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New York, New York: The Yankees look for No. 27


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Now that I have finally installed the MVP 06: Livin Large mod, I will be starting a New York Yankees dynasty, and the games will probably be played as per the 2006 schedule (meaning I will play the opener on April 3rd, etc.)

I will put up details on Monday afternoon, including my options, sliders, rotation, and lineup.

Warning: My player detail option is automatically set to low, and I can't change it. Until then I won't be getting too many face shots during the game, but the stadium resolutions and everything else will be fine.

And does anyone have a screenshot of the YES layout? I know there is a download available but I wanna see it before I download it.

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Here are the sliders, they aren't official right now. I'm gonna play some exhibition games with these sliders and will be changed if I don't like them:

Level - MVP

Every slider is neutral except for two of them:

Pitch Speed - +20

CPU Steal Rate - +50

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Here is my lineup and rotation:






The game will be posted tomorrow, I had the entire game ready for copy and paste but I had the wrong URL for EVERY picture I took in the game.

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I'd like to follow this, but just looking at your screenshots tells me that if you're even remotely decent at the game, you'll probably win 120 games in 2006.

Bubba Crosby, 91 speed? Please. Mariano Rivera only has a 4-seamer and a cutter, both of which just happen to be rated as highly as the game allows. Yeah, right. Good luck, although you won't need it.

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sorry about bubba, i tend to like him. i thought it was at 80. i didnt realize i made him that fast, but i dont know how a backup player having a lot of speed translates to 120 wins.

mariano's four seamer and his cutter were lower statistically but the velocities were wrong, the game said his cutter was only in the low 90's when in reality he throws around 95-96 mph.

and i got rid of the two seamer because i had never seen him throw it before so it would be pretty senseless to do so. and im playing on mvp as a reminder. im gonna post my first game in a second.

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sorry about bubba, i tend to like him. i didnt realize i made him that fast, i dont know how a backup player having a lot of speed translates to 120 wins.

mariano's four seamer and his cutter were lower statistically but the velocities were wrong, the game said his cutter was only in the low 90's when in reality he throws around 95-96 mph.

and i got rid of the two seamer because i had never seen him throw it before so it would be pretty senseless to do so. and im playing on mvp as a reminder. im gonna post my first game in a second.

No need to apologise, it's your dynasty, do what you like. I'm just sharing my thoughts.

A backup player being made extra-fast doesn't translate to 120 wins, but when you post your own screenshots showing 2 players largly edited in your favour, I'd say it's a fair assumption to think that a few, if not a lot, of other players have been edited as well.

However, Mariano does throw a 2-seam fastball.

Anyway, enjoy.

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Opening Day 2006

April 3rd, 2006

Yankees Drill Oakland 9-0

The Yankees scored early and never looked back as they pounced Barry Zito for seven runs and Joe Kennedy for another two to secure a 9-0 opening day victory.

The top offensive player was Gary Sheffield (.400, 2HR, 2 RBI) and Randy Johnson (9 IP, 9 K, 5 H) was easily the top pitcher in his shutout performance.

The top of the first started with Zito striking out new Yankee center fielder Johnny Damon, followed by Derek Jeter grounding out to short. Alex Rodriguez then hit a shot to right field but landed in the glove of a diving Milton Bradley to record a scoreless first.


Milton Bradley robs Alex Rodriguez of a double in the top of the first inning.

Mark Kotsay hit a slow grounder to Derek Jeter who made an errant throw to lead off the bottom half of the first frame. But after Jason Kendall hit a rough grounder, Jeter took the play himself as he turned a 6-6-3 double play to eliminate the runner as if he never misplayed the ball. Eric Chavez then hit a grounder to Jeter to end the inning.

End of 1 – NYY 0 – OAK 0


After starting the season with a bad throw, Jeter makes up for it by turning a 6-6-3 double play.

After a rough spring training concerning his option for 2007, Gary Sheffield launched Zito’s 1-0 offering 400 feet to right field for the first run of the ball game. Then AL Comeback Player Of The Year Jason Giambi grounded out to second baseman Mark Ellis, and Hideki Matsui laced a two out single, his first of three. Bernie ended the inning grounding into a 4-6-3 double play.


Gary Sheffield quiets his critics in the top of the second with the first home run of the season off Bary Zito for an early Yankee lead.

After Frank “The Big Hurt†Thomas grounded out to Alex Rodriguez at third, Randy Johnson notched his first strikeout with the help of a fishing Scott Hatteberg. Bobby Crosby hit what seemed to be a single down the first base line but Alex Rodriguez made a diving snag and beautiful throw to nail Crosby a step away from first to end the second inning.

End of 2 - NYY 1 – OAK 0


Randy Johnson notches his first strikeout, hurling a 97 mph fastball past Scott Hatteberg.

The top of the third appeared to be going starter Barry Zito’s way as he caught Jorge Posada looking at a curveball and getting sophomore Robinson Cano to pop up to short. Then New York started a two out rally, as Johnny Damon singled and stole second, scoring on a Derek Jeter single, who then scored on an Alex Rodriguez double. Gary Sheffield popped up to second to end the inning.


Bobby Crosby helps Barry Zito reitre his third straight batter, Robinson Cano.

Randy Johnson got into a jam when Milton Bradley singled and stole second followed by a Jay Payton single to put runners at the corners. Then the Yankee defense clicked as Mark Ellis grounded out to third. Mark Kotsay ripped what would have been a two run base hit if not for the glove of Gold Glover Derek Jeter as he caught Kotsay’s liner. Jason Kendall struck out swinging to end the inning with no runs.

End of 3 – NYY 3 – OAK 0

Jason Giambi started the fourth with a boom, taking Barry Zito’s changeup 420 feet to right center field give New York a 4-0 lead. Hideki Matsui singled, and then Zito got Bernie to ground out to second, forced Posada to ground out to himself, and struck out Cano to end the frame.


Jason Giambi continues the onslaught of Barry Zito, drilling a 420 foot shot into the right-center field stands. This gives the Yankees a 4-0 lead.

Randy Johnson continued to flash signs of being in midseason form as he struck out Chavez and Thomas, and got Mark Hatteberg to ground out to Keter to end the fourth.

End of 4 – NYY 4 – OAK 0

Johnny Damon hit a leadoff double, moved to third on a Jeter fly out to center, and scored on Alex Rodriguez’s sacrifice fly, his second RBI of the night to put the Yanks up 5-0. Gary Sheffield flied out to center to end the inning.

Bobby Crosby tried to get things going in the A’s fifth with a single, but Milton Bradley struck out and Payton hit into a 5-4 fielder’s choice to take Crosby off the basepath. Mark Ellis grounded out to Giambi to finish the first half of play.

End of 5 – NYY 5 – OAK 0

Following the strikeout of Jason Giambi, Hideki Matsui hit his third single followed by Bernie’s first to chase Zito from the game. Joe Kennedy didn’t do much better in the inning as he walked Posada to load the bases, and then Robinson Cano hit a check swing right between the mound and home. Kennedy fired the ball fast to the plate but Matsui beat the throw to make the game a 6-0 Yankee advantage. Johnny Damon walked on four pitches to make it 7-0, and then Derek Jeter scored Bernie on a sac fly to center to give the away team an 8 run lead. Alex Rodriguez made the third out grounding out to Eric Chavez.

Randy Johnson made quick work of the 2-3-4 order in the sixth as Mark Kotsay grounded out to first, Jason Kendall struck out looking at a heater, and Chavez grounded out to third to end six innings of play.

End of 6 – NYY 8 – Oak 0


Randy Johnson punches out Jason Kendall for his sixth strikeout of the game.

Gary Sheffield continued his torrent of offense as he launched home run number two to give the Yankees their final run of the game and a commanding 9-0 lead. Kennedy silenced Giambi, Matsui, and Bernie with three consecutive fly outs to end the offensive campaign.


Gary Sheffield tattoos a Joe Kennedy fastball 390 feet for a second home run of the game.

After Giambi made a gold glove play off the bat of Frank Thomas, Randy Johnson literally put the heat on Hatteberg and Crosby, striking them both out. That gave Randy Johnson 8 strikeouts with two innings to go.

End of 7 – NYY 9 – OAK 0

Joe Kennedy continued the streak of outs as he got Posada and Cano to ground out to short and second. But then Eric Chavez botched a routine grounder to kept the inning going. Luckily for him Johnny Damon and the Yankees only got a stolen base out of it as Derek Jeter popped up to right.


Reigning Gold Glover Eric Chavez boots a Johnny Damon grounder with two down in the eighth.

Milton Bradley led off the bottom of the eighth with a flyout to a running Gary Sheffield, followed by singles on the part of Jay Payton and Mark Ellis. Back to the top, Johnson retired Mark Kotsay with a ninth strikeout and Jason Kendall with a flyout to right to end the eighth.

End of 8 – NYY 9 – OAK 0

The top of the ninth featured Alex Rodriguez getting robbed of a hit for the second time as Joe Kennedy put up his glove fast enough to catch a Rodriguez line drive. Sheffield went quietly wih a groundout and Giambi ended the last Yankee offensive drive with a strikeout.


Thinking quick worked out for Joe Kennedy as he caught an Alex Rodriguez liner before he even left the batter’s box.

Randy Johnson retired the side in order in the ninth, needing only four pitches to silence Chavez, Thomas, and Hatteberg to finish off a shutout masterpiece.


Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Hideki Matsui, and Gary Sheffield walk off the field following the Yankee’s 9-0 season opener victory.






Tomorrow's game will be Mike Mussina facing Rich Harden.

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April 4th, 2006

Payton’s ninth inning heroics sink Yanks 3-2

The Yankees (1-1) and starter Mike Mussina (ND) got off to a quick lead thanks to a first inning homer by Alex Rodriguez in the first off Rich Harden (ND) to get a 2-0 lead. But the Yankees wouldn’t score again as the A’s (1-1) scored once in the second and the fourth, and no runs were scored again until Jay Payton’s walk off solo shot in the ninth.

Johnny Damon got the first hit off of Rich Harden with a single on a 3-2 delivery, and notching his third stolen base while Derek Jeter struck out. Unfortunately, second baseman Mark Ellis injured his leg while covering the bag on the steal and was replaced by Antonio Perez. A Rod took the first pitch he saw 370 feet to left center field to give the Yankees a 2 run advantage. Then Rich Harden buckled down and got the hot bat of Gary Sheffield to ground out to second and popped up Giambi in a 7 pitch at bat to end the top of the inning.


Alex Rodriguez watches his first home run of the season, a 383 foot blast on a Rich Harden fastball in the top of the first.

The Yankees’ Mike Mussina took only three pitches for Mark Kotsay to pop up to third, Jason Kendall to fly out to right, and Eric Chavez to line out to short end the first inning.

End of 1, Yankees lead 2-0

Rich Harden got two fast outs, grounding out Hideki Matsui and striking out Robinson Cano before a four pitch walk to Jorge Posada. After working a 2-2 count on Designated Hitter Andy Phillips, Harden caught Posada leaning too far off of first to record a third out.


Rich Harden catches Jorge Posada sleeping at first base to end the top of the second.

The bottom of the second was the first time the A’s managed to score. After Frank Thomas grounded out to Jason Giambi, Mark Hatteberg doubled, and a Bobby Crosby single put the runners at the corners. Milton Bradley singled to left to drive in Hatteberg to cut their deficit to one. Jay Payton flied out to Gary Sheffield and Perez hit into a 5-3 to end two innings.

End of 2, Yankees lead 2-1

Andy Phillips worked another 2-2 count before he singled to center. However, Johnny Damon dampened the hopes of a rally, hitting into a 1-4-3 twin killing and Derek Jeter flied to center to end the top half.

Mark Kotsay singled to lead off the third, but then Jason Kendall went fishing on a knuckle curve and Eric Chavez’s bat stayed cool grounding into a 3-6-3 double play thanks to a swift Jason Giambi to end the third.

In the top of the fourth A Rod tried to swing for the fences again but flied out to right field. Although Gary Sheffield managed a double with two strikes, Giambi went down swinging and Matsui hit a hard grounder to Harden for the third out.

The game was tied in the fourth when Frank Thomas singled, Hatteberg lined to short, then Crosby and Bradley hit back to back singles to load the bases. Joe Torre moved the infield in but Jay Payton still managed an RBI groundout to tie it at 2. Perez grounded out on the first pitch to end four innings.


Derek Jeter snags a line drive to make the first out of the fourth.

End of 4, Game is tied at 2

Cano started the fifth with a four pitch walk, and after Jorge Posada was robbed of a single by Bobby Crosby, Andy Phillips hit into the Yankees third double play, this one consisting of the 6-4-3 fashion.


Former Rookie Of The Year Bobby Crosby makes an over the head catch in the fifth.

After Mark Kotsay singled again, Jason Kendall flied out to center, Eric Chavez ended the frame by hitting into a 3-6-1 double play.

Johnny Damon led off with yet another single, and Derek Jeter hit a fly ball deep enough to right to move Damon to second. During A Rod’s at bat which featured two foul ball home runs, Harden picked off Damon at second for number two of the game, and A Rod drilled a 394 foot shot to center but was caught at the warning track to end their hopes of a tiebreaker.

In the bottom of the sixth, Mike Mussina retired Frank Thomas before allowing two singles to Hatteberg and Crosby. A Rod fielded a Milton Bradley grounder to get the force at third, and Jay Payton’s two out single loaded the bases. Antonio Perez then popped up to shallow right to end the sixth inning.

Harden finally got a 1-2-3 inning out of the Yankee offense as Sheff popped up, and then Giambi and Matsui both grounded out.

After six decent innings from Mike Mussina, Mike Myers came in to face two lefties. Joe Torre was proven to be wise as Myers not only retired Kotsay and Chavez, but Jason Kendall in between to end the seventh.

Rich Harden was going strong in sending Robinson Cano and Jorge Posada to the dugout empty handed, but an Andy Phillips single told the A’s manager that it was time for Justin Duchscherer to come in. He popped up Damon on three pitches to end the top half of the eighth.


Jay Payton ends the chance of an eighth inning Yankee rally as he spoils a chance of a Johnny Damon bloop single.

Now that Mike Myers’ work was done, Torre sent new setup man Kyle Farnsworth to the mound to keep the game tied. He looked good as he caught The Big Hurt and Hatteberg looking at 98 mph fastballs, but then Bobby Crosby got yet another single in before Milton Bradley grounded out to close the eighth frame.

The A’s showed they were being serious as top closer Huston Street came from the bullpen to face the 2-3-4 order the Yankees brought up. A bizarre play ensued with an 1-1 count on Derek Jeter when a line drive ricocheted off of Street’s chest, followed by an off balance throw by Eric Chavez to nail Jeter for the first out. The replay showed Jeter was safe but no argument was made. Rodriguez popped up to short and Sheffield grounded out to first to end the top of the ninth.

After Kyle Farnsworth seemed to be in the form of his last inning with his first pitch humming at the tune of 99 mph, Jay Payton took the very next pitch and parked it in right field to send the game to a devastating end, as the A’s won a nail biting 3-2 game.

Payton had two RBI’s in the effort and Bobby Crosby had four hits to raise the average. The only offense the Yankees had was Alex Rodriguez’s first home run of the season, a two run shot to mention. Farnsworth took the loss, and Huston Street got the win.


Jay Payton continues his heroics taking a Kyle Farnsworth fastball over the right field seats to win 3-2.






Tomorrow’s matchup features Shawn Chacon (0-0) facing the A’s Joe Kennedy (0-0).

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ok, the first two games played out very realistically and i posted these games hours before the actual game.

My game score for the opener : 9-0

real score: 15-2. not really close but they were big blowouts.

my game score for game 2: 3-2, a game winning hit.

real score: 4-3, a game winning hit.

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here's game three:

April 5th, 2006

Yankee offense proves fateful in 5-4 nail-biter

The Yankees won their second game of the season to wrap up a 2-1 series win over Oakland, leaving a good impression with a 5-3 win. Yankee starter Shawn Chacon (1-0, 1.29) looked solid in his seven innings of work despite allowing ten hits, but he didn’t allow a walk, and only surrendered one run, a Dan Johnson home run. Although the Yankee bullpen surrendered three runs in the final two innings, the offense was the glue that held the game together. The Yankees hit five solo home runs, coming off of five different bats as well. The first four came off of Joe Kennedy (0-1, 4.91), and the last coming off of A’s reliever Jairo Garcia.

The first inning was quiet for both teams, as only one runner was allowed on base, an Alex Rodriguez four pitch walk, but the second inning was more productive from both sides.

Jason Giambi started the second wih a boom, taking Joe Kennedy’s 0-1 changeup 421 feet to give the Yankees a 1-0 loead. Hideki Matsui then grounded out to third, and Bernie Williams singled. After working a 2-2 count, Jorge Posada grounded into a 6-4-3 double play to end the inning, Joe Torre immediately rushed the field to argue the call, where the replay showed Posada was safe. The umpire thought different, and thought Joe had crossed the line so he ejected him from the game, and Don Mattingly took over.


Jason Giambi gurantees Joe Kennedy that his 0-1 changeup was leaving the playing field, 421 feet away from home plate for his second shot of the season. The Yanks go up 1-0.


Dan Johnson’s foot is clearly off the base, but the inexperienced umps say different.

Shawn Chacon looked smooth as he retired Frank Thomas and Nick Swisher successfully on four pitches, Dan Johnson locked in on a 1-0 fastball and drilled it to left field to notch the game at 1. After Bobby Crosby got to first on a Derek Jeter throwing error, Marco Scutaro grounded out to first to end the second.


Dan Johnson takes a Shawn Chacon heater the opposite way to tie the game.

End of 2, Game is tied at 1

Yankee second baseman Robinson Cano swung for the fences and hit a weak grounder to first for out number one. But Johnny Damon did what Cano wanted to do only three pitched later, to the tune of 405 ft. Yet it was another changeup. Is there a pattern emerging? Anyway, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez grounded out to third and short to end the drive.


Johnny Damon watches his 405 foot four bagger drop deep into the right center stands in the third inning.

The A’s tried to manage a two out rally to tie the game again in the third inning. After Milton Bradley’s flyout to left was followed by a Mark Kotsay grounder, Jason Kendall ripped a double for his first hit of the season. Slugger Eric Chavez also notched his first hit three pitches after, but the inning ended when a Gary Sheffield throw and a Jorge Posada tag was applied on the not so speedy Jason Kendall to end the inning.

End of 3, Yanks lead 2-1

The Yankee offense stayed hot as Joe Kennedy’s first pitch of the fourth, another changeup, was drilled 408 feet to deep left field. This time, it was Gary Sheffield, his third homer of the year. Kennedy only used 7 more pitches on three batters, with Giambi grounding out to third, Hideki Matsui popping up to short, and Bernie lining out to second. They end the drive with a 3-1 lead.


For the third time in the game, a Yankee took a Joe Kennedy changeup 400 feet. This time, it is Sheffield, his third blast of the year.

Shawn Chacon had a 1-2-3 fourth inning on the 4-5-6 hitters, silencing Frank Thomas, Swisher, and Johnson with six pitches to close out four innings of baseball.

End of 4, Yanks lead 3-1

The Yankee fifth was quiet as Joe Kennedy got his form back, sandwiching a Cano groundout between Jorge Posada and Johnny Damon flyouts to left field.

Bobby Crosby lined out to Jeter to start the bottom of the fifth, then Marco Scutaro double into the gap. On a 2-2 count, Shawn Chacon robbed Milton Bradley of a base hit up the middle with a beautiful catch for the second out. Mark Kotsay popped up in shallow right to end the fifth.


Shawn Chacon flashes the leather, barely getting the glove up in time to catch a Milton Bradley liner in the fifth.

Derek Jeter grounded out to third to start the sixth, and Alex Rodriguez struck out. Gary Sheffield’s bat kept hot as he tried to stir a rally with a single, but Giambi grounded out to second to record a third out.

Shawn Chacon got into a two out jam again after retiring Jason Kendall and Eric Chavez. Three singles by Frank Thomas, Nick Swisher, and Dan Johnson loaded the bases. The first pitch by Chacon was in the dirt, and Thomas took a lead off of third. Posada quickly picked up the ball and fired a ball to third. The tag was applied on Thomas’ leg and was picked off to save Chacon!

Hideki Matsui led off the seventh with a single, but was picked off by Kennedy for the first out, and Bernie made the second out with a grounder. Posada then ripped a solo shot to the tune of 411 feet to give the Yankees a 4-1 lead. Robinson Cano then ended the inning with a grounder to third.


The 400 foot changeup homer streak goes to four as Posada gives the Yankees a 4-1 lead in the seventh.

Shawn Chacon showed signs of fatigue as he allowed two singles to Crosby and Scutaro. Charles Thomas came to pinch hit for Milton Bradley, and grounded out to third where A Rod stepped on the bag for the force. Mark Kotsay singled to load the bases, prompting the Yankees to get the bullpen going. After a brief chat with Yankee pitching coach Ron Guidry, Chacon let him know he could escape the inning. The statement proved true, as Chacon got Jason Kendall to hit into a rather odd 5-2-3 twin killer to end the seventh and Chacon’s night.

End of 7, Yanks lead 4-1

After Joe Kennedy struck out Damon to start the eighth, Jairo Garcia cam in for relief. Derek Jeter flied out to center for the second out, and then Alex Rodriguez rocketed a 97 mph Garcia fastball over 400 feet for his second home run and a 5-1 lead. Gary Sheffield followed up with a ginelbut was picked off to end the inning.


Alex Rodriguez takes Jairo Garcia deep – 405 feet deep in the top of the eighth inning to give the Yankees a four run lead.

Kyle Farnsworth entered the ballgame in the eighth with a four run lead. After allowing an Eric Chavez single, he got Frank Thomas to line out to first. But two pitches later, Nick Swisher took a pitch deep to right, couldn’t tell if it was fair or foul at first. But then the ball struck the pole, signaling a two run shot, the second homer Farnsworth has allowed in less than two innings of relief to cut the A’s deficit to two runs. The set up man then got realistic and retired Dan Johnson on a grounder and caught Bobby Crosby looking to end the eighth.


Nick Swisher’s two run shot in the bottom of the eighth hits the right field foul pole to bring their deficit to two runs.

The Yankees looked poised to score as Jason Giambi singled and Matsui was hit by a pitch, not intentional to anyone’s minds. Three straight groundouts ended those hopes, and Mariano Rivera enters the game.

Mo looked at his best as he blew a 97 mph cutter past Marco Scutaro to start the ninth, but gave the Yankees a scare when he worked a 2-2 count to Charles Thomas, and gave up a home run barely reaching the left center stands to bring the game to 5-4. After making Mark Kotsay ground out to short, Jason Kendall singled again. Eric Chavez flied out to left on the first pitch to end the game, and the Yankees won 5-4.


Mariano Rivera punches out Marco Scutaro, his first strikeout in the ninth.


Johnny Damon, Derek Jeter, and Robinson Cano celebrate the 5-4 victory.






The Yankees will now head to Anaheim and will send Chien-Ming Wang to face Ervin Santana in their first starts of the season.

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