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CURRENT RELEASE: Version 1 (MLB Opening Day Rosters)

NEXT RELEASE: Version 1.1 (AAA Complete)

The Team

Snash13: Minors, MLB and day-to-day

Hoop27: Walk Ratings and Arm Stregth

0 Tolerance: Lineup fixes

A roster.iff file for the 1.0 release is attached at the bottom of this post.

Thanks to krawhitham for getting this for me.



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Yes, Ver .1 will be released by this weekend hopefully and will include correct transactions, jersey numbers and rosters and all MLB teams...

After that is out I will decide how to continue for my work on the AAA and below teams.

The update will be released as a .ROS save

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Have you had any success with editing the playing ratings so the AI isn't so aggressive at the plate? They rarely take any strikes looking.

There are some guys at the OS forum trying to get better results, but haven't been able to tone down the aggressiveness yet:


Haven't touched ratings yet. I am just trying to get names and numbers correct first. Ratings will come in future releases

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Is it possible to edit player sleeves? Like have Griffey either wear REALLY long sleeves or no sleeves at all?



He is set up for both now. No sleeves in warm weather and long sleeves in cold weather. The screens are from warm weather only

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Cool. Can you set it long sleeves all the time? That'd be choice, although that headsculpt is AWFUL.

Yes there is a setting for Warm and for Cold weather, You can choose Long Half or No Sleeves. I'll be changing it

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