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Mlb 2K10 Portrait Pack.

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I want to make a new portrait pack together with all the players who has moved teams since the trade dead line but, I do not have access to the MLB press box. If anyone could provide me with good quality pictures I'm more than willing to convert them and upload them as a mass pack for everyone.

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This is the list of portraits I'll be working on. There are some players who obviously weren't "trade deadline" acquisitions but, needed updated portraits so I'll be including those portraits as well.



Bobby Crosby - need photo

Ryan Church - need photo

D.J. Carrasco - need photo

Joe Saunders - need photo



Rick Ankiel - need photo

Kyle Farnsworth - need photo

Wilkin Ramirez



Rick VandenHurk



Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Chicago Cubs


Blake DeWitt

Chicago WhiteSox


Edwin Jackson - need photo



Jim Edmonds



Carlos Santana - need photo



Jhonny Peralta - need photo



Will Ohman



J.A. Happ - need photo

Mark Melancon

Kansas City


Gregor Blanco - need photo

Jesse Chavez

LA Angels


Dan Haren - need photo

Alberto Callaspo - need photo

LA Dodgers


Ted Lilly - need photo

Ryan Terriot - need photo

Octavio Dotel

Scott Podsednik - need photo



Chris Dickerson



Matt Capps - need photo

NY Yankees


Lance Berkman - need photo

Kerry Wood - need photo



Jeff Larish



Roy Oswalt - need photo



Sean Gallagher - need photo

James McDonald - need photo

San Diego


Ryan Ludwick - need photo

Miguel Tejada - need photo

San Francisco


Jose Guillen

Mike Fotenot - need photo

Ramon Ramirez

Javier Lopez



Justin Smoak

St. Louis


Jake Westbrook - need photo

Tampa Bay


Chad Qualls - need photo



Christian Guzman - need photo

Jorge Cantu - need photo



Yunel Escobar - need photo



Wilson Ramos

I have photos for the players that don't have "- need photo" next to their name and I'll be working on those today. If anyone with access to MLB Pressbox can pm me a zip file with high quality photos for the rest of the players I'll convert them asap. Thanks.

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I dont have access to MLB Pressbox either but I made this Lance Berkman one, it looks so real but I made it xD, I am an expert in photoshop, ps, this is what they do in MLB.com the players dont take new pics when they are traded in mid season

Link To Lance Berkman Portrait

I saw your Berkman portrait and currently use it. I could do that but, because the list is so large that'd it'd be too time consuming to do that. I got my Pirate acquisitions done and there are some players that have new portraits up. I'll get them uploaded soon.

I just added version 1 for the portraits I was able to find and convert.


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