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Uniform Modding

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hiheat, I haven't tried uniedit yet, but does the program compress the files for you or is there a step involved before using the program?

Also, the way I install the uniforms, fonts and jersey select screens is through Kraw's old InstallerThingy (v2.6 to be exact). Its pretty self explanatory as well.

Looking forward to the tutorial that will help make these files compatible with TiT. Take care.

that'd be sweet if you include a tutorial on how to change the uni big thru installer thingy, bc i have not tried it that way.

ill get the TiT tutorial up tomorrow.

and good work on the uni, geolink. thanks for posting it.

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Hi to everybody, the work you are make here is amazing, I only hope that de pdf tutorial will be publicate soon, please hiheat32, if you say the date that the pdf will be put into the download section I apraciate very much . . and please, forgive my english, it´s not good . .

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Already i can install my uniform, and thanks to the hiheat´s tutorial and the Kc´s templates, i make two concepts for the Red Sox alternate uniforms, them presents here:


Alternate Away


Alternate Home

Maybe isn´t a great uniform or a cool throwback but im proud for know that i due it and my work was well, so make this isnt easy...

((forgive my english, lol))

"You know that... Nosotros tambien metemo´ mano´..."


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I just want to express my thanks to hiheat for creating this tutorial. I just created my first set of uniforms that was packaged with the Brewers throwback pack I just uploaded - they were-ultra easy because they're basically black and white pinstriped clothing, which was nothing when KC's templates are available.



I'm currently working on their Milwaukee Braves throwbacks, which should be another easy one, and hoping to put together some kind of Green Bay Packers alternate. :p

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