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Huh? A video Card question..


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How is it that the x800 Pro 256mb card is a step down from the

(this card has 900mhz memory clock speed)

x800 xl 256mb video card

(this card has 400mhz clock speed).

I have a chance to buy the first card from ebay brand new for 180.00 while the other 2nd one from craigslist is used for 110.00 but won't come with the isntall CD, just the "vgi adapter and the bare card".

So, Of course I want to spend less, but how is it that the 2nd card I listed is rated as being slightly faster than the new one I'm about to buy? The seller told me "The x800 pro has 12 pipelines vs x800xl 16". What does that mean to someone who has never installed a card before. Thank you, Mo.

PS. Is this guy right? His card is better?

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you can look at these comparisons mo and see they are fairly close:


mo-not that there's anything wrong with either of these cards but, look at newegg i think you may find something a notch better for nearly the same price. or maybe even less than the new card on ebay and maybe even close to the price of the used card. ebay's not always the cheapest. and i try to never buy used gear unless it's a total bargain.

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