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Kgbaseball's Roster Thread

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Thanks for the non-modded XBOX rosters, they are very nice.

I only had a few problems with the 2 games I played so far:

During Dodgers-Padres game, after a stolen base throw out by the Padres catcher the game froze. I think it was going to a replay. Sorry, I don't remember who it was.

All the gloves for the First Basemen have a yellow checkerboard pattern instead of the glove color.

Keep up the good work!

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many thanks for the non modded xbox rosters. they're truly great. i made a few changes to my liking though. i'm a cubs fans so i put soriano at CF and jones back in RF. they are trying to trade jones to put soriano in right, and probably play pie in CF or pick up a free agent for CF. also, dusty is still on the bench. where's lou? are the managers only edited in the pc version or did you forget about lou? you can put cedeno's position back to SS, 2nd position 2B, and wade miller needs to get swapped with rich hill. lastly, michael barrett went back to the old catcher helmet.

no big deal though, still great rosters. can't wait for your next version. keep it up!

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i think its only for the pc version.

after checking out some more teams i noticed that alou is gone from the SF bench and bochy is gone off the SD bench. the new managers don't look exactly like their real life counterparts, but at least its a difference. bochy on SF has a reddish goatee...he has the best mustache in baseball (well, top 3). also TEX & FLA also have good looking managers. i just hated dusty. he made up some of the worse excuses ever, not to mention his bad baseball decisions.

i'm just excited because, like many, i think this is the best baseball game ever made and i'm still not convinced with MLB 2k7 (looks good though).

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Man. When I tried to play with the Dodgers I got the same problem. I fixed it by overwriting in the database the file named manager.dat with the manger.dat of the Epic Roster of SwimmingSoriano...I'm sure this are going to resolve the problem you have...

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Playing Minnesota the other day, Pat Neshek threw me one of the nastiest splitfingers I've ever seen. It was like a slow-pitch softball "moon pitch". Naturally I took it for a called strike three.

I'm using your Plus version, and I imported the DAT files into MVPEdit. Sure enough, velocity for Neshek's splitter was 36. I changed it to 86, assuming it was a mistake.

I also noticed that the velocity for Chad Bradford's slider was very slow - like low 60s. I changed it to upper 70s, because for me - it looked like it was just floating to the plate.

Other than that, I love the rosters. I'm using Plus with Shmooz's models.big and KC's uniforms - looks fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work!

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He throws everything but the kitchen sink

"I'm throwing a fastball, and then I'm throwing a two-seam fastball that's a sinker. I'm throwing a changeup. I'm throwing a curveball at the high slot, and then I'm dropping down a little and making it really sweepy, which looks more like a slider, and then I'm throwing a cutter, a cut fastball in on lefties. Like Mariano Rivera, what he throws."

Arroyo's fastball is in the 87-92 miles-per-hour range. While it's considered average among major league pitchers, it has excellent movement and Arroyo is adept at "spotting" it. He also throws a hard slider that moves away from right-handed batters, and a straight changeup as well. Arroyo's best pitch is his curveball. He throws the pitch from multiple arm angles and is not afraid to throw it in any count. The angle of the curveball itself can vary from a straight 12-6 to a sweeping 1-7. Arroyo's delivery is somewhat unique; he incorporates a leg kick in his pitching motion, extending his front leg completely straight and lifting it up to a level above his waist before delivering the ball. His kick often appears to reach head level and deceives hitters with its exaggerated motion. From the set position, his leg-kick is much less pronounced and his delivery to home plate is very quick by major league standards. As a result, Arroyo is one of the better pitchers at holding runners on base.
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