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I just created a new sim league a couple of days ago and I'm looking for more GMs. A sim league is where you are the GM of a team and you make trades and other GM moves to make your team better. Then I enter it into one game and sim. I don't sim the season all at once, I sim it like 2 weeks or so at a time. That way you can make more moves.


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(Sorry to bring up a old topic, but I felt I didn't need to start a new one)


I'm proud to announce that my MLB sim league has completed it's first full year. But we are heading into the offseason and need GMs to replace the inactive GMs. We have yet to start the offseason, so this is a great time to pick up a team. When you first sign-up, fill out the registration template. As soon as I give you your team avatar you are officially the new GM. All you need to do at the moment is do the player re-signings. Below are the teams available, contact me on AIM (gbpackerfan247) if you have any questions.


Teams Available:

Chicago White Sox

Houston Astros

Kansas City Royals

Los Angeles Dodgers

New York Yankees

Oakland Athletics

Washington Nationals

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(Click above for my league)[/align]

If your looking for an inactive league with few active GMs, then my league is NOT for you. Currently about 75% of the GMs are active and on are on atleast every other day. Recently I held a "GM Check In" and 7 teams became available, so I would like to fill those open positions before the start of the next season.

Currently my league has just reached the 4th offseason(2008/2009) and we have had 4 different World Series Champs(Cubs, Twins, Dodgers, and Rangers). I'd like to have all teams taken before this weekend's draft so all teams have a solid start heading into the next season.

Here's a look at the upcoming schedule in my league:

Amatuer Draft Sunday, November 19th 10:00PM EST

Free Agency Begins Monday, November 20th 9:00PM EST

2009 Spring Training Friday, November 24th 9:00PM EST

2009 Regular Season Monday, November 27th 9:45 PM EST

Here all the 7 teams that are currently available:

Cleveland Indians

Detroit Tigers

Los Angeles Angels

Oakland Athletics (Made the playoffs in all 4 years)

Atlanta Braves

Florida Marlins

Cincinnati Reds

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I'm just trying to keep all 30 teams active, so I'm seeing if there is anyone interested in joining my MLB Sim League. Right now there are 4 teams available and I'm hoping to fill those ASAP.

My sim league is in year 5 and we've had 4 different World Series Champs. This league has a lot of competition and is a lot fun. The trade deadline is coming up this weekend, so the faster you get a team, the more time you'll have to set your team up for a playoff run.

The teams available:

New York Yankees

Philadelphia Phillies

San Francisco Giants

St. Louis Cardinals

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Following our latest GM Check-In, there are now 3 teams available. The three teams are the Baltimore Orioles, the Chicago Cubs, and the New York Mets. All three teams have a solid core of players and can easily make a push for the playoffs next season.

A little about the league – We’re in our 6th season and closing in on the playoffs once again. We’ll reach the off-season next Wednesday, but we still have a month and a half of the regular season left before we reach the playoffs, so acquiring a team now will give you an idea of what you need to add in the off-season. We use Baseball Mogul 2006 as the sim engine, so you can easily check your players stats throughout the season.

Former World Series Winners

2005 – Chicago Cubs

2006 – Minnesota Twins

2007 – Los Angeles Dodgers

2008 – Texas Rangers

2009 – Los Angeles Dodgers

2010 – Los Angeles Dodgers

2011 – ???

A little about the teams available –

Baltimore Orioles (47-71, 3rd in AL East)

Star Player - LF Etienne Messina 96/100 (23 years old)

The Orioles have been mid-pack in the AL East for a majority of this league, but they did manage to make the playoffs in 2010 (year 5). This season, however, they’ve had inconsistency from a GM posting a DC, which led to a lot of injured players in the starting roles. With a good off-season the Orioles should be able to contend, if not win the AL East in year 7 (2012).

Chicago Cubs (51-67, 3rd in NL Central)

Star Player – SP Carlos Zambrano 97/97 (29 years old)

The Cubs were dominant at the start of the league with 2 straight World Series appearances (winning it all in year 1), but lately they’ve entered a rebuilding phase. With a GM who is willing to play younger players, this team should be able to make the NL Central interesting once again.

New York Mets (80-57, 1st in NL East)

Star Player – 1B Marco Francia 100/100 (25 years old)

The Mets are the best team available right now. They have an eight game lead in the tough NL East with a little over a month to go. The Mets should easily make the playoffs as the NL East Champion or as the NL Wild Card.

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We're closing in on another off-season and I need to fill 1 GM position and that is for the Toronto Blue Jays. They need some help, but with a good GM they could become contenders in the average AL East. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. BTW it's highly recommended that you have Baseball Mogul 2006 for the league. It's a free download and I'll help you out if have you any problems downloading or understanding it.


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we have just finished the 2014 season and the league is showing no signs of slowing down. There is currently a GM-check-in going on and some teams will be coming available. Here is my list of teams i suspect will be available:



LA Angels




this list is pure spectulation

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id grab a team, but im not sure i understand how it works

all you do is download the game (which is free) and then you can trade, sign free agents and this wednesday is the draft. and when the sims come along you post a depth chart for your team and you see how you did. its extremely addicting.

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