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Incredible Pc Hockey Game

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The game also supports widescreen of course. Two actual screenshots.

A shot from Consol Energy Center (Pittsburgh).

You're most welcome. I was thinking long and hard about "advertising" the game here... but as I said both communities (NHL 2004 and MVP 2005) are very similar... we're passionate about the sports

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how do you get the widescreen to work? I can't seem to get ride of the black pillarboxes that force it to a 4:3 aspect ratio.

I've tried the "disable desktop composition" that I read somewhere in the faq but it doesn't work, even in Windows 7 for me.

edit: Nevermind (I think). I looked through the install folder and found launcher.exe and saw that you can change resolutions and stuff from that. After going from the v. 1.04 .exe to the v. 1.01 .exe, it seems to be in widescreen now.

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I just found this submenu for the first time:

What do you do with the player advantage and goalie advantage sliders?  If you slide it one way or the other, it gives the skaters/goalie better attributes or what?  So, if I slide the goalie advantage slider to  the left (toward the CPU side) does it make the opposing goalie tougher to score against?  I noticed that it ticks up to +/- 14 points to either side so how big of a difference is there for each "tick" that you move the slider?

Sorry for the questions but I couldn't find anything on this on your forum.



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i think i have the rignal somewhere and use to play it all the time. i'll hae dig it out and try it agian

maybe not. not finding that one right now.

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I just joined your site too.  The Hockey game is just as awesome as MVP 2005 modded.  My wife is going to kill me since I now have another game I'll be playing again. Luckily I already had the game and manual. I like all the games from the 2004 year.  The NBA Live 2004 is also a good one.  They have a mod that updates until 2014 for that game. There are even shoe, basketballs, extra characters, etc you can download.  I even have a mod where you can play like NBA Jam with the fire ball.  Awesome work as usual fellas!!

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Thanks guys. You're all welcome. I love the MVP and I feel it's still the best baseball game for PC. NHL 2004 is even more "moddable" as the frontend is full JS/HTML. It has enabled us to do a lot of crazy things. 

There was also Season 1995-1996 mod released. All years 1995-1999 are now covered. Check that out if you want to play with Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and other superstars from that era.. This thread has screenies and dev discussion of the 1995-1996 season: Old Buffalo Auditorium and Philadelphia Spectrum were included.


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I remember playing NHL04Rebuilt about 2 or 3 years ago and I just couldn't stand the players' stupidity, so much so that I ran back to NHL09.  The puck would be right in front of my defenseman and he would just stand there and look at it until an opposing team's player skated all the way back from his own end to grab it and take a shot on my goalie.  This happened practically every game...which is too bad because the other aspects of this game make it worth playing.

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