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MVP2005 Editor (a new tool by tywiggins)

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This program is for making changes to your dynasty/owner mode.

What can be edited:

Player attributes, batting attributes, pitching attributes.

Please read the readme.txt file.

MVP2005 Editor Thread

If you like it, please go to My Website and make a paypal donation.

Note: Requires Visual C++ 2008 Runtime, and .NET Framework 2.0

Links for both are here: http://tywiggins.eamods.com/required.html

New in version 0.30 - Setup button on menu. Use this so the program knows where to find your portraits and faces.

- Now supports languages other than English. Read below for more information.

- Now requires Visual C++ 2008 Runtime Components. A link to it is in required.html

Language support:

The program will let you choose from all of the .txt files in the "loc" folder.

Currently, the only completed language is english.

To add support for a new language, all you need is to create a new text file in the "loc" folder.

Example: You want to add support for German.

1. Rename "Copy of English.txt" to "Deutsch.txt"

2. Then open "Deutsch.txt" in a text editor, and translate every line into German.

3. Save the file.

To change the current language:

Click the UN Flag in the bottom left hand corner. Either Double-Click on the language, or select it and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

If you want me to include your language file(s) with future versions of the program, send them to me.


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Requires .NET Framework v2.0

This program is for making changes to your dynasty/owner mode.

Right now, this can only edit jersey numbers, cyberface numbers, and if the face is a 2004 style face.

But, this is only the beginning of this program.

Let me know if you have any problems with it.

I would also like some help with what to have in the editor, and with the layout. If you have any ideas feel free to post or pm me.

is that you mvp2k4???


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Guest JWClubbie

this would probably be a little tough to do with a program, you'd have to change uniforms, logos, LOC files. This is easier to do by yourself, you can change this any time if you just re-arange some files.


I am going to play the 2006 (Year 2) in my dynasty. So once the 06 season is over for me, what can I do to make these changes in my current dynasty to update the affiliates?

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New in version 0.12:

Removed most buttons.

Added photo type. I'm not entirely sure what the 3 types are.

0 is currently used for Default, Default player -- But I don't see any difference between 0 and 1.

1 is for normal player portraits

2 seems to be for the computer created players portraits - With photoids of 10000 or above

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