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2011 Major League Schedule


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File Name: 2011 Major League Schedule

File Submitter: DylanBradbury

File Submitted: 31 Mar 2011

File Category: Miscellaneous

Version: 1.0

This download updates the 2011 Major League Schedule. It does not affect minor league schedules.

Installation Instructions

For most users:

1. Backup your original schedule.big file in Program Files/MVP Baseball 2005/data/database folder.

2. Copy the schedule.big file you just downloaded to your Program Files/MVP Baseball 2005/data/database folder.

3. Confirm replace.

4. The 2011 MLB Schedule should be loaded into MVP.


For advanced users:

1. In bigGUI, open up the schedule.big file. It's usually in the C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Sports\MVP Baseball 2005\data\database path.

2. Click Edit > Import.

3. Locate the mlb162_1.dat file you just downloaded and double-click it. Confirm replace of the old file.

4. It needs to be compressed. Highlight mlb162_1.dat, and click Edit > Compress.

5. Now, still in bigGUI, click File > Rebuild.

6. The 2011 MLB Schedule should be loaded into MVP.

Unlike last year, there are numerous games with times yet to be decided. (Last year, all games were decided well before I uploaded the schedule.)

I therefore had to guess game times for these games. I'll update the schedule at the end of the year, when they've been finalized.

The games where I had to estimate the game times:

5/1/2011, Mariners @ Red Sox

6/12/2011, Cubs @ Phillies

6/19/2011, Yankees @ Cubs

6/26/2011, Mets @ Rangers

7/16/2011, Angels @ Athletics

7/24/2011, Padres @ Phillies

8/7/2011, Yankees @ Red Sox

8/14/2011, Rays @ Yankees

8/21/2011, Cardinals @ Cubs

8/28/2011, Angels @ Rangers

9/7/2011, Orioles @ Yankees

9/17/2011, Rangers @ Mariners

9/17/2011, Astros @ Cubs

9/17/2011, Pirates @ Dodgers

9/18/2011, Cardinals @ Phillies

9/24/2011, Red Sox @ Yankees

9/28/2011, Rangers @ Angels

Also, for users wishing to change the year to 2011, you can!

Download tywiggins' Assorted Tools at MLBMods here. One of the assorted tools is the "Year Changer" tool. Follow the directions included with it to change the year.



Click here to download this file

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i was just gonna ask you if you intended on making one this year, but you came through, thanks for this bro

No problem, jogar!

Thank you!!!!

You're welcome, too!

I would have rather waited until all the times are announced, but it seems some game times are going to be announced on the day of the game.

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