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MVP STUDIO 2006 : Uniform Editor for TC/05/06


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all right, life's been pretty busy with grad school stuff, job hunting, arguing with carter and y4l, and TC Phase 6, TC: MVP 1961(stecropper, hory) and TC: MVP 1994(Hory's)

stecropper asked me awhile back about polishing up the uni-editor to make it work with the 3000 limit gfx error so I've finally started work on that.

you can also download MVP STUDIO 06: Logo Tools which is available on this site now. This is for tampering with in-game team logos. It's pretty useful.

It's a tool aimed at people interested in modding.

The uniform editor will let you add,swap, replace, or save uniforms from team slots for Total Classics Series(and i guess previous phases) and the 06 mod.

Going to be releasing a few more tools along the line just to wrap up/finalize/stamp my contributions to this mvp series.

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:hail: Fuzz, that is awesome. This might help someone like me who is almost incompetent when it comes to uniform editing. Thank you very much for creating this mod.

Fuzz' tool isn't actually an editor. As he says, it is a utility that allows you to add, swap, replace or save uniforms. It's not a graphics tool that allows you to edit the uniforms themselves.

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That is what I meant by editing. I have some unis I already made but can't put in.

OK -- I misunderstood what you meant. You should be good to go when you get the Uniform Editor. It is a great tool and it was invaluable when as we were putting Total Classics together.

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