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From The Ground Up... A Lookouts Dynasty


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I'm trying a new idea here, goin with the AA Reds team Dynasty. I've got the rosters exactly as they are right now. I'll play the first game soon and post it up.

I'm playing on MVP with MD's datafile and using UR 6.4. I also updated the Lookouts to their real rosters though, and had to create Jon Coutlangus and Luis Bolivar. We're ranked 11th in AA.






I will post the first game soon.

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Hope you get things fixed, this looks really good.

Phil Dumatrait, the lefty reliever in your pen, he is a bad dude, have him in my MLB bullpen in year four of my Cubs dynasty. Travis Chick is a bad dude as well :)

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i may have salvaged this aftera ll witht he help of ty wiggins. actually, he did everything :) . I'll see if i can start it back up, but if not, would you guys like to see a Louisville Bats dynasty?

and about Holbert, i dont even know what team he is on right now. My roster was screwed up with him on there, and i didnt post taking him off the team soon after the first couple games.

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