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MVP Baseball 2005 for Dummies

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excellent indeed. you beat me to the punch since i've been thinking about doing something like this for a long time now. just a few things to add if you want: 1. you mentioned the cyberfaces are

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Wow, I' speechless. Thank you, Trues, for making this thread front page material. :hail:

Thank you for taking the time to do this. As Homer stated, it's well worth it. I can't believe I missed this thread back when it was posted. This along with the FAQ thread will be very helpful.

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Just a quick update: I fixed all the links in the guide and added information on modding uniforms and stadiums.

Since I've never modded uniforms or stadiums myself, there might be mistakes in my description. So, if I got something wrong, please tell me and I'll correct it.


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some more to add. if you edit rosters and get errors saying the nl lineups aren't complete, and yet they are, go here.

here's the solution:

...this is strictly from a roster problem. If anyone is ever interested in fixing it, here's how:

In MVPedit, if you move the #1 SP off the roster without removing him from the #1 SP spot first, it will cause this error with the null spot. So either don't do this, or if you do, you will need to use a text editor like notepad to edit the dat files. First export the roster file to the database folder. Go to the database folder and open the team.dat file with notepad, and find the id number of the team that's affected. Copy that number. Then go to the roster.dat file and hit search and paste that number in to find all the entries for that team. Look at all the entries and you will see a line for the SP1. Edit values 5 and 9 from a -1 to a 9. This is changing the nl batting order for the SP1 to the 9th position against lefties and righties. Save the roster.dat file and re-import the database folder in MVPedit and your roster is fixed...

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Well...found a new nagging problem with this. I imagine I caused this when I moved the SP1 to another team, but now when I follow the above correction, I find it is not the SP1 batting slot problem.... It seems that the number of players exported don't match the number I'm seeing in the editor, which is only 24 (AA - Mississippi Braves). Here are the 25 players showing in the roster.dat file:

00000079b,0 00b8809b8,1 000001d98,2 CF,3 8,4 RF,5 8,6 RF,7 8,8 RF,9 8,;

00000079c,0 00b8809b8,1 0000024cf,2 B,3 -1,4 B,5 -1,6 B,7 -1,8 B,9 -1,;

00000079d,0 00b8809b8,1 0ba39a6d9,2 B,3 -1,4 B,5 -1,6 B,7 -1,8 B,9 -1,;

00000079e,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0bb28,2 SS,3 1,4 C,5 1,6 C,7 1,8 C,9 1,;

00000079f,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0b493,2 SP5,3 -1,4 SP5,5 -1,6 SP5,7 -1,8 SP5,9 -1,;

0000007a0,0 00b8809b8,1 0f87699b1,2 SP1,3 -1,4 SP1,5 9,6 SP1,7 -1,8 SP1,9 9,;

0000007a1,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0b9b9,2 B,3 -1,4 B,5 -1,6 B,7 -1,8 B,9 -1,;

0000007a2,0 00b8809b8,1 000000b0a,2 B,3 -1,4 B,5 -1,6 B,7 -1,8 B,9 -1,;

0000007a3,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0b8db,2 DH,3 9,4 B,5 -1,6 DH,7 9,8 B,9 -1,;

0000007a4,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0b967,2 SP4,3 -1,4 SP4,5 -1,6 SP4,7 -1,8 SP4,9 -1,;

0000007a5,0 00b8809b8,1 000001d4e,2 1B,3 5,4 SS,5 5,6 SS,7 5,8 SS,9 5,;

0000007a6,0 00b8809b8,1 000001d9d,2 SP3,3 -1,4 SP3,5 -1,6 SP3,7 -1,8 SP3,9 -1,;

0000007a7,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0b9fd,2 2B,3 6,4 LF,5 6,6 LF,7 6,8 LF,9 6,;

0000007a8,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0ba11,2 CP,3 -1,4 CP,5 -1,6 CP,7 -1,8 CP,9 -1,;

0000007a9,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0b722,2 LF,3 4,4 3B,5 4,6 3B,7 4,8 3B,9 4,;

0000007aa,0 00b8809b8,1 0000024d1,2 B,3 -1,4 B,5 -1,6 B,7 -1,8 B,9 -1,;

0000007ab,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0b708,2 RF,3 3,4 2B,5 3,6 2B,7 3,8 2B,9 3,;

0000007ac,0 00b8809b8,1 00000229f,2 C,3 2,4 1B,5 2,6 1B,7 2,8 1B,9 2,;

0000007ad,0 00b8809b8,1 000000ae6,2 B,3 -1,4 B,5 -1,6 B,7 -1,8 B,9 -1,;

0000007ae,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0b705,2 B,3 -1,4 B,5 -1,6 B,7 -1,8 B,9 -1,;

0000007af,0 00b8809b8,1 000001e4e,2 B,3 -1,4 B,5 -1,6 B,7 -1,8 B,9 -1,;

0000007b0,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0b9cc,2 SP2,3 -1,4 SP2,5 -1,6 SP2,7 -1,8 SP2,9 -1,;

0000007b1,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0b930,2 B,3 -1,4 B,5 -1,6 B,7 -1,8 B,9 -1,;

0000007b2,0 00b8809b8,1 0fff0b7a8,2 B,3 -1,4 B,5 -1,6 B,7 -1,8 B,9 -1,;

0000007b3,0 00b8809b8,1 0000025b5,2 3B,3 7,4 CF,5 7,6 CF,7 7,8 CF,9 7,;

As you can see the SP1 5 and 9 slots are correct. I have tried numerous times to clear rotations and batting orders. Any suggestions?

ADDENDUM: There is a player named "Default Default" when I view in-game. I've gone back and removed every D.D. line I can find in all .dat files, but to no avail.

UPDATE: Okay, applied a little logic here and it took some doing, but it worked.

*I basically deleted all of the bench ( B ) players from the grouping above and re-imported back to a TEST roster, essentially producing a Miss. Braves roster with only 15 players (9 fielders and 6 pitchers).

*Then I took my "original" roster and exported each player who was now not in the TEST roster (essentially, the 9 bench players... and you don't need to save them exactly as their name appears... in fact you can just name them 1 through 9 if you want to).

*I then imported them to my 15 man Braves roster in my TEST file, leaving Mr. Default Default behind.

*Took it in game and the Default player was no longer there! Tested in-game with no crash!

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question about the a/p id?? when i go into mvp edit and look at what ids r assigned to who, the guys that r on all star teams have the same # that wont make it crash will it???

Duplicate audio/portrait ID's won't make the game crash. Just like you can assign the same face ID to multiple players, you can assign the same ID to multiple players in the game. It just mean that multiple players would have the same portrait and audio.

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I'm interested in cyberface making tutorial by jogar84 and cannot find it in the links provided. I'd appreciate if someone would be so kind to re upload it or point me in the right direction. Thank you.

It doesn't need to be re-uploaded. Go to the Mvp 2005 download area and go to the TUTORIALS section. There you go.

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Not that I'm aware of, but have you tried the Search feature in the forums? Search for "macbook". You might have to use the Mac application (I can't recall the name of it) that allows you to run Windows applications on a Mac.

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Is there a post detailing how to use a macbook with mvp 2005 baseball.

use a sledgehammer. smash up the macbook into tiny little pieces and then buy yourself a real computer :) but really look in the forums. i remember seeing something a really long time ago but i'm not that familiar with mac. will mac run an exe file? i only ask that because mvp is portable. i have it installed on a jump drive so when i go to play it on another computer, i just use the disc on the computer i'm on.

another option might be to use a computer virtualization software like virtualbox. you can run windows with it. or this maybe? https://www.microsoft.com/australia/office/mac/virtualpc7/default.aspx

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Thanks I did see that Bootcamp was the way to go. I would smash it since my wife threw out my ps2's and MVP 05. I'll search around to see what the best pc is for gaming. Tired of MLB 13 love the classic mod and old uniforms.

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