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Dynasty/Owner Mode Post Season Roster Auto-Finish!?!?


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In a Dynasty or Owner Mode, during the post season after the draft and resigning period, free agent signing begins. The number of current players and required players is displayed at the bottom of the screen during this period. When I meet the required number of players and am satisfied with my entire major and minor league rosters and click on "done" (or whatever), the computer then displays a progress bar that says "auto-finishing." When i enter spring training, all of my damn players have been moved around! I have AA players on my MLB team and have backup MLB players on my AAA team and so on and so forth. Why the hell does the computer rearrange all of my rosters??? Is there anyway to stop it from doing this?

I should note that I realize that there is a "auto-finish" button right above the "done" button. I am not accidentally clicking the "auto-finish" button, so that's not the problem... I am clicking "done" and the computer proceeds to "auto-finish..." any suggestions for solving this??

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