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Mvpmods Community Rosters Ver 1.1


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File Name: SnashRosters Ver 1.0

File Submitter: Snash13

File Submitted: 10 Apr 2009

File Category: MLB 2K9 - Rosters

MVPMods Community Rosters

The Team

Snash13: Minors, MLB and Transactions

Hoop27: Walk Ratings and Arm Stregth

0 Tolerance: Lineup Fixes

Version 1

What is done so far


Opening Day lineups and rotations for all 30 MLB teams.

A good amount of minor league prospects have been named (Mostly AAA)

*Minors are still messy but much better then they were to start with. I will be releasing a Minors update sometime in the next month

that will include more named prospects and better lineups/rotations*

What is coming in 1.1


Complete Prospect Names (AAA)

Ratings Adjustments (MLB + AAA)

Walk Adjustments to help sliders (MLB + AAA)

ETA: Mid-May (Hopefully!)

How To Install


For XP users:

Extract the SnashRoster.ROS save file to your /Documents and Settings/2K Sports/MLb 2k9/Saves folder

and load the roster file in the game.

For Vista Users:

Goto My Computer and click the Organize tab at the top left, Click Folder and Search Options and select the

view tab. Ensure that the button labeled Show Hidden Files and Folders under the folder Hidden Files and Folders

is selected. If it is not selected then select it.

Proceed to the Users/YourUsername/AppData/Roaming/2K Sports/MLB 2k9/Saves folder and extract the SnashRoster.ROS save

file and load it in the game.

Special Thanks


Joshtribe, MarkB, TBizzle23, Hoop27 and everyone else who has helped me with prospects and or suggestions for the roster.

The entire crew at MVPMods.com, The best bunch of modders on the net!

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me via one of the following lines

of communication:


or PM at

MVPMods.com (Snash13)

EAMods.com (Snash13)

The official MVPMods Community Rosters Thread is

<a href="http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=37251" target="_blank">http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=37251</a>

Enjoy and God Bless!

Click here to download this file

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Thank you guys. I am looking forward to starting my franchise too haha.

One note I forgot to put in the readme..

- Players on the 15 day DL I kept on the Major League roster because they will be off and playing again sometime within this week. Players that are injured longer then that are in the minor leagues.

- Nick Adenhart is a free agent now. I leave it up to you guys weather you want to edit him down (retire him) or play with him. RIP

- I know there is still alot of work to be done in the minors, any hints errors or suggestions please let me know for the next release.


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St. Louis Cardinals - you have Brendan Ryan as the starting 2B'man. In reality, Skip Schumaker has transfered from the OF to 2B, and he is the primary second baseman and leadoff man (and backup outfielder). Ryan is a bench player.

Other than that - everything I saw in the Cards' organization seems consistent with your goals for v1.0!

Thanks so much for all your work!

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First off, Thanks for all the work you put into this. Its greatly appreciated.

Im wondering. When I loaded the roster file the rosters weren't right. None of the lineups were correct. I mean, griffey jr. wasnt even in the lineup. Garciaparra for the A's wasnt in there. Burris wasnt in the lineup and wasnt 2B. SF Giants lineup is totally different. Yankees damon never batted first in the lineup. Did I do something wrong or is this right?

Giants Opening Day

R. Winn, RF

E. Renteria, SS

F. Lewis, LF

B. Molina, C

P. Sandoval, 3B

T. Ishikawa, 1B

A. Rowand, CF

E. Burriss, 2B

T. Lincecum, P


E. Chavez, LF

F. Gutierrez, CF

M. Sweeney, DH

A. Beltre, 3B

K. Griffey Jr., RF

J. Lopez, 2B

R. Branyan, 1B

K. Johjima, C

Y. Betancourt, SS

F. Hernandez

These are the openign day lineups but the roster isnt like this. Im not trying to say your roster is bad or anything. I probably did something wrong anyway.

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