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*61 Rosters


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Hey guys fantastic mod!!

I want to start a St.Louis season and noticed Ray Washburn is a phenom..lol I think he only played 3 or 4 games in 61 (rookie) and that was pretty late in the season. I would think adding Mickey McDermott to the pen and putting Washburn in the minors as a top prospect would be more ideal.

Here is my idea for the Cards 61 staff.

Cards 61 staff

SP-Ernie Broglio

SP-Bob Gibson

SP-Larry Jackson

SP-Ray Sadecki

SP-Curt Simmons

LRP-Al Cicotte

LRP-Bob Miller

MRP-Craig Anderson

MRP-Mickey McDermott

MRP-Ed Bauta

CP-Lindy McDaniel


SP-Ray Washburn

RP-Bobby Tiefenauer

*Also what are the best settings for keeping the CPU out of the management end ? Does the CPU only call up players based on injury?

Thanks again guys :D If you need any help I would be glad to contribute, between me and my dad we have just about every playing card from 1953-1992, most complete seasons.

Its been fun poking through the 61 season!

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Your suggestion makes a great deal of sense.

McDermott actually appeared in 19 games and threw 27 ininings. Although, all were in relief roles.

Washburn on the other hand only had 3 appearances and threw just 20 innings.

The reason Washburn was placed on the roster versus McDermott was because he did have 2 Starts. We felt the Cardinals needed another Starting Pitcher.

Also, we considered that McDermott didn't exactly hang around the Majors very long into the '60s and was really more a player of the '50s where as Washburn's career was as a player throughout the '60s.

With all that said we certainly aren't against reconsidering the switch you suggest and will give it some thought as we prepare for any update forthcoming.

Our recommendation for Dynasty play in *61 to keep those Minor League players from making it to the Majors is to turn off Injuries and Call Ups.

The Minor Leagues in *61 were generally not focused on during the building of *61. In fact those Minor League are just carry overs from the former roster set known as Early '60s Roster Set initially produced for MVP 2004. Like in the case of the Cardinals their AAA players are actually from the 1964 season.

Thanks & keep those very welcomed suggestions coming - along with sharing with us how your *61 games are going,


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In the 6th starter spot both Ciotte and Miller could fill in, both players did spot starts for the cards in '61. According to the Baseball almanac (1962 cards lack alot of todays stats..lol), Ciotte had 29 appearences and 7 starts pitched75 innings, Miller 34 appearences 5 starts in 74.1 innings. If Washburn stays place of McDermmott his attributes are just a bit too godly for a mediocore player at best! and both Ciotte and Miller need to have a little better stamina.

I can see the problem with juggling play balance and noteworthy players while trying to keep the minors out of it altogether. BTW I can not seem to find the Call ups option, I have turned off injuries and CPU int trades.

Again great work, I feel as though the real season is just about to start!! LOL

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Your research is solid stuff! Good job.

Opps, there is NO Call Ups option --- I guess I was just thinking there should be one. But turning Injuries and Trades off typically does the trick.

As far as the Stamina, I agree that it probably should be raised a bit to be in sync with the normal EA type rosters. But from my hundreds of hours of testing I found that relief pitchers are a bit to overpowering in the game relative to the typical ratings assigned in the EA Rosters. Thus I adjusted down Stamina a fair bit for relievers that had no starts and just a tad for relievers that had a few starts. I found that adjustment provided more realistic results for relievers. I also adjusted Control as well to provide more realism.

If you find these ratings do not perform well for you over an extended period of time please let me know about it. But again I did do extensive testing and tracking for hundreds of hours, even more perhaps, trying to get this stuff to perform as close to the early '60s levels as possible. You probably will notice a fairly high Stamina for regular Starters and that is intentional to allow them to go deeper into the game and have a reasonable amount of complete games as well since that was the norm back then versus today.

I just can't figure out how to enforce a four man rotation scheme which was the norm in the '60s. But perhaps someday someone here will.

I would be more than happy to create and send to you Mickey McDermott based on my tweaking philosophy to make him consistent with the *61 rosters. I might even be able to sway my Partner, Sandy, to get a Portrait for him to send you as well. Just let me know if you would like for me to do this. With tywiggins dynasty exporter/importer you could possibly get him in your Dynasty without creating problems.

Thanks again for all your input. It is very welcomed and your knowledge of Major League Baseball in the '60s is truly appreciated.

Take Care,


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Ok here is my suggestion for St.Louis (sorry just pretty excited!!)

Cut daryl spencer, he played 37 games for StL. then was off to LA. Giving platoon time too Lillias and Grammas at SS, a bad idea in '61!!

Add Al Cicotte <with 29 games and 7 starts he is needed besides 15 fielders with DH and injuries off could be too many.

Swap Washburn for Mcdermott.

*McDermott missed most of '58 and did not play in '59 & '60. In '61 he had a late start and eventually was sent to the Athletics, thats why the low # of appearences. His career would end in the fall of '61 :( But we didn't know that in the spring!!

This will give StL 11 pitchers 5 starters and 6 relievers.

I totally agree with the low stamina for RP's and higher for starters. For this case I could up Miller and Cicotte's STA since its human controlled, but in the case of the 6th spot I think having a relief pitcher listed as a starter would work out OK with the CPU's logic, and they should get the occansional start balancing out the GS stats for the normal starters.

**How do you guys edit the rosters? Do you use the in game editor or a third party one?

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