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FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany


Who will be the World Champion 2006?  

65 members have voted

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    • Brazil
    • Germany
    • USA
    • Argentina
    • Netherlands

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Where's England in that list? I'm shocked.

I think Brazil will win, but that's too cliché so I'll vote for Netherlands as they're also class. I hope we'll get good support from the US for the world cup, we all watch the Super Bowl after all :)

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There's no doubt i want my country to win it. This year Brazil is much better, especially with the best soccer player in the world Ronaldinho in there along with goal-scoring machine Ronaldo, Kaka, Roberto Carlos, and our goalie Dida. That seems like a pretty intimidating lineup, but as someone mentioned earlier, the weather might have some affect on their gameplay. It shouldn't though, considering the fact they've been up there for a while now practicing. I say it's going to be Brazil vs. either USA or Germany. I believe USA will get there if they can finally beat Germany. If not Brazil, then I'm rooting for America.


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I'd love for USA to win the whole thing, but in reality, it will be a successful World Cup for them just to make it to the elimination round and out of the "group of death." I still don't know how they got screwed like that. Mexico was the one everyone thought would be in that group, and somehow FIFA screws the rankings all up just before the World Cup selection. Oh well. Enough rambling and onto my selection(s). I like what someone said earlier about Sweden. They have a solid team and are certainly capable of making a run at the finals. Also, the host nation Germany has a cake-walk in the group stage (the host nation always gets an easy draw!); so I like the Germans as well. For those of you thinking France deserves to be on this list...sorry to burst your bubble, but your team is full of old stars. Outside of Thierry Henry (who is the best striker in the world), you just don't have it anymore...maybe in four years. My dark horse, if you can call them a dark horse, would be Spain (they always seem to have the talent, but screw up somewhere). In the end, I think it will be Germany vs. Brazil in the final with Germany taking it all in front of the home crowd.

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Either Brazil, or England. Although it would be funny as heck to see the USA win! Especially after them not winning the World Cup Of Baseball. Sweet revenge it would be to see them winning a tournament that involves such a global sport like football(soccer). I am Canadian and would actually enjoy watching the USA win it...seeing as we stink,and aren't involved.

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AS much as I'd love it to happen, I dont think that we (England) will win it.

Miost Brazillians play in Europe, so I dont see that effecting them.

Dutch, English, Germans and Brazillians in the semis (if that possible with the draw). Germany to win. Grrr.

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Germany Home Nation will go Deep into the Knockouts

That is what I am hoping!!!

Germany's team was a what we call "tournement squad"-they will improve from game to game...

I believe in this team-we have the attitude to really come up big in this event:

I think Germany will get to the final...Anyway we have 7 Home-Games why not winning the World-Cup 2006:Thats our goal;-)

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