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Wo to Trade For?.


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Ok in my Idians dynasty i have relized that that team has abosolutle no speed and i need some sorta speed.

So who can i trade for and whpo should i part with your input is greatly appreciated so please guys if u can help here is my roster for my MLB team and u can l;ook at our AAA and AA teams if u think i should trade from there.


1. Jhonny Peralta, SS

2. Travis Hafner, 1B

3. Victor Martinez, C

4. Todd Hollandsworth, DH

5. Casey Blake, RF

6. Andy Marte, 3B

7. Ron Belliard, 2B

8. Crady Sizemore, LF

9. Jason Michaels, CF


Kelly Shoppach, C

Eduardo Perez, 1B/LF

Aaron Boone, 3B/IF

Ben Broussard, 1B/LF

Brandon Phillips, 2B/IF


1. Jake Westbrook

2. C.C. Sabathia

3. Cliff Lee

4. Paul Byrd

5. Jason Johnson


LRP - Jason Davis

MRP - Scott Sauerbeck

MRP - Danny Graves

MRP - Rafel Bentancourt

SU - Guillermo Mota

CL - Bob Wickman

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The Indians don't need much speed other than Sizemore because they just pound everybody to death with their bats. But if you want speed, you gotta get rid of Hollandsworth. Look for a speedy minor leaguer; perhaps try to trade Florida straight up for OF Eric Reed. He's one of the fastest guys in the entire MLB (although not reflected too much in the game). One other note; Brandon Phillips is now on the Reds. I'm not sure if you just have outdated rosters or traded for him already, but just so you know. Have fun.

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He was just traded to the Reds for a player to be named, but I don't know if the other player has been named yet.

And Carl Crawford = my favorite player in MVP to play with ;). Speed, range, good fielding ability, and good hitting attribs. He's awesome.

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Try for Carl Crawford, Joey Gathright, or Rocco Baldelli. All 3 of them are going to develop very well. And if your looking for a fast 2nd baseman theirs Chase Utley who has 80 speed I think and alot of power. Rickie Weeks, and Ryan Freel are also very fast 2nd baseman.

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Get Jose Reyes to play 2B, he is always very fast :).

Get Carl Crawford or BJ Upton, two very fast players indeed

Beltran is a complete player so he could help

Btw Reyes is easy to get and if you have roster updates Crawford will always be in the trading block so those two are very easy to obtain

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crawford is my favorite, but also felix pie, AAA cubs... a prospect, only 20, but blazing fast, already a + fielder... and a potential leadoff man
I could not get him i tried have a look at my dynasty and tell me what u think about my dealing.
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Typically you look at what you have.. who you'd like to move and what you're looking for to decide on trades

for example

I need another starter and I'm willing to part with a combination of these players (Eric Hinske, Pete Walker, Frank Catalanotto...)

so then you look for starters that you would want and try to make a package that works for both sides. Typically CPU evaluates trades on the overhaul meter that you see in the trade windows and on the call up/send down window

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In my Indians dynasty, I traded Bob Wickman and just used Fernando Cabera as my closer. Hes got good stuff, so I could count on him. Heres a good tribes website for you...http://www.letsgotribe.com/

Cabera is just and awesome closer. I used him for a 2 yr (started with 05) indians dynasty i used to have and in 2006 he saved 53.

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