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Toronto 2006: The Year of the Jay!


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Blue Jays fire Gibbons, Hire Lasorda


Blue Jays G.M. JP Riccardi announce the firing of John Gibbons today, replacing him with former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. Coming off a record of 80-82 in 2005, the ownership of Ted Rogers, decided to take the team in a different direction.

"Gibby is a good manager, a great friend, but we felt that with the signings we made this off-season, we needed someone with the experience to handle the talent we have in the clubhouse. We feel Tommy will bring that experience.", stated Riccardi.

The Jays have announced a press conference prior to their home opener.


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Lasorda excited about Jays chances.



Lasorda chatting with Roy halladay and Bengie Molina, during spring training.

MLB.com caught up with the Dodger legend, and new Blue Jays manager, Tommy Lasorda after his press conference at Rogers Center on April.1. Lasorda who is never one to shy away from the difficult questions, took time to anser five questions all Blue Jays fans are wondering:

MLB.com: Tommy, what is it like, leaving your beloved Dodgers for the Blue Jays. Toronto seems like a world away from L.A.?

Lasorda: First let me say that the Dodgers are in great hands! frank McCourt is a fantastic owner, and they are going to right their ship this year. For me though, it was time to move on, and managing an up and coming team like the Jays is exciting for this old fool!

MLB.com: No doubt they Jays will be competitive this year, but they are only going to go as far as Burnett will carry them...

Lasorda: Let me cut you off there. First all, this is Roy Hallady's team. He's the man. The staff before Burnett arrived was an exciting staff to watch. Chacin, Towers, Lilly, and Halladay are more then capable to pitch against any team...YES including the Yankees...Burnett is going to complement the rotation. When Burnett is healthy, he's a beast. Riccardi signed him long term, because of his stuff, it's nasty! Yes there will always be some health questions, but I am not concerned. It's the chance you take in this league! JUst ask Cashman about Wright and Pavano...

MLB.com: Seems like you are trying to stir up the pot with the Yankees. They are the team to beat in the East...but there is still the ever dangerous Red Sox.

Lasorda: Let me tell you. It makes my blood boil everytime George goes out and predicts his team will win the World Series, but I will say that he is a great owner, a little misguided in his predicitons but a good owner none the less. Yes, the Yankees are the team to beat, they always are! But let's not forget that it has been six years since they won it all....six years! We are a hungry team, a team built to rival the Yanks and Red Sox, the East is going to prove to be wide open this year, and at the end expect us to be on top.

MLB.com: You certainly have the pitching and offensive power this year, but are you worried about your defence? You have to unproven players in Hill and Adams at ss and 2B, plus with Hinske platooning in RF with Rios, it makes your defense a little suspect.

Lasorda: Defense...hmmmm...I would be a liar if I said I wasn't concerned, but I am not losing sleep over it. These are great kids, and they are going to contribute. I don't think we will lose games because of our defense. You can quote me on that!

MLB.com: One last question Tommy. What's your take on the whole Bonds situation?

Lasorda: As a person Barry is an enigma. If he took steriods, and it hasn't been proven, then he has to live with that. Would I want him in my lineup...you bet! He's a heck of a ballplayer! Juiced or not, he always had talent, it's his attitude that sucks!

Mlb.com: Always one to say what's on his mind, I thank you Tommy, and good luck this season.

Lasorda: Thanks alot, and look forward to the Jays and Dodgers in the World Series...

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Jays and Brewers complete four player swap



Aaron Hill, Brandon League, Dave Bush, and Rickie Weeks

The Toronto Blue Jays have sent 2B Aaron Hill, SP Prospect Brandon League to the Milwaukee Brewers for budding 2B superstar Rickie Weeks, and former Jays SP Prospect Dave Bush.

"This is hopefully a defensive upgrade for our ballclub. Hillis going to be a very good 2B, but I believe Rickie Weeks is going to be a superstar for the Jays for years to come," stated Riccardi, " As for Dave Bush, we should never have traded him, nothing against League, but I jumped at the chance to get Bush back into the fold."

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Twins crush Jays 7-3 in 2006 home opener



The Twins crushed the Jays this evening on the strength of a two run homerun by former Jays, Shannon Stweart. Twins starting pitcher was dominant, allowing two runs on two hits, while striking out seven.

Jays starter, Roy Halladay, was tagged for five runs on twelve hits, while striking out two. Jays DH, Shea Hillenbrand, and CF Vernon Wells each had a homerun in the loss.


Wells crsuhes his first homerun of the season.


49,000 Jays fans went home frustrated after the teams opening day loss to the Twins

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Jays strike back: Crush Twins 7-0!



Burnett K's Shannon Stewart enroute to a four hit shut-out.

The Blue Jays had a huge night this evening, slamming the Twins 7-0, on the strength of Vernon Wells' two home runs, and A.J. Burnett's four hit shut-out.


Jays Manager, Tommy Lasorda, was ejected in the fourth inning, after arguing a call with the home plate umpire. Jays 2B Rickie Weeks, was thrown out after trying to steal 2B. Looking at replays, it appeared that Weeks was indeed safe.

Jays SP A.J. Burnett pitched nine innings of 4 hit baseball, while striking out five, and walking none.

CF Vernon Wells, went three four four, with two homeruns, and three RBIs.

3B Troy Glaus, and 1B Lyle Overbay each had solo homeruns for the Jays.



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