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Modders Guide To Logos

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Here is a complete list of each teams logo and their respective alternate logo. The numbers are the ID# in Mod tool to quickly find the logo you want to change. There are 3 logo files with an accompanying .CDF file. They are largelogos2d, smalllogos2d, and mediumlogos2s. In order to import/export you need to have both the .iff file and the .cdf files. The logos are all identical from large to small, only difference is the texture size.

smalllogos2d = 128x128 DXT5

mediumlogos2d = 256x256 DXT5

largelogos2d = 512x512 DXT5

I may have been mistaken on the difference between an alternate and a primary logo. I also haven't tested this in game and have no clue when each respective logo appears (small, medium, large) or when an alternate appears. It's all a mystery to me, but if someone wants to play around with it and see then be sure to post to this thread!


The logo numbers are identical for each logo file. Meaning, for example, Detroit's Alternate is #84 in smalllogos2d, mediumlogos2d, and largelogos2d.

Here is an excellent source for high res logos: http://www.sportslogos.net/league.php?id=4

Here's the list:


186 - 2K Sports Logo

217 - American League Logo

65 - Major League Baseball Logo

9 - National League Logo

141 - Post Season Logo

117 - World Series Logo

Team Logos

118 - Anaheim Angels Logo

182 - Anaheim Angels Alternate

134 - Arizona Diamondbacks Logo

42 - Arizona Diamondbacks Alternate

212 - Atlanda Braves Logo

102 - Atlanta Braves Alternate

145 - Baltimore Orioles Logo

232 - Baltimore Orioles Alternate

142 - Boston Red Sox Logo

36 - Boston Red Sox Alternate

94 - Chicago Cubs Logo

208 - Chicago Cubs Alternate

62 - Chicago White Sox Logo

249 - Chicago White Sox Alternate

32 - Cincinatti Reds Logo

170 - Cincinatti Reds Alternate

51 - Cleveland Indians Logo

233 - Cleveland Indians Logo

143 - Colorado Rockies Logo

164 - Colorado Rockies Alternate

108 - Detroit Tigers Logo

84 - Detroit Tigers Alternate

237 - Florida Marlins Logo

114 - Florida Marlins Alternate

30 - Houston Astros Logo

270 - Houston Astros Logo

230 - Kansas City Royals Logo

97 - Kansas City Royals Alternate

21 - Los Angeles Dodgers Logo

228 - Los Angeles Dodgers Alternate

61 - Milwaukee Brewers Alternate

60 - Milwaukee Brewers Logo

216 - Minnesota Twins Logo

24 - Minnesota Twins Alternate

244 - New York Mets Logo

194 - New York Mets Alternate

277 - New York Yankees Logo

173 - New York Yankees Alternate

115 - Oakland Athletics Logo

192 - Oakland Athletics Alternate

200 - Philadelphia Phillies Logo

246 - Philadelphia Phillies Alternate

224 - Pittsburgh Pirates Logo

247 - Pittsburgh Pirates Alternate

119 - San Diego Padres Logo

278 - San Diego Padres Alternate

235 - San Francisco Giants Logo

275 - San Francisco Giants Logo

11 - Seattle Mariners Logo

1 - Seattle Mariners Alternate

27 - St. Louis Cardinals Logo

163 - St. Louis Cardinals Alternate

221 - Tampa Bay Rays Logo

87 - Tampa Bay Rays Alternate

178 - Texas Rangers Logo

78 - Texas Rangers Alternate

137 - Toronto Blue Jays Logo

10 - Toronto Blue Jays Alternate

255 - Washington Nationals Logo

183 - Washington Nationals Alternate

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quick update. I replaced some logos and changed background colors in photoshop. Doesn't seem to make a difference. The logos loaded up fine and looked great but still had the same color backdrop (like when you first start a game and the two team's logos flash on the screen). I'm still trying to figure out how to change this. What I can say though is that it is for sure NOT tied to uniform colors. So being able to change this in ty's editor isn't possible. Not sure on Redditor though....

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How does the .CDF file play in here? I know I can open the .iff files with the NBA mod tool and get to the individual textures, but how do you open the .CDF file or do you just need it in the same folder as the .iff when you import? I am at work and this intrigues me but I cannot check it out until later. Hoping you can clarify this aspect. Thanks.

Edit: Okay, I was able to test this and I see that even though i opened the iff file, the NBA mod tool updated the .cdf next to it, at least the timestamp was updated.

Now, I changed on of the Indians logos in the mediumlogo file to the "block C" they are using more recently. I saved it, imported into the NBA mod tool and even overwrote my files in MLB2k11 folder, but thus far I haven;t seen it any where.

Do you have any ideas where any of these go? Is the large on the one used during the game intro? Thanks.

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Large logo is used when the game first starts I believe. If you change one logo your best bet is to change it for all of them, small, medium, and large. It's the same number, so if you change #94 in large logo, change #94 in small and medium. If your logo doesn't show you it's because you modified the "hidden" slot. There's primary and alternate logos, but rarely do I see the hidden alternates in game. No idea why they're there. I listed two slots for each team. So if you edit one slot and don't see it, then just edit the other slot.

I don't know what the .CDF does but it's needed to modify it's corresponding .iff file. The .iff pulls information from it, so you won't be able to mod one without the other.

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i see it now. but that was little unfair. when your looking names words file nmes all the the time, your not always seeing the what you want or need. i was reading thinking i looking for something in the file name format exstetions listed behind the name. ie. largelogos2d.iff and .cdf. if your use tol ooking that way, the file name with the esxstention, see your dont see it without it you dont realize that the file name.

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Never mind. Figured it out. I had to use portrait decompress for each logo file to create a logo edit file. Afterwards then I just copy/paste the files back into the game

This is the cause of 99% of issues when importing new textures. You gotta be sure it's decompressed before putting it back into the file.

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Ive correctly changed the logos for the Marlins, Bluejays, and Orioles, but then the game doesnt load when I try it. Is there a special way to insert the cdf files back into the game besides copy/paste? TiT perhaps?

Will you be posting files to this website? I would very much appreciate it. Thanks for your efforts.

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