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The Blue Jays' New Logo And Uniforms


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hey modders...here are the numbers pulled from the MLB Site as a convenient PNG file with the transparency intact. All numbers are the same height in the file. If you need to resize the numbers for MLB 2K11, keep the size ratio by height NOT width. My original numbers for the 2012 Blue Jays home jerseys were slightly slanted but the numbers are now correct. I've included the new version of the fonts (f013c.fsh) for MVP 2005



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thanks to veesmack,numbers i was able to get the new jays uniform up. because the picks and reference i have for the new one isnt clear which blue is used for the alt and numbers,(lighting in the pics) so these are done as best i can do right now. the cap color is off, that do to not having a cap in the right shade to have them right for the uniforms.

but enjoy these for the time being.

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