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Question On Impact Of Certain Sliders


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I have not found what the impact is regarding some of the sliders, such as....

#1 Batting...."Pitcher Handedness Influence"

#2 User Pitching..."Gesture Recognition"

#3 CPU Pitching..."Pitch Selection Tendency"

Sure would appreciate an explanation on the impact when the slider value is increased or decreased.

Other sliders are pretty well self-explanatory but I have yet to figure these out.

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1. Lets say A lefty is hitting and righty is pitching a 99 Batter influence will overpower the leftys 75 ability against pitching to leftys

2. This is for curveball rotations and such basically how well you excuted the gesture of the pitch

3. The tendacy of the pitcher to throw a specific pitch

(ex. Papelpon has 75 Fastball 25 Changeup he will throw 75% fastballs 25% changeups)

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Aha, thanks very much. Sure makes sense based on your explanations.

Now if only I can put it to good use....Guess I'm a victim of old habits, for it seems I adjusted to MVP quicker than MLB but as they say.....

Practice, practice, practice!

Thanks again.

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redsox- Strike zone tendency is probably the biggest slider that would affect cpu pitching balls. I also think pitch zone tendency might have something to do with it too. I lowered that slider and to me it looked like the cpu would lose control of some pitches now and then that were obvious balls, whereas before it seemed like they could hit the corners at will and I really didn't have a good idea if it would be a strike or ball coming out of the pitcher's hand.

I have a question about hitting. I have been experimenting with slider sets from here and Operation Sports and I found a good set that gives me a good mix of power and realistic cpu/user pitching (cpu walked me 3 times last game, one on 4 pitches). I didn't hit any HRs, but I did have two fouls that would have gone the distance.

My issue was the number of hits. I rocked the cpu for 9 runs on 15 hits. Would decreasing the "batting success" slider be the best thing to decrease my overall hit totals? I like the settings in terms of power and being able to place hits, but I'd just like to see less of them.

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Vtek check the getting closer thread I put in there what i found so far on the success, contact, and power sliders

Thanks, blown347stang. It's good to know what you found out. I'll mess around with those three.

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