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Name that lineup...


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I just did a fantasy draft and would like your input on my batting order...I'm using UR 6.5...Give it to me straight:

1B - Albert Pujols

2B - Robinson Cano

3B - Alex Rodriguez

SS- Jimmy Rollins

C - AJ Pierzynski

RF - Willy Mo Pena or Juan Rivera or Delmon Young

CF - Aaron Rowand

LF - Matt Holliday

DH - Pena, Rivera, Young, or Holliday?

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I was thinking that was pretty good for a fantasy draft...A-Rod was still there in the second round..i've heard of that happening before but never saw it for myself until now...i have about 25 of the top 100 prospects in my minor league system..i snatched'em up...

my rotation is:

Carl Pavano

Scott Kazmir

Felix Hernandez

Zack Grienke

Cole Hamels

very young and talented..Pavano, unlike real life, is a beast in MVP

I have about 3 or 4 other mlb quality starters that I could plug in too..Wickman is closing..Turnbow is setting up for him..Sturtze and Proctor in MR.

also for you non-Yankee fans...you should grab Phillip Hughes whenever you can..He's 18, and throws 96 or 97 mph...i never give up more than 2 or 3 hits a game in AA with him..i haven't seen him progress yet, but i can imagine he will be a beast.

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i didn't make any trades or anything..fair and square...i figured other teams would be just as good..i went young on pitching, but i could be set for 10 years with those guys...

any help with the batting order?

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SS Jimmy Rollins

2B Robinson Cano (Very good 2 hitter, high average, no K's)

1B Pujols

3B A Rod

C AJ Peirzynski

CF Aaron Rowand

DH Pena

RF Delmon Young

LF Matt Holliday

For the top four, I got to say leave it like that without a doubt, for the rest, I have no clue how good they are in your rosters so I don't know.........

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