RF prospect, torn left shoulder muscle..out for season)



Barry Zito...0.66...17-0...152k's

Rich Harden....2.67....12-3...74k's

Dan Meyer.....1.84....13-3...62K's

JC Piersoll.....2.10....8-4....53K's

Francisco Liriano....2.38....10-2...60k's


Chien Ming Wang

Brad Halsey

Jairo Garcia

SU-Kirk Saarloos .... 0.87

SU-Mike Hawkins.....

Closer - Huston Street ... 1.04....23 saves in 23 chances

STARTING LINEUP - batting order

CF - Mark Kotsay - .318 with 59 SB

2B - Eric Izquierdo (rookie 2b...switch hitter, 4 or 5 stars) - .294 with 9HR

LF - Ken Griffey JR - .344 with 22HR and 21 SB (40/40???)

3B - Eric Chavez - .311 with 19HR and 24SB (another 40/40???)

C - Jason Kendall - .316 with 15HR

SS - Bobby Crosby - .275 with 36HR!! and 83RBI...he was batting 2nd early

DH - Dan Johnson - .277 with 8 HR's

1B - Nick Swisher - .290 with 8 HR's

RF - Charles Thomas - .342 (might've earned a contract extension)


Jean Asadoorian (3b prospect called up cause of injuries)

Marco Scutaro - .413 with 4 HR, 12 RBI (play's 2b vs LHP)

Juan Encarnacion (just traded for him bc of injuries)

Justin Knoedler (bad minor league catcher, but called up bc injury)


C - Jorge Reynolds - .375 with 1HR (limited time but catcher of future)

RF - Jeremy Hermedia - .338 (everyday starter before injury)

RF - Chris Haney - .257 (great potential, good defense)


Jason Kendall - 10M

Huston Street - 300k

Kirki Saarloos - 1.5M

Dan Meyer - 500k

Jairo Garcia - 600k

Charles Thomas - 500k

Nick Swisher - 500k

Marco Scutaro - 400k

Chien Ming Wang - 400k

Juan Encarnacion - 4M (he's just a rental player, no chance of resigning)

Ken Griffey JR - 12.9M

Jorge Reynolds - 300K

Hopefully Griffey will take a big paycut so I can sign the rest, as well as Jason Kendall I wouldn't mind keeping him one more year at a lower cost so Reynolds can develop. I'd also like to see Griffey get to 700 in Oakland somehow.....he's at 555 right now.

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I think it's because this is literally the only game i play

as you can see it was early in season 1 of this dynasty on march 19 this year and i'm now in season 2 and its only june 30 of this year, and i've played about a year and a 1/2 worth of games

the secret on mvp level is to hit strikes tho, they throw alot more balls on mvp difficulty and 99% of the time your not gonna hit a ball very hard in this game....you don't even need to worry about hot spots and cold spots, just time the pitch and i'm always using the joystick diagonally upwards, sometimes when its right in the middle of the plate i won't use the joystick

also if a pitch has a curveball and a slider i may try to sit on a fastball or changeup....if a pitcher has a 2seamer and 4seamer and then a curve and a change i'll try to sit on a curve or the change because the 2 seamer will fool me

All my homeruns with RH hitters I pull, I can hit HR's with LH hitters to RF and LF....i rarely hit any to dead away center...just gotta time it right and make sure its a strike

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also i played madden last year for about a month, and i played san andreas a good bit when it first came out, but other then those this is the only game i've played since the day it came out with no breaks in it, i haven't gotten tired of it at all

i'm actually playing right now, against colorado :)

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I forgot to mention I threw a perfect game with Rich Harden, I honestly can't remember the team but I do remember it was at home in Oakland. So i've thrown 2 perfect games on the ALL Star level, and this was my first one on the MVP level.....I've thrown alot of 1 hitters with Barry Zito but i think the most strikeouts i've gotten is 16 with him, i normally can't strikeout a whole lot..

the only milestone i've yet to accomplish that I really want to is hitting over .400 in a regular season, right now Ken Griffey is batting .345 just 5 games after the all star break...I think he's 7th among league leaders

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i called up relief pitcher brandon league as he has a 0.00 ERA in AAA closing out games with 27 saves

i sent Jean Asadoorian back to AAA simply because he wasn't getting much playing time in the bigs and i wanted him to play everyday

Brandon League has a 98mph fastball, a 88mph slider, and a 94mph sinker!! Great stuff....I was able to get him in free agency after season 1 and i'm glad i did. He's my top pitching prospect i'd say.

First appearance for the A's he gives up 2 hits and gets 2 K's in 2/3 of an inning

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The deadline is approaching in just a few days and I have made my first deal, nothing major but should help down the line. I signed Joey Devine as a free agent (800K) in the offseason to a ML contract and he was stuck in AAA and unhappy, I simply didn't have a spot for him in the big league rotation.

I played a little bit of a AAA game and found a flame thrower on the Portland team (Padres organization) by the name of Shawn Castilla. 97mph fastball with a 76mph changeup, plus a split. He was making 700k a year so the Padres threw in a single A pitcher and we have a deal.

Oakland sends Joey Devine (2 star potential...800k) for Shawn Castilla (4 star potential...700k) and Colin Houston (1 star potential...100k)

I've got a pretty solid team so I won't be making too many huge trades unless the computer offers me something good.

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so it's bottom of the 8th against the red sox with Papelbon pitching and my great rookie prospect eric izquierdo is up who has already hit a solo shot off the foul pole early in the game. Unfortuneatly he grounds into an inning ending, rally killing double player.

Same situation in the bottom of the 9th, once again with one out. Bobby Crosby is intentionally walked after Ken Griffey Jr singles. Jason Kendall pinch hits on his day off for a bloop single, and the bases are juiced. Dan Johnson steps to the plate and on the 2nd pitch he CRUSHES a pitch into the upper deck in Oakland 442ft! Walk off Grand Slam to end the game

Dan Johnson's 10th Homerun of the season

Manny Ramirez (Red Sox), Eric Chavez and Eric Izquierdo also homered

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LF - Ken Griffey JR - .344 with 22HR and 21 SB (40/40???)

that was at the all star break....I don't think i've hit any HR's or SB's since then (i've played about 7 games after the break), not sure on the average neither, i'll probably play a couple tonight after the yankees game

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i might try out some sliders either next season or once the playoffs start to try and make the standings more competitive

believe it or not most of these games are very close but the other teams simply don't score many runs off my pitching

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  • 2 weeks later...

i tried some sliders

i made the pitching difficulty -20

gave the cpu a +20 contact boost, +15 power boost (doesn't seem to have changed much)

i've played like 15 games since then and lost 2....one game i got blown out 11-0

but still aside from that i still dont give up hardly any runs

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I have about 2 months left of games.....I'm thinking of drastically cutting my payroll even thought they're probably gonna give me a 10M increase

I wanna make a real young team, but at the same time I don't wanna give up griffey

so far I have rookies playing at 2b and rf....then I gotta C that I have in place of jason kendall when his contract expires at the end of the year

i'm testing out alot of my AAA pitchers in the big leagues right now...kotsay has two years left

I'm wanting to make myself a CAP, and make me like the best player ever and give me 15-18 million dollars a year :)

basically build around myself, chavez, and let griffey get old and retires with the A's amongst Zito and a bunch of young players developed through my farm system in year 3 (A's won it all in year one, and we're looking good now in year 2)

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first time i think i've hit 50 homeruns in a season with a single player on mvp difficulty

theres still about 15-20 games left in the regular season.....Bobby Crosby hit a 451FT shot off R. Bell of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays!!

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