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Fantasy Draft Yankees


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I have been playing multiple dynasties/owner modes and i thought it would be fun to post my fantasy draft owner mode, i don't think anyone has posted one on this site. so i will be doing a once a week recap, including highlights, league leaders, and financial status. i will add screenshots of my ballpark in the coming days. and i will use artmoney, but just to add a little money to start with. i mean i cant make money with a 20,000 seat stadium can i? Here is my drafted team, it won't be the same for long, i am planning on some blockbuster trades. The bold names i considered sleeper picks or steals.

1. 1B Albert Pujols

2. 3B Alex Rodriguez

3. RP Francisco Rodriguez

4. SP Andy Pettitte

5. LF Carl Crawford

6. SP Felix Hernandez

7. SS Hanley Ramirez

8. CF Saul Crawford

9. SP Carlos Silva

10. SP Shawn Estes

11. C Henry Blanco

12. RF Preston Wilson

13. 2B Robinson Cano

14. RP Justin Duchscherer

15. RP Tanyon Sturtze

16. RP Octavio Dotel

17. RP Huston Street

18. SP Francisco Liriano

19. SP Fausto Carmona

20. RP Kyle Farnsworth

21. SS Willie Harris

22. RF Dave Roberts

23. CF Bernie Williams

24. CF Bubba Crosby

25. 3B David Newhan

And here are the top Prospects in each level of the Yankee Organization:


MLB New York Yankees


CF Saul Crawford - Only 17 years old, projected as a 50+ home run hitter and a speed threat.


AAA Colombus Clippers


CF Melky Cabrera - Solid defender, good contact, should be a good outfielder in the years to come.


AA Trenton Thunder


SP Mike Pelfrey - 22 years old, throws 95 on the radar gun. Nice assortment of pitches.


A Tampa Yankees


SP Philip Hughes - 19 year old future ace clocked at 95 mph with a good slider and curve.


Everyone, meet Saul Crawford, the 17 year old center field phenom:

saulcrawfordportrait3xa.jpg saulcrawfordportrait22wf.jpg saulcrawfordportrait30um.jpg saulcrawfordportrait44ei.jpg

I swear I didn't make him up lol. Here's some proof:



The Yankees have traded RP Francisco Rodriguez and SP Fausto Carmona to the San Diego Padres for RP Mariano Rivera. When Mariano was told the news, a big smile came across his face. He said, "I love the Yankees, the only team I have played for. I wanna retire a Yankee."

The Yankees have completed yet another big trade. They have aquired Derek Jeter from the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for highly touted SS Hanley Ramirez and last year's AL Rookie Of The Year, RP Huston Street. Derek Jeter will be flown to Oakland today for the season opener against the A's. When Ramirez and Sreet were told of their dealing to the Blue Jays, they were somewhat saddened but were convinced that they would see it as a positive challenge for them.

And yet another blockbuster deal, the Yankee have obtained the potential ace Scott Kazmir of the Texas Rangers, offering SP Shawn Estes and SS Jerry Gil. Kazmir will likely be the number 2 starter in the rotation behind Andy Pettitte.

Here is the organizational rankings:


The payroll is a whopping $147 million.

Lineup and Rotation:




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good luck with the fantasy yankees...I had tried to fantasy draft the Yankees but that franchise ended up having some errors after I left Fenway Park. I'm still astonished A-Rod was still available at #2...when I ran my fantasy draft I would draft A-Rod first to ensure no other teams would take him. :D

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he is a randomly generated created player. every time you start up MVP and look at the free agents, there are different ones. See for yourself. There has to be at least one oustanding prospect that gets randomly generated. Or, just start a new dynasty and quit it without saving, the default rosters will have different generated players.

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Here are some screens of MVP Field, I used ArtMoney to get some decent upgrades. I am starting the season with 3 million dollars in revenue so don't expect more upgrades for a while. And I will be simming like 10 games at a time, hopefully I can get through five years of gameplay by September of real time.


Left Field Line: 310 ft

Center: 410 ft

Right Field Line: 340 ft

Down Left Field Line


Dead Center Field


Down Right Field Line


Here are some upgrades:

Scoreboard Level 3

Seating Level 4

Lighting Level 5

Advertisements Level 3

Restaurants Level 3


2X Ice Cream Stands

2X Pizza Stands

2X Popcorn Vendors

2X Peanut Vendors

2X Soda Vendors

Fastball Joe's

Store Venues:

On Deck Deals

Prospect Place


Batting Cage

Speed Pitch

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April 3rd, 2006 Game 1

New York Yankees (0-0) vs. Oakland A’s (0-0)



Crawford’s MLB Debut, A-Bombs Destroy Oakland In Opener


Today, the New York Yankees clicked on all cylinders. There was sterling pitching from Andy Pettitte (1-0, 7IP/8H/2R/6K), there was Carl Crawford tying a record with SEVEN stolen bases (George Gore in 1881/Billy Hamilton in 1894), Alex Rodriguez blasting two homers and Albert Pujols once, but what stole the spotlight was Saul Crawford, the 17 year old Yankee center fielder.

In his first big league game, he went 2 for 5 with a three run homer in his first at-bat, and also notched his first stolen base. After the game he was mobbed by reporters. He told the media “Doing this as a Yankee, it’s amazing. Hitting a homer off of Rocket (Roger Clemens) is anything short of a miracle in my opinion, and he had a rough night. But that’s life.†He also acknowledged that he retrieved the home run ball from a fan in exchange for free tickets for the fan’s family tomorrow night. He jokingly said, “Maybe I can hit another one to him tomorrow.â€

And the defense was anything but rusty. In the eighth inning, Preston Wilson made the first out by gunning down Pat Burrell at the plate ad the second with a leaping catch that would have easily been a triple going if it went anywhere but Preston’s glove.


The 17 year old phenom Saul Crawford obliterates a Roger Clemens fastball 430 feet to dead center field, a three run homer.


Alex Rodriguez shows the world where a pitcher is not supposed to throw to him. Clemens has a 95 mph heater, but Alex blasted it over the center field wall, a 6-0 lead. This is the first of two homers.


Pat Burrell lines a fastball the opposite way for a solo homer and dampen Andy Pettitte’s shutout.


Jeff Bagwell rips a 400+ foot shot off Tanyon Sturtze worth two runs. It easily reached the upper deck and easily got Joe Torre to warm up the ‘pen.



Scoring Drive:

Top 1 – Pujols RBI single, S. Crawford 3 Run HR NYY 4-0

Top 4 – C. Crawford scoes on wild Pickoff, Rodriguez solo HR NYY 6-0

Top 6 – Rodriguez 2 Run HR NYY 8-0

Bot 6 – Burrell solo HR NYY 8-1

Top 8 – Pujols RBI Sac Fly NYY 9-1

Bot 8 – Burrell RBI single, Bagwell 2 Run HR NYY 9-4

Top 9 – Williams RBI single, Crawford RBI single NYY 11-4

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DUnit1590 says:

he is a randomly generated created player. every time you start up MVP and look at the free agents, there are different ones. See for yourself. There has to be at least one oustanding prospect that gets randomly generated. Or, just start a new dynasty and quit it without saving, the default rosters will have different generated players.

Zorro says:

i doubt hes one there... the pc for some stupid reason makes up fictional players.... saul crawford is one of those... they are usually all 17... thats the giveaway....

Ahah. Thanks for the explanation, I get confused easily. 8O

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