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New York Mets Dynasty: Overhauled And Ready To Go


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Opening Day Lineup

Against Righty Pitchers


Against Lefty Pitchers


The long ball does it today as the Mets win 9-0 against the Nats. Pedro pitched well today with 7 innings while giving up 6 hits and getting the win. Cla Mederith made his rookie debut today and pitched 2 solid innings of releif giving up only two hits.


Andruw Jones was the star of todays game with 3 hits, 2 being homers and he had 3 rbi for the game.


Edgar Renteria makes a spectacular catch on the first play of the game.

Other Notes-

Chavez 1 HR

Orlando Hudson 1 HR

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Another win for the Mets.


Barry Zito makes his Mets Debut and it could have been better. Zito pitched 7 innings, giving up 8 hits and 4 runs, 3HR and had 2 K's. Brandon Lyon made his mets debut and pitched 1 hr and had 1 K. Papelbon got his first Save of the year but had no K's. The Mets won 7-4 over the Nats


Renteria after his first HR of the season

Other Notes-

Hunter 4 hits, 1 rbi

Varitek 2 hits, 1 HR

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