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Fix For Uniforms 05 Sequence

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this will be a file for those that mod uniforms.For those that do the unis knows that theres a problem with modded jerseys that in game during daylight that the shading shows the front of the jersey as a lot lighter than the back.Couple days ago mcoll86 informed me about earlier files that i had downloaded (green screen collection)that a couple files seemed to work somewhat and gave me an idea about maybe switching halves on the 2 files.So ive been working on trying to find a solution and believe i may have found one.Ive sent mcoll the file needed to see if it works on his unis.So far ive fixed a couple of mine and seems ok but want it tested before uploading,so as soon as mcoll lets me know how it worked on his end ill upload if all goes well.So far heres what it has done the pic on the left is before i added my fixed file the second is after applying the fix.The first pic u can see the different shades i was talking about,the second has normal shading now


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